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Preservation of knowledge on the spiritual dimension

This article outlines how you can do an invaluable service to mankind by participating in the preservation of unique knowledge of the spiritual dimension

Participate in an invaluable service to mankind – Help preserve unique knowledge of the spiritual dimension

SSRF's spiritual research centre

1. Unique knowledge of SSRF through spiritual research

The SSRF defines the word 'subtle world' or 'spiritual dimension' as the world which is beyond the understanding of the five senses, mind and intellect. The subtle world refers to the unseen world of angels, ghosts, heaven, etc. which can only be perceived through our sixth sense.

The above picture is the main spiritual research centre of SSRF, nested in a lush green valley near the town of Ponda in Goa, India. This centre is highly unique. There are many organisations in the field of Spirituality, but organisations engaged in spiritual research at a subtle-level are rare. Seekers residing in the ashram have been privy to a smorgasbord of spiritual phenomena. These phenomena demonstrate both the positive and the negative aspects of the spiritual dimension and their effect on man. The most important part is that the knowledge being gained at SSRF’s research centres both at a practical level through a series of subtle-experiments and at a theory level through access to the Universal Mind and Intellect is of great use to mankind for millennia ahead. The spate of knowledge being received is relentless and SSRF is working on devising an updated knowledge management system to catalogue this information that is in the form of items, text, pictures, audio and video.


1.1 Upto October 2008 SSRF has collected

items demonstrating presence of spiritual dimension


1.2 Some examples of positive items collected

Pouch emanating diving fragrance This is a pouch used in the past by His Holiness Dr. Athavale. It has now emanated a Divine fragrance for over three years. The fragrance that continuously emanates from the pouch has spiritual healing properties. This means that when people affected or possessed by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) come in the vicinity of this pouch or actively inhale from it they experience a reduction in their distress. Those who are not affected by ghosts experience an increase in their positive spiritual energy as they imbibe Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) emanating from the pouch. Also people low on Vital energy (Pranashakti) experience a major increase in their Vital energy levels when they inhale this fragrance. The fragrance changes as per the requirement of the person inhaling from the pouch.

Jar emanating divine fragrance

This jar contains a small container (seen at the bottom of the jar) that started emanating Divine fragrance suddenly and automatically after it was lying in the cupboard in H.H. Dr. Athavale’s room. Later this fragrance materialized as liquid scent in the small container.

The scent from the jar is truly unique and unlike any worldly fragrance. It has been used in spiritual healing experiments. Ghosts manifesting in subjects are clearly distressed by the fragrance as seen by their various gestures of contortions and writhing and attempts to attack the jar or to run away from it. After some time the ghosts are drained of their ability to affect the subjects.

Click on the picture to see a larger view of the picture.


Shirt - Divine love manifestation This is a shirt of H.H. Dr. Athavale that has taken on a pinkish hue by itself. When spiritual research was conducted to ascertain the reason why, it was found that the pinkish hue was a manifestation of H.H. Dr. Athavale’s Divine love.

Spiritual healing happens when the shirt is displayed in front of people affected by negative energies.

Click on the picture to see a larger view of the picture.

Progressing towards unmanifestThis is a mug that has been used by H.H. Dr. Athavale for many years. Over the past year it has begun to turn white. The reason for this is that as H.H. Dr. Athavale has progressed more towards the unmanifest God principle so also are the things that He touches.

When seekers affected by ghosts inhale from the mug or put their ear to it they experience spiritual healing happening on themselves.




Car - Spiritual healing

This is the vehicle that H.H. Dr. Athavale generally travels in. It was seen that when seekers went near it, they could feel positive vibrations from it. Later seekers found that by circumambulating around the car or even by just sitting in it spiritual healing would occur.

SSRF has captured video footage of many seekers who are possessed manifesting and then experiencing a reduction in distress just by the sheer positivity of the car.


1.3 Some examples of negative items collected

The spiritual research conducted at SSRF research centres comes with a price. The SSRF research centres are constantly attacked by higher level ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.). Ghosts attack the centre to intimidate and stop further research from being conducted. The reason is that this research goes a long way in making the world aware of the spiritual dimension, its adverse effects and also how man can protect himself from the negative side of the spiritual dimension.

Effect of negative energiesThis is an example of a Saint’s picture being attacked by ghosts through subtle-means. The force of the attack caused the picture to burn and be eaten away without any external stimuli.




Effect on dress by negative energies
This is a dress belonging to a seeker that was found torn in the cupboard without any reason or external stimulus. Spiritual research shows that the dress was torn by higher level ghosts.








Effect on cap by negative energiesThis picture shows a cap of a seeker with blood stains all over it that appeared suddenly and without any external reason.
The appearance of fresh blood on the floor or on one’s clothing is a common phenomenon in SSRF’s research centres where higher level ghosts try to intimidate seekers from continuing spiritual research or spiritual practice.


Effect on sari by negative energiesThis picture shows a sari that was found to be burnt when taken out of the cupboard. Spiritual research shows this was done by higher level negative energies.




2. How can you participate in the preservation of this unique knowledge of the spiritual dimension

2.1 Preservation of items

The above items have been collected over the past many years. In the recent past it has been found that some of the items have begun to deteriorate. It is urgently required that we preserve these items and protect them from any further deterioration in order to ensure that future generations can study them and be a part of this spiritual research. The process of preservation is highly specialised and it varies depending on the item to be preserved. The following are some of the things you can do to participate in this task at hand.

  • Providing information on how to preserve
  • Donating material to aid in the process of preservation of these items
  • Offering monetary help to aid in the process of preservation of these items
  • Contact museums and specialists in the field of preservation to request them to help out
  • If you have expertise in the field then helping to spearhead the process of preservation

If you would like to take up this noble cause please
Email us at [email protected]
Or call +91 94224 37125
Contact person: Mr. Bhanu Puranik

2.2 Editing and cataloguing of video footage

Priceless footage of various spiritual phenomena captured over the past 10 years needs to be catalogued and categorised. This will help future generations to access various spiritual phenomena that have been captured on video. This whole process will need skilled manpower, time and technical equipment. The following are some of the things you can do to participate in this task at hand.

  • Donating equipment to help with the editing and cataloguing of footage and the storage of at least 50 terra bytes of video footage
  • Assisting in the cataloguing of video footage. This is especially if you have had prior experience in it.
  • Editing of video footage on software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple’s Final Cut Pro and helping to render uncompressed .avi formats to other compressed video formats for storage on hard disk

If you would like to take up this Service unto the Absolute Truth (satseva) please
Email us at [email protected]
Contact person: Mr. Sean Clarke

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