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Sleeping during the day

Sleeping during the day

1. Introduction

All of us would like to know how to sleep well so that we get up well rested. Among the many factors involved in how to sleep well, one is the time of going to sleep. Many people have the habit of taking a quick nap after returning from the office in the evening. In this article, we will explain what actually happens in the subtle dimension when we go to sleep at twilight so that we can make an educated decision on how to sleep well and when to sleep to achieve that.

At the outset we have to understand that

  • From a spiritual perspective, sleep is basically a state most related to the subtle basic Tama component. That means during sleep the subtle basic Tama component in our body gets heightened.
  • Coupled with this, as our spiritual practice is also at its lowest during sleep, we are spiritually most vulnerable when we sleep. As a result when we sleep, we are more susceptible to the spiritual pollution of subtle basic Raja-Tama and attacks by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.)

2. What happens when we sleep?

When we sleep

  • We go from the conscious state to the dormant state.
  • Due to this the efficiency of the internal spaces in the body, as well as of the cells and the circulatory system is highly reduced. Internal spaces are the spaces between 2 organs in the body.
  • Due to the sleeping state the sub-vital energies in the body (upa-prāṇ) are set into motion. This activates the internal excretory gases and they start moving in a downward direction.
  • Due to the influence of this downward flow, the distressing vibrations transmitted from the Regions of Hell (Pātāl) are attracted towards the sleeping person.

Now, the momentum of the subtle basic Raja-Tama particles in the atmosphere is higher during twilight when compared to other parts of the day. Negative energies from the Regions of Hell utilise this motion of the subtle basic RajaTama particles to gain easy entry into the atmosphere. Because of the influence of this spiritually polluted atmosphere, the subtle basic RajaTama frequencies are transferred from the physical body of the person to his vital energy body (prāṇa-dēha) in a very short time.

Due to this the person can suffer the following distress

  • nightmares
  • waking up with a startle
  • trembling of the body
  • sensation akin to electric shock
  • possession by ghosts

Thus at a physical level we may feel rested by this nap in the evening but at a deeper spiritual level we run a greater risk. As we are ignorant about this science we do not realise that we have been affected, neither do we link any of the above distress to being affected.

3. In summary

From a spiritual perspective as the proportion of the subtle basic Raja-Tama component is high at twilight, it is best not to indulge in an activity like sleep which is predominantly tāmasik.

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