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How to contribute?

SSRF is run by volunteers who have the common aim of serving God and society as a part of their collective spiritual practice. Since SSRF started this website, we have been asked by a number of people how they, too, can contribute to the SSRF mission.

The best way to serve God is through the spread of Spirituality and awakening society to its importance.

To derive the most benefit from Service unto the Absolute Truth (satsēvā), it is best done on a strong base of individual spiritual practice. Hence, the best way you can start contributing is to start spiritual practice yourself. SSRF has provided a recommended spiritual practice that you can begin or incorporate into your existing spiritual routine. By experiencing the benefits of spiritual practice first hand and telling others about it, we can better serve the spread of Spirituality.

The following are various things you can do to contribute to SSRF and the spread of Spirituality based on some common attributes.

  • I am Internet savvy and have a lot of friends that I email / I am part of an online group
    • Email your friend: If you have liked/benefited from any of our articles, do email them to your friends and family to share this knowledge with them. They may just benefit the same way you have. You can use our ‘Email to a friend’ link.
    • Pass on new article and event alerts: Those of you who have signed up to receive our article and event alerts can also help to multiply the effect of the alert. You can pass the alert on to your circle of friends and family, or people who you think might be interested in the spiritual research and knowledge or ready to start spiritual practice.
    • Post links in online forums: You can post links to SSRF article on various online forums of like-minded groups that you may be associated with. You may also email them. However, please don’t spam, at all times adhere to the rules of the online forum.
  • I have a website
    • Add a link: If you are an owner of a site with similar interests or topics, and you like the spiritual research and knowledge shared on our site, kindly place the link  on your site and inform us about it. To contact us, please use our ‘Live chat facility’.
    • SSRF banner-ads: You could also place a SSRF banner-ad on your site. Once you inform us of your intentions, we will send you tailor-made SSRF banner to your required dimensions. To contact us, please use our ‘Live chat facility’.
    • Feature an SSRF article: You could feature one of our articles on your website. Please note that you would need to keep us informed and also display clearly that the article is from the SSRF website and link back to us. If required, we can also provide you with an abridged version of the article. We only request that we retain the copyright to all SSRF articles. To contact us, please use our ‘Live chat facility’.
  • I am a retailer
    • Stocking SSRF incense sticks: SSRF has unique incense sticks that can be used for spiritual healing. All proceeds from the sale of incense sticks go towards furthering our research. To contact us for stocking SSRF incense sticks, please do so by our ‘Live chat facility’.
  • I have access to the media
    • Publishing/featuring SSRF in print: If you are an editor or journalist of a publication, you could look at covering some of the spiritual research we have done. Also refer to our press release section.
    • Broadcasting SSRF video material: If you are a lecturer, a teacher, a volunteer for an organisation with similar interests, a well wisher, decision maker or a media representative with an opportunity to broadcast SSRF’s unique video material, kindly contact us through the ‘Live chat facility’. You can also use this facility to obtain details on SSRF’s large collection of unique spiritual research videos and regarding broadcasting them on your site, blog, network, closed circuit TV, cable, etc.
  • I am from a like-minded organization
    • Lecture at your facility: The mission of SSRF is to share the knowledge about the spiritual realm with people who have an interest for it. If you are a member of a like-minded organisation and feel that SSRF lectures would benefit your members, kindly write to us through the ‘Live chat facility’ and we will be more than happy to work with you in holding a lecture at your venue.
  • I have studied the SSRF website quite well
    • Share the knowledge: You can tell your friends about concepts in Spirituality and the importance of spiritual practice. This will also help you to better understand what you have studied.
    • You can put the spiritual principles into practice. If you have any obstacles in your spiritual practice, you can always ask for help via our ‘Live chat’ functionality.
  • I know English and am also fluent in another language
    • Translation satseva: Translation of SSRF articles into languages other than English enables Internet readers across the globe to have access to invaluable knowledge about Spiritual science. Should you wish to volunteer your skills and service to translate any of the SSRF articles in your native language like French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, etc.  kindly contact us through the ‘Live chat facility’.
  • I live in an area where SSRF regularly conducts lectures and satsangs
    • Attending satsang: Do attend the lectures and satsangs regularly and ask questions. This will help begin or complement your spiritual journey.
    • Setting up satsangs: Those already attending may want to take part in the activities more proactively. Should you wish to volunteer your time, energy and skills to organise a satsang or a lecture, these are some options you could chose to do:
      • Finding a venue and booking it (after consulting with SSRF)
      • Calling and emailing attendees as a reminder for the lecture
      • Greeting attendees and distributing and collecting feedback forms
      • Printing of posters and flyers
      • Distributing posters and flyers
      • Set up/take down of the venue
      • Contacting newspapers and magazines to place advertisements
      • Contacting media for the publicity of the lecture
      • Driving seekers or car pooling
      • Offering equipment such as laptop, projector, screen, easel, etc.
      • Offering soft drinks, water and snacks during the break, etc.

      All this is known as satseva  or service unto the Absolute Truth. To learn more about the importance of service unto the Truth please read our brief section on satseva.

  • I have access to a hall that can be used for lectures free-of-charge or at subsidized rates
    • Holding lectures and satsangs: Please inform us if you would like to offer this facility that you have and we can keep it on record if we hold lectures in your area.
  • I would like to buy a sattvik gift for a loved one
    • We are accustomed to gifting people for their birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, significant personal days, or just as a token of the love that we feel for them. Most of us would love to gift our loved ones something unique and meaningful. Gifting SSRF incense packet contributes to the following:
      • Pleasant atmosphere in the home
      • Increase in positive energy in the premises
      • Pleasant fragrance which activates a certain Divine Principle
      • Removal of negative energy troubling self and the home
      • Excellent value for the money
  • I would like to donate
    • Use the ‘Make a donation’ facility: Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) as a non-profit organisation whose mission is to serve humanity by sharing spiritual research incurs a certain cost in this process. The cost is covered by offerings from seekers who are doing spiritual practice, well wishers and volunteers. Should you wish to donate to the mission, kindly go to the ‘Make a donation’ icon on our home page and follow the instructions. (Here we have given the 3 reasons to donate from our blog.)
    • Sponsor an event:  On a monthly basis, SSRForganizes more than 30 lectures and spiritual meetings free-of-charge, worldwide. Seekers of SSRF contribute their time, energy, skills and finances to organize these events. Should you wish to sponsor an SSRF event (on our events page) in any city do contact us via the ‘‘Live chat facility’.
  • I have been helped by doing the spiritual practice recommended by SSRF
    • Your experiences: Please do let us know how SSRF’s recommended spiritual practice or spiritual healing methods has helped you or your loved ones. It would benefit the wider community if we could publish them as case studies or spiritual experiences. In this regard, do document your experiences and share them with us via the ‘‘Live chat facility’. We will ask your permission before publishing them. Even if you don’t want them published, we would still love to know if you have been benefited. If you need any clarification, about the experienced please do not hesitate to ask us using the ‘‘Live chat facility’.
  • I have specific skills in museum preservation methods or video editing
    • Devote your time and skills in preserving spiritually invaluable items: Help preserve unique items that demonstrate both the positive and the negative aspects of the spiritual dimension from any deterioration in order to ensure that future generations can study these items and be a part of this spiritual research.
    • Video editing: Help catalogue and edit priceless footage of spiritual research that has been collected over a period of more than 10 years.
    • Full details can be found in our article on preservation of knowledge

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