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How jewellery can affect your aura – Part 3 of our series on the spiritual effects of jewellery

This article has been published by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation based on the research conducted by Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay (also known as Maharshi University of Spirituality) in Goa, India.

How jewellery can affect your aura

1. Introduction

Would you buy or wear a piece of jewellery if you knew it would deplete your aura ?

Chances are that your answer would be an emphatic ‘no’. For that matter, no one would knowingly want to wear any object if it would rob them of their positive aura and replace it with a negative aura.

Yet when putting on some jewellery, one hardly gives a thought as to how it could affect one’s aura. A woman may typically have thoughts such as,

  • Am I looking good ?
  • This necklace looks so good on me.
  • People are going to look at me and think ‘wow’.
  • I hope they will notice that these are real diamonds.
  • Will other women notice and admire my jewellery ?
  • My partner will be so pleased that I am wearing what he gave me for our anniversary.

How jewellery can affect your aura

But do questions like “Is the jewellery emitting spiritually pure vibrations ?” or “How will my necklace affect my aura ?” cross women’s minds ? No, these are thoughts, which will rarely cross a lady’s mind. Not when she is buying jewellery, and not when she is wearing it or taking it off. The fact remains that if one’s aura is negatively affected, it will have a ripple negative effect on one’s spiritual, mental and physical well-being. These negative effects culminate in problems such as negative thoughts, depression, excessive sexual thoughts, lack of energy, being attacked by negative energies, etc.

Our research shows that every piece of jewellery has its own subtle energy signature. Each piece of jewellery will emit positive or negative subtle vibrations to a certain degree. We demonstrated this in our article – Jewellery design Part 1 : Subtle vibrations associated with jewellery using the three necklaces shown below :

How jewellery can affect your aura

Experiment to demonstrate that necklaces emit different subtle vibrations as per their design

It would stand to reason that because jewellery has direct contact with one’s skin, these subtle vibrations will impact the wearer. In this article, we will demonstrate how this is so.

2. Experiment to demonstrate the effects of subtle vibrations emitted from jewellery on the wearer

Background and set up of the experiment

Using the same three necklaces shown above, we asked two women to wear the necklaces one at a time. One of the subjects suffered from spiritual distress, while the other did not have spiritual distress. The reason we chose a subject who suffered from spiritual distress is that a large proportion of society suffers from spiritual distress. Therefore, understanding the effect of jewellery on people suffering from spiritual distress is important and has practical relevance.

To measure the effect that the necklaces had on the subjects’ auras, we used an aura and subtle energy scanner known as the Universal Aura Scanner. It is an instrument that has been developed by Dr Mannem Murthy (a former nuclear scientist) in India. It has the capability to measure the type of subtle energy (whether positive or negative) and the distance of the aura around any object (living or non-living). If you would like to learn more about the UAS and how to interpret its readings, please refer our article – Information on the Universal Aura Scanner (UAS).

How jewellery can affect your auraExperiment to study the subtle impact of various necklaces when worn

The subject who was not affected with spiritual distress is shown above wearing all three necklaces. Like this, the 2 subjects were asked to wear each of the 3 necklaces (one-by-one) for 30 minutes. Their auras were measured before and after wearing each necklace for the 30-minute period.

Key observations

The following table provides a quick summary of the effect that each necklace had on the two subjects after being worn for just 30 minutes.

How jewellery can affect your aura

How necklaces affected the aura of the women wearing them

  • Necklace C made from 22-carat gold had a positive impact on both the subjects. Because it was made from gold (which is a spiritually pure metal) and also had a spiritually positive design, it helped reduce the negative aura of the subject who suffered from spiritual distress. Prior to the experiment, the subject who suffered from spiritual distress had a negative aura of 1.50 metres. After wearing Necklace C, the UAS was not able to detect any negative aura. The positive aura of the subject without distress increased from 0 metres to 1.10 metres after wearing Necklace C.
  • Unlike Necklace C, Necklace B (which is also made from 22-carat gold) had a negative impact on the two subjects. The negative aura of the subject with spiritual distress increased by 21% from 1.32 to 1.60 metres. In the case of the subject who did not suffer from spiritual distress, her total measured aura reduced by 25% from 2.65 metres to 2.00 metres.
  • Necklace A, which was costume jewellery, had the worst impact. It increased the negative aura of the subject who had spiritual distress by 47% from 1.50 metres to 2.20 metres. The subject who had no negative energy distress lost her positive aura of 1.00 metre completely within just 30 minutes of wearing this necklace.

Key findings

  • What these readings show us is that there is a significant impact that jewellery can have on a person even if it is worn for a short period of time. If jewellery emits negative vibrations, it will have an adverse impact on the person wearing it. Conversely, if it emits positive vibrations, it will enhance the positivity in the wearer and in fact have a spiritual healing effect. Thus, jewellery has the potential to provide spiritual protection to the lady wearing it.
  • Even though necklaces B and C were both made from 22-carat gold, there was a significant difference between the readings which we observed from the two necklaces. This is because the design of necklace C is spiritually purer. You will observe that the basic design of necklace C is rounded with no sharp or jagged edges. Necklace C had a symmetry and uniformity throughout it design, which is in stark contrast to necklace B’s jagged and sharp edges. While gold is a spiritually pure metal, the spiritually negative design of necklace B had a negative effect overall on both subjects. This is despite the fact that it is made of 22-carat gold. This highlights how the design of a necklace is critical in determining the subtle vibrations of the necklace and influences whether it will emit positive or negative vibrations.
  • Necklace A emitted negative vibrations and affected both subjects negatively. This was due to the material it was made up of, the colour (the colour black emits spiritually negative vibrations), the shape, etc. All these elements of Necklace A led to its emission of spiritually impure vibrations.

3. The subtle effects of spiritually pure jewellery

If jewellery is not sattvik or is spiritually impure, it will tend to emit negative vibrations. This negatively affects the respective chakra (a subtle energy centre of the Kundalini system) in the region where it is worn. This will also negatively affect the organs which receive vital energy from that chakra and can lead to various ailments. For example, when we wear a spiritually impure piece of jewellery that touches the chest region, it affects the Heart chakra or Anahat-chakra. This can affect the mind and makes it unstable and weaker. It can also generate negative thoughts and feelings of depression.

When jewellery is sattvik or spiritually pure, it emits positive energy, which in turn has a positive effect on the wearer. Through the jewellery, the wearer continues to imbibe positive energy for as long as she wears it. The person becomes spiritually introverted (focussed on improving oneself from a spiritual perspective) and is more mindful about their thoughts and actions and how they are affecting others. When we wear spiritually purer jewellery, it positively affects us at a subtle level.

We have seekers in the spiritual research team who are able to perceive the subtle dimension with the help of their advanced sixth sense or extrasensory perception. Through their sixth sense of vision, they are able to visually perceive the subtle effect of wearing spiritually purer jewellery.  By drawing what they see in the subtle, these pictures serve as spiritual X-rays and provide clarity about the true nature of the piece of jewellery and its effects on the wearer. We would like to share with you some pictures based on subtle knowledge which show the actual effect of sattvik or spiritually pure jewellery on the person wearing it.

3.1 Spiritually pure necklace design

How jewellery can affect your aura

This is a subtle picture of the effect of a sattvik necklace. You can see how it attracts positive energy and then emits positive energy around the wearer. There is a protective sheath created around the wearer, which protects her from negativity in the environment. Each of the elements of the jewellery help in the creation and activation of various subtle positive energies.

3.2 Spiritually pure dangling earrings

How jewellery can affect your aura

Here is an example of the effect of sattvik dangling earrings. The interesting thing about this design is that it attracts and gives rise to positive energies and vibrations of Bliss, which is a superlative form of happiness. It is the movement of the dangling part that helps spread the positive energy.

3.3 Spiritually pure ring

How jewellery can affect your aura

This is an example of the effect of a sattvik ring and how it has the ability to attract positive energy and emit it, thus benefitting the wearer and the environment.

4. Conclusion

The team at Maharshi University of Spirituality has 40 years of experience in spiritual research. One of the most important messages it has for the world is that we need to pay close attention to the spiritual vibrations we generate or expose ourselves to in our daily lives. This is because spiritual vibrations have a ripple effect on our lives and the lives of others. The jewellery that we buy and wear is no exception. Based on our findings, the following are a few thoughts to keep in mind in relation to jewellery.

  • The true purpose of jewellery is spiritual protection and spiritual upliftment. This is what its true potential and capability are.
  • Investing in designs that are not spiritually pure diminishes what jewellery can do for you and your aura.
  • Spiritually impure jewellery pieces are just not worth it, even though they may look trendy or will make you stand out. The damage they can do to your aura in a short period of time is actually quite alarming.
  • So, the first thing that women should consider when buying or wearing jewellery is whether the design is spiritually pure (sattvik) or not. For those who are buying gold jewellery, not only will you be investing in the most sattvik metal but when the jewellery is designed in a sattvik manner, it will be able to provide you with the spiritual protection which is necessary in the current era of Kaliyug (Era of Strife).
  • If you have old jewellery that is not spiritually pure (sattvik), you can consider melting the metal and exchanging it for more sattvik designs.
  • The onus lies on both jewellery makers and designers, along with what customers are demanding of them, to ensure that the industry moves towards making sattvik In doing so, society will benefit immensely.
Note from the Editor : We invite jewellery makers and jewellery brands to work with us to help make this industry more sattvik.

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