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The Spiritual Benefit of Sleeping in the Right Direction

My name is Auritro Mallick, and I am 27 years old. I am originally from Houston, Texas (USA). I have been doing spiritual practice as advised by SSRF for the past 4 years, since 2010. I studied engineering in college and first worked as an engineer and later as a teacher after college. I initially came to SSRF through the SSRF website while searching for topics related to Spirituality. Spiritual practice is the main focus of my life right now, and below is one of the spiritual experiences I had that encouraged me to persist with it.

I was experiencing difficulty sleeping since 2007. I would experience distress while trying to sleep such as feeling hot energy moving over my body, racing thoughts, difficulty sleeping and nightmares when I finally did get to sleep. My father would tell me that if I just concentrated, I would be able to fall asleep but this would not work. I finally realized that negative energies may be the root cause after finding the SSRF website so I started chanting diligently as explained to overcome the distress.

Chanting was very enjoyable for me right from the beginning of my spiritual journey, but one strange thing I noticed at first was that the spiritual energy I felt that I gained throughout the day by chanting seemed to get drained when I went to sleep and woke up each morning. Each day I felt I was battling to chant and build positive energy, only to lose it overnight. I did not understand why this was happening until I happened to read an article on the SSRF website about how sleeping with our feet facing south is spiritually negative and realized that I was sleeping this way for many years.

I repositioned my bed so my feet faced west while I slept and amazingly, this feeling vanished. The morning after changing the direction of my bed, chanting happened very smoothly and it felt like the energy I had gained the previous day was still there. In fact, it felt like spiritual energy was building from the previous day. In addition, I felt more fresh and motivated, and the quality of my sleep improved. Ever since then, I have been careful to sleep with my feet facing west whenever possible.

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