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Om Mantra - the Best Way to Chant

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Climate Change - A Spiritual perspective

Prediction about the start of World War 3, the events which precede it and events which will follow

Coronavirus – Spiritual protection with healing chants

Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay receives the ‘Best Paper Award’

Rivers, lakes and seas turning red

How to overcome negative thinking ?

Spiritual Practice

How to grow spiritually ?

Learn practical guidelines and the efforts which one can make to grow spiritually.

Spiritual Healing

Salt Water Spiritual Healing Remedy

The salt water cleansing therapy is a simple but effective spiritual healing method to remove negative energy from one's body and mind.

Living Spiritually

Significance of feeding crows during the Shraddha ritual

Learn why crows pecking at the food offering made to ancestors during the Shraddha can denote that they are being helped.

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