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The Spiritual Science Research Foundation’s Vision and Mission Statement

1. Our vision statement

Our vision is to empower every human being to live an enriched life through spiritual practice by applying universal spiritual principles and, together, bring about positive change for a better world for us and future generations.

2. Our mission statement

Our mission is to conduct spiritual research that will help both society and leaders to understand how the spiritual dimension affects our lives. This will create an enlightened framework for spiritual practice and holistic decision-making that will pave the way for faster spiritual progress, increasing positivity and reducing negativity in all aspects of life. We will endeavour to distribute our research findings free of charge, via the latest technologies and online forums such as websites and social media.

Further, we aim to enable people, at a personal level, to spiritualise their lives through interactive workshops and spiritual meetings, to foster greater levels of well-being (physically, mentally, and spiritually) and to gain peace of mind. We will strive to connect with those seeking spiritual solutions through our spiritual tours.

We aim to establish spiritual centres of excellence around the world. These centres will provide a supportive environment for spiritual learning and growth, nurturing spiritual leadership for the next level of sustainable development and genuine collaboration between communities.

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