How to sleep better

Each one of us would like to know how to sleep better so that we get up well-rested. A number of factors are involved in how to sleep better. One of the factors is our sleep position. We all have a typical sleep position and we feel comfortable when we sleep in that sleep posture. We are aware that there are implications of our sleep posture from a physical health point of view. Also there are many psychological explanations of the effects of different sleep postures. Here, our articles on how to sleep better explain the spiritual effects of different sleep positions, since we can imbibe different subtle-frequencies, positive or negative, depending on how we sleep. In addition, the time we go to sleep can also affect us spiritually. Many of us have experienced that when we sleep late, we do not feel refreshed when we wake up in the morning. Learning when and how to sleep in a spiritually conducive way benefits both our spiritual practice and our worldly life, helping us to be more productive and happy overall.

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How to sleep better and peacefully

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Effects of different sleeping positions (postures)

Different sleeping positions affect us spiritually. In this article, you can read about how some common sleeping positions affect us.

Sleeping with feet facing south

In this article we study the effect of sleeping with our feet facing south. Learn about its spiritual impact.

Sleeping late at night - How it affects us?

All of us would like to know how to sleep better so as to be at our best when we get up. One of the important parameters involved in how to sleep better is the time of going to sleep.

Sleeping during the day

Many people have the habit of taking a quick nap after returning from the office in the evening. In this article, we will explain what actually happens in the subtle dimension when we go  to sleep at twilight.

Negative effect of sleeping with the hair open

Sleeping with the hair open can have a spiritually negative effect on women. Read this article to find out more.

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sleeping positions for better sleepSleeping positions affect us spiritually.

Sleeping late at nightSleeping Late at Night – How it Affects Us?


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Best sleeping direction (east-west)

The best way to sleep from a spiritual perspective is with our feet facing west since we imbibe sattvik frequencies. Imbibe positive frequencies for a better sleep and start of each day.

Best sleeping direction for better sleepSleeping postures affect us spiritually.


Case studies

Better sleep by changing sleeping position

See how Auritro improved his spiritual practice and got better sleep by changing his sleeping position so that his feet faced west.

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