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Latest Articles
20 December 23 How do horror movies affect your spiritual and mental health? 
3rd October 23 How the Shraddha ritual can help in Ancestor Veneration
18th July 23 Alcohol abuse and its treatment through Spirituality
1st July 23 How I cured my schizophrenia after a 7-year battle
13 April 23 Meet us online
26 March 23 The Spiritual Science Research Foundation’s Vision and Mission Statement
16 Feb 23 Why You Should Always Wash New Clothes Before Wearing Them 
10 Feb 23 Contact Us 
12 Jan 23 Significance of Indian Temples in the genesis of Indian Classical Music and Dance
30 Aug 22 C2 Autosuggestion Technique – punishment method for personality improvement
04 Apr 22 Do yadnyas (yajnas) spiritually purify the environment ?
20 Feb 22 How the SSRF shop brings healing energy to the world
03 Oct 21 How my ancestors prodded me to perform Shraddha to help them in the afterlife
23 Sep 21 Food offering for ancestors prepared for the Shraddha ritual
01 Sep 21 Maharishi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay  receives the ‘Best Paper Award’ at The International Conference on Innovations in Multidisciplinary  Research (ICIMR-2021).
27 Aug 21 10 Plus Spiritual Remedies to spiritually cleanse your home
21 Jul 21 How jewellery can affect your aura – Part 3 of our series on the spiritual effects of jewellery
19 Jun 21 Medicinal plants that will be useful during the coming adverse times
13 Jun 21 Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay recognised, receives the ‘Superlative Presentation Award’ at the 7th World Conference on Women’s Studies (WCWS 2021), Sri Lanka (Blog)
19 May 21 The spiritual journey to Sainthood of H.H. Bhavana Shinde
31 Jan 21 Survival guide – Alternative cooking methods in the event of World War 3
23 Jan 21 8 Steps of daily spiritual practice for faster spiritual growth
17 Sep 20 How does the Shraddha ritual benefit descendants ?
16 Sep 20 What truly determines compatibility in a relationship?
12 Sep 20 Significance of feeding crows during the Shraddha ritual in Pitrupaksha
31 Aug 20 Are all eco-friendly Shri Ganesh Murtis (Idols) spiritually beneficial ?
26 Jul 20 Dogs, sixth sense and Saints – A remarkable story about Sophie the Labrador (Blog)
24 Jul 20 Spiritual cleansing of the black covering formed by negative energies around oneself
 11 Jul 20 Prepare for power outages and water shortages during WW3
25 Jun 20 What is True Forgiveness ? – A Deeper Insight
31 May 20 Emergency Autosuggestions – A Complete Guide
16 May 20 Part 1 – Paratpar Guru Dr Jayant Balaji Athavale’s unconditional love for humanity
07 May 20 What is black energy or dark energy ?
27 Apr 20 How I cured my schizophrenia after a 7-year battle
21 Apr 20 Healing chant for the coronavirus (COVID-19)
13 Apr 20 Do coronavirus prayers work ? (Blog)