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How I cured my schizophrenia after a 7-year battle

This case study is a ray of hope for all those suffering from schizophrenia and shows how even severe cases of the mental illness can be cured through one’s efforts in spiritual practice and spiritual healing methods.

A short summary

Joanna (not her real name) developed schizophrenia at the age of 37. Internally, she felt it was due to demonic possession. However, her husband and her other family members dismissed the idea as ludicrous. Joanna went through the medical system, but it did not help her symptoms. Instead, there was relapse after relapse, and she had to be hospitalised for many months at a time. In the years that followed, she was left battling the illness alone as her marriage ended in a divorce, and she also lost her relationship with her children. Her case was severe and included hallucinations, her attacking others, and she also made attempts at taking her own life. In moments of sanity, she desperately searched the Internet for a spiritual cure.

It was only after close to 7 years that she came across the SSRF website for the first time. It was the ray of hope that she had been searching for as it provided detailed information on self-healing practices like chanting the Name of God. Joanna immediately put the guidance on the SSRF website into practice and pursued the various remedies with conviction. Within a short period of time, things started to improve, and she was completely back to her normal self within months.

Spiritual research shows that schizophrenia is predominantly due to spiritual causes such as demonic possession and problems due to departed ancestors. If family members help the patient to incorporate spiritual healing remedies along with taking conventional medication, there is a higher likelihood of finding a cure for schizophrenia.

1. Introduction to a case study for the cure of schizophrenia

According to Mayo Clinic, schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder which is a combination of hallucinations, delusions, and extremely disordered thinking and behaviour that impairs daily functioning and can be disabling (Mayo Clinic, 2020). According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), approximately 21 million people worldwide have schizophrenia (12 million males and 9 million females) (WHO, 2020).

Schizophrenia has long been considered one of the most chronic and costly mental illnesses, consuming tens of billions of dollars a year for direct treatment and societal and family costs. Anti-psychotic medications are generally the recommended treatment for schizophrenia. However, studies have shown that relapse rates in patients with schizophrenia that had a reduction/discontinuation of treatment after a single episode of psychosis are as much as 80% over a 12-month period and 95% over 24 months (Emsley, Bonginkosi, Asmal, & Harvey, 2013).

The medical fraternity is not clear about what causes this mental disorder in people – whether it is due to genetics, brain chemistry or the environment one lives in. However, when one experiences it, it is debilitating, especially as there is no definite way to prevent schizophrenia. More often than not, it requires lifelong treatment. If left unchecked, it can result in serious problems at all levels.

Although modern sciences have not been able to diagnose the real cause of schizophrenia, spiritual research using advanced sixth sense indicates that it is primarily caused due to spiritual factors.

Given ahead is one such case study of Joanna from Germany. She shares her story in her own words. She recounts 7 years of suffering due to a severe case of schizophrenia and how she was able to go back to living a normal life within a few months after coming across the SSRF website and applying the appropriate spiritual measures. This is because she understood the real root cause behind her schizophrenia and had the conviction to apply the correct spiritual measures.

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2. Childhood, formative years and having a spiritual bent of mind

I was born in Berlin, Germany, to a Protestant mother and a Muslim father. I have an elder brother. In my family, no one did any spiritual practice. However, at school, I got introduced to the Church. I liked going to Church and trying to experience the presence of God. Throughout my childhood, I was spiritually inclined. Later, I met my future husband, and we started courting each other. This led to problems as my father was against the relationship. It was a trying time for me as I wanted a life with my husband-to-be. I could not turn to my mother, who was mentally ill in the hospital, and due to this, my parents had got separated earlier.

Due to the problems at home, I was forced to leave the house for good, breaking off my relationship with both my father and brother. In 1990, I started working in the administration team of the Police department. In 1994, I got married, and we were blessed with two children – a boy and a girl. At this point in my life, everything was smooth and perfect from a worldly point of view. I could have never imagined what would eventually come my way, which would turn my whole world upside-down.

3. Nightmares and experiencing the first signs of hallucinations

There was a history of mental health issues in my family.

My mother used to have bouts of mental instability where she would behave strangely and had to be treated in a hospital. This strained relations between my father and mother, and they eventually got divorced in 1976. However, I never experienced anything like this. After my marriage, I would occasionally hear a rush of voices. But it was temporary and sporadic, so I brushed it off and thought nothing of it.

In January 2007, however, I vividly remember having a bad nightmare in which I felt I got possessed by negative energies. At that time, I had no understanding of the spiritual dimension or what was meant by demonic possession. I was also not familiar with Spirituality in any way. Even so, there was an innate understanding that I was being possessed because I could see negative energies and could feel their touch and presence inside and around me all the time. From the very first moment, it was totally clear to me that I had gotten negatively affected. I felt that something outside of me was suddenly within me and started to control me. Although I was aware of this presence in me, I had no ability to stop it. It felt like abnormal thinking, behaviour, thoughts and feelings (which were not my own) were being enforced on me, and my true self had been taken over by the entity.

4. The start of my battle with schizophrenia and the breakdown of family life

With this nightmare, my 7-year battle with schizophrenia began. I could no longer lead a normal life, fulfill my obligations towards my family or go to my workplace.

I started having strong hallucinations, hearing malicious voices, feeling the touch of entities on my body, etc. The experience of distress was so enormous that I just could not bear it. Just within one night, my whole world started to collapse. For example, I could not bear any noise or people around me. If anyone came near me, I would start to panic and tell them not to speak so loudly.

Negative energies were continuously in my head, giving me vicious commands and threatening me with dire consequences (like self-mutilation) if I did not obey them. I was petrified of such threats, and sometimes, I would lie frozen in bed for many hours at a stretch.

I tried very hard to keep my family out of this situation because I didn’t want to burden them, and they weren’t able to help me either. My husband did not believe that I was possessed, and he strongly expressed his disapproval about any talk of demonic possession. He sought the help of conventional medicine and did not allow me to do anything spiritual or get spiritual help. I would become normal for a few hours a day, but most of the time, I was not myself and would have schizophrenic attacks. When I was normal, I desperately tried to tell my husband that the cause was spiritual, but it just led to further fights.

After a few weeks of constant fighting, I was completely exhausted and finally passed out at home. When I did not regain consciousness for a long time, my husband finally took me to the hospital. There I was examined for drugs and alcohol in the blood, but the doctors could not find anything that would explain my condition. So, they just waited until I regained consciousness on my own after 2-3 days.

My family, close friends and doctors did not believe that I was possessed. However, the doctors were puzzled over the correct diagnosis. They oscillated between diagnosing it as schizophrenia, a personality disorder and psychosis. The doctors admitted that they did not know what to call it. The doctors had no drug to cure my condition. In the end, I gave up trying to explain my real state to them. All along, I just knew that this condition was caused by negative energies.

As no one believed me and my friends and family gave up on me, I kept trying to protect myself against this demonic possession with all the strength I could muster. I searched online for spiritual help but found no solutions that worked. I was exceedingly desperate because it seemed like there was no help available at all.

5. Relapse in my schizophrenia symptoms and hospitalisation

In 2007, after being in the hospital for 4-5 months, I was temporarily allowed to return home. But in 2008, I had a relapse in my symptoms of schizophrenia. A return or worsening of symptoms following a period of remission is called a relapse. I had to be admitted to hospital again. This time around, I stayed in hospital for a year until December 2009. Everything started again with the same force. I had to live in the locked psychiatry ward with no hope of any cure since no medication helped.

Losing my friends and family due to schizophrenia

Despite all my efforts to endure everything on my own and not to burden anyone else, my marriage ended. While I was in the hospital, at times, I would be allowed to go home. I was shocked to find that my husband had changed the lock of the house, and I was forbidden to have any contact with my children. My husband sent me out on the street with just 200 Euros, and he also filed for a divorce. He manipulated the situation to his advantage, taking the help of lawyers to do so. My children were very scared of me, and they started to drift away from me. My friends completely stopped contacting me.

Somehow, I was able to get back to working at my old job as a civil servant. However, I could only work for two weeks before my condition made it unmanageable. Thereafter, I was provided with paid sick leave. During this period, I applied for an apartment, which I got in February 2010.

The onset of suicidal thoughts and actions

I was left pretty much alone. Although I didn’t know anything about the concept of destiny (karma) at that time, I accepted this situation as best as possible. This period was followed by three years (from 2009-2012) where I was in and out of the hospital’s psychiatry ward. By then, I was suicidal and unable to live in my own apartment and nor could I work. The doctors also gave up on me completely.

New symptoms arose every day; for example, I was not able to control myself, and I went under a very hot shower, to the point of getting burnt completely and fainting. Another example is how three occasions, the possessing entity did not allow me to eat or drink anything for almost two weeks. I still do not understand how and why I did not die from the lack of water.

I was kept in the locked psychiatry ward of the hospital as there was a risk of me causing harm to myself and others. The possessing energies controlled me like a puppet. For example, on the order of the negative energies, I attacked the hospital staff and sometimes also fellow patients. Therefore, I was restrained to the bed for several weeks, which prevented such behaviour but caused great physical pain.

Despite the severity of my situation, I saw God’s hand being functional even in this situation. As mentioned above, I had been on paid sick leave since 2009. I also had health insurance, so due to that, I had money to pay bills.

When I eventually got rereleased in 2010, I ran naked through the hallway and tried to commit suicide by running onto a busy street. Internally, I was very desperate because I am a peace-loving person, but outwardly, I was forced to do violent acts again and again. It was extremely strenuous to endure the negative energies and entities in my body continuously. In addition, I was weakened because they did not allow me to sleep for many days in a row. Although I was often detained in the hospital, I found the psychiatric ward to be a shelter because my family could be kept out of these situations.

Financial burden

Around 2010, I started getting medical bills from the hospital. The total bill was 7000 Euros. However, before I could pay the bills, my schizophrenia increased to serious levels. I started buying clothes and other things (which I did not need at all) compulsively and filling my apartment with them. I had no awareness of what I was doing as I was in a state of complete possession. Not only did I spend the 7000 Euros which I had, but I also spent 2000 Euros more, and I had a debt of 9000 Euros. Besides the hospital bills and online shop bills, my ex-husband began to demand that I pay for half of the loan for the house. Due to my condition, I had not been paying money for the house. So, he demanded that I pay 500 Euros every month (to contribute towards the loan of the house). He also wanted me to gift him the house. This was even though I was not living there. He consulted a lawyer, and the law sided with him since I was a co-owner of the house.

I was surrounded by crippling financial, psychological and physical problems. The only thing I had with me was to surrender to God !

6. Hitting rock bottom with schizophrenia but getting some help

I was discharged from the hospital several times due to my mental problems being deemed incurable. Once, when this happened, I was unable to return to my new apartment, where I lived alone as I was hallucinating, I smelled gas all the time, and it felt like everything was burning around me. I was so paranoid that I left my home and ended up living on the street. I started to hallucinate that my home was going up in flames.

As a result, I was forced to walk barefoot through the city for 3 days and nights without any pause and sleep. I now weighed only 48 kilos and was close to total collapse. Without food, water and money, the demons inside me had finally made me homeless, even though I had a new apartment and a fixed income from early retirement. I could not ask my former family or friends for help because they could not handle the situation and would refuse to help.

After weeks of despair, the hospital accepted me back as I saw no way I could ever get out of this state. Also, I did not know from where to get the strength to continue living this way until I died. At the time, I was only 40 years old.

The schizophrenia kept increasing in intensity, and I had to struggle every minute not to physically attack or even murder my fellow patients. Again and again, I had to be restrained to the bed, and the door was kept locked.

Getting a caretaker and much needed help

The hospital staff were kind to me. They observed that I was in serious trouble, and I was getting a lot of bills and legal notices. Being mentally ill, I was totally unequipped to handle this situation. So, the hospital contacted the government to get a caretaker for me from the legal government department who could handle my paperwork. The government assessed my situation and made an allowance so I could get the help of a caretaker woman who helped me to sort out the papers, bills, and legal notices. The government paid for this service. This caretaker woman came to help me in 2011, and she started writing to the hospital, online firms, bank, etc., to whom I owed money to give me some time to be able to arrange the money. Due to her services, the firms waited for two years for the payments. I feel this was only possible due to Divine intervention.

Having understood my case, she also wrote to the government to hire a lawyer to help me with the problems with my husband and the money which he was asking me to pay for the house, etc. The government looked at my case and made an allowance for a lawyer as well. So, in 2011, I had help from 2 people, – a legal caretaker and a lawyer.

I am a law-abiding person, but the possessing entity next forced me to commit many crimes. It started suddenly and stopped suddenly after six months. However, the damage was done, and I was overcome with guilt which put further pressure on me mentally.

But God held his protective hand over me, and I did not get put in jail because the judges found me not guilty by reason of insanity. God also protected me from imminent, lifelong placement in a closed psychiatric ward, which was checked and rejected. I am extremely grateful to the judge for that, because had that happened, apart from deprivation of liberty, I certainly would not have found the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF).

In 2011, the caretaker woman advised me to shift from my apartment in which I was living alone (when I was not admitted into hospital) to a therapeutic facility for mentally ill people as it was not safe for me to live alone in an apartment.

The lawyer helped me to get divorced from my husband in 2012, and I received alimony. This, along with some other aspects of the settlement of the divorce, made it possible for me to pay my debts. However, I still had to pay for the house.

7. How I won my battle and found a cure for my schizophrenia

In 2012, suddenly, the schizophrenic condition started to subside. I felt the possessing entity stopped manifesting, and I was back in a completely normal state of mind. To everyone’s surprise, I was able to leave hospital after a few weeks.

Fearing a relapse, I moved to a therapeutic facility for mentally ill people and did not know how my life could go on as I did not want to stay there for long. I sensed that the manifestations and schizophrenia could start again at any time, and yet my goal was to lead a normal life again.

Since I was sane for a while, but fearful that my condition may relapse, I desperately searched for help on the Internet to get help from spiritually minded people, because I was sure that only spiritual help would provide a solution. I had been searching in this manner whenever I was well enough to do so since 2007, and I had the good fortune of being acquainted with a variety of very kind and loving people. However, the knowledge they passed on to me was limited in scope.

Coming across the SSRF website

In April 2013, my condition relapsed in a mild way. This time around, I could still think clearly. So, I began searching on the Internet for spiritual remedies for demonic possession again. The first page which appeared was the SSRF website.

For whatever reason, my previous searches on the Internet did not lead me to SSRF before. This time though, I found the help I was looking for ! The first article I read dealt with demonic possession and the remedy of chanting (repetition of the name of God – Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya and Shri Gurudev Datta). I had not even finished reading these sentences when I already found myself internally chanting.

Symptoms of demonic possession and schizophrenia matched

A new path of healing and positivity opened up for me, and I gave it my all. Everything which was written on the website about distress and negative energies resonated with me as I had experienced every bit of it and suffered exactly as they described for six years. I felt every word written on the SSRF website was the truth and that I had finally come to a place which could cure me fully.

I immediately registered on the website, read all the articles and asked many questions using the contact us facility, which was answered very quickly and with a lot of patience by the SSRF Team.

My distress reacts by initially increasing some of my symptoms when I started spiritual practice

Initially, in the first few weeks of implementing the spiritual guidance given by SSRF, the attacks increased because the negative energies wanted to prevent me from receiving protection and doing spiritual practice. But the loving seekers of God from SSRF accompanied me through the difficulties, and I consistently stayed on this path, because I did not want to give up. I knew this was it.

I single-mindedly focused on just learning the next steps in spiritual practice and totally opened myself to this path, because I intuitively understood that, this time, I had finally found the correct one. I still experienced attacks of the negative energies, and I still do, but now I had a direct line to God through the guiding seekers of SSRF. I understood that the negative energies were attacking me because they did not want this to happen. For me, however, it was clear that nothing would stop me from following this healing path.

I followed all the guidance given by SSRF and applied spiritual healing remedies regularly and seriously, like doing sit down chanting, the Salt Water Remedy, lighting SSRF incense, etc. I also started doing the service to God (satseva) of translating SSRF English articles into the German language, so people in Germany get spiritual help. I regularly participated in online spiritual meetings (satsangs).

I started to come back to life again. I started to smile again and even laugh more and more. The happiness and joy of life grew again in my heart, and I found my vast, loving spiritual family of many seekers. Trusting in God and spiritual practice, I lost my fear of having a relapse, and I felt grateful to still be alive and able to walk this path.

Leaving the hospital for good to live by myself

Once again, I wanted to try living in my own apartment, all by myself, away from the surroundings of a psychiatric facility. This was also in order to be able to do better spiritual practice in a spiritually purer (sattvik) environment. So, I applied for it and two weeks later I got the approval.

My situation continued to improve steadily. Several difficult and distressing situations followed in my new apartment, which I had to endure. Again, the negative entities tried to drive me out of my home and into homelessness. But through spiritual practice, chanting, all remedies, the will to fight, as well as ever deeper faith in God, I went through these situations and overcame them without any traumatic attacks in a very short time. Instead of months or years of hospitalization, I only had to go to hospital two times since starting spiritual practice and only for one week at a time.

Since 2014, I have not been to hospital anymore and I am finally able to live peacefully in my new home. The clinic staff was excited about this development.

Finally experiencing wellness after battling schizophrenia for 7 years

Through spiritual practice, I am again able to lead a normal, very happy and independent life as a member of a wonderful spiritual family. I understand that overcoming the state of severe demonic possession happens gradually and requires my continued efforts in spiritual practice. Finally, I have found my effective treatment – spiritual practice. Due to this, I no longer hear voices or perceive negative energies or hallucinate. For this, I am extremely grateful, and I look forward to my future with a heart full of joy.

By now, mostly all my problems were sorted out. Just one last straw remained, which was paying for the house. My ex-husband was insisting that I continue paying installments to repay the loan we had taken for the house, which amounted to 500 Euros per month. He had engaged a lawyer to pressurise me into accepting his terms. At this point, I had no option but to hire a new lawyer to defend myself. As I was not financially well off, I requested if I could pay for her services in installments, to which she agreed.

After many to-and-fro negotiations with my ex-husband and his lawyer, she finally came up with a solution that helped bring this problem to a closure. My lawyer threatened to sell my share of the house if he did not agree to our demands. This would mean a loss for my ex-husband on all fronts. So, finally he relented. In 2019, I got a legal document absolving me of having to pay for any further installments or compensation for the house.

8. Gratitude and realisations after getting cured of schizophrenia

  • No matter how hopeless a situation may seem, one thing is clear for me now – spiritual practice benefits us at all levels and we gain the grace of God in our lives. Our faith in God should go hand in hand with patience to wait as per His time. We should just be persistent in our spiritual practice.
  • Along the way, God gave me another life partner, who is also a seeker and we got married. For this I am truly grateful.
  • Through SSRF, God gave me a large, loving new family in which everyone – with their own story – is warmly welcomed. For the guiding seekers, a situation is never too difficult, and help is always provided.
  • I visited the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram, in Goa, India, in October 2015 to attend the MAV 5-Day spiritual workshop. It was a life-changing experience for me. The love and guidance received from the Saints and seekers from the Ashram healed me.
  • Humbly, with deep gratitude and surrender, I bow to His and Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale’s Holy Feet. (A ‘Paratpar Guru’ is a Guru of the highest order who is at the spiritual level of 90% or above.) He is the inspiration behind the SSRF website, which gave me the knowledge and understanding of how to confront and overcome schizophrenia.

I have shared my battle with schizophrenia so anyone else suffering from such problems can get solutions. My life story is a testimony to the fact that the subtle dimension does exist, and it affects us in many ways. By undertaking regular spiritual practice, we gain God’s grace. I pray that more people are able to begin the right spiritual practice as recommended by SSRF and experience life-changing benefits.

9. A psychiatrist’s view and spiritual research

Disclaimer : SSRF recommends the continuation of conventional medical treatment as advised by your doctor. Spiritual remedies given in this article are not a substitute for conventional medical treatment or any preventative measures. Readers are advised to take up any spiritual healing remedy at their own discretion.

Dr Asha Thakar MBBS, DPM, MD Psychiatry (Bom.) is a resident psychiatrist at the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram in Goa, India. She has over 35 years of experience in psychiatry. She works with the spiritual research team and has been instrumental in leading spiritual research in mental health at the Ashram under the guidance of Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale, for over 2 decades. Being a psychiatrist and a seeker practising Spirituality, she is in a unique position to look at mental health both from a medical perspective and a spiritual perspective. The focus of her interest is how the spiritual dimension affects mental health and its treatment.

The following are a few points that she has shared with us in relation to schizophrenia.

The missing spiritual component in understanding the aetiology of schizophrenia

We all know about the physical and psychological causes of problems in life. Although largely unknown to modern medicine, the spiritual causes of problems account for a high proportion as to why the problem exists in the first place. In the field of mental health this cannot be more true.

Among mental illnesses, schizophrenia is an illness where the root cause is mostly spiritual and, in many instances, we have found that over 90% of the illness can be attributed mainly to spiritual reasons.

When the cause is spiritual in nature, conventional diagnosis and treatment can be a challenge for even the most experienced psychiatrists. This is because as the elements from the spiritual dimension causing schizophrenia are intangible and invisible, they do not show up in diagnostic tests and hence one can find it difficult to determine the aetiology (study of the causes) of the disease. In cases where it is difficult to determine the aetiology, the medical fraternity labels the illness as idiopathic. With our spiritual research, we have found that in such idiopathic illnesses, more often than not the cause is spiritual in nature.

Spiritual research conducted by the Spiritual Research Centre has determined that negative energies and dissatisfied departed ancestral spirits are a significant cause of schizophrenia. (Just as we have good and bad people in the physical plane and a large section of the population in between, in the spiritual dimension too, subtle entities can be divided in such a way). Subtle entities who have the intent to harm are known as negative energies. In fact, Ayurveda, which is considered by many scholars to be the oldest healing science has one of its 8 branches as Graha Chikitsa or Bhoot Vidya. This branch recognises that disease can be caused by supernatural forces and by the adverse destiny of a person and focuses on providing spiritual cures.

Spiritual measures significantly increase recovery rates in schizophrenia

As stated earlier, due to its spiritual basis, while it is impossible to find the true aetiology of schizophrenia using conventional research, the treatment that it best responds to gives us a clue about its aetiology.

Research has shown that relapse rates of schizophrenia are high when discontinuing medication (Emsley, Bonginkosi, Asmal, & Harvey, 2013). To prevent this from happening long-term treatment is required. Often, medication for schizophrenia needs to be continued for life. Though positive changes can be attributed to medication, the high chances of relapse when the medication is stopped indicate that it is not a cure but rather a treatment to suppress the symptoms.

In my experience, when applying spiritual healing measures along with medication, the recovery rate of patients suffering from schizophrenia significantly improves. If a disease responds positively to spiritual healing measures, it is a strong indication that the aetiology is due to spiritual causes. This is one of the indicators to understand intellectually that the root cause is spiritual. (Ordinarily one needs an advanced level of sixth sense to diagnose the causes of a problem at the spiritual level.)

When including spiritual measures along with medication, the following are some important positive changes that have been observed in patients with schizophrenia.

  • In the case of schizophrenia when treated only with conventional psychiatric treatment usually there is a very slow or erratic improvement. With the application of spiritual measures, the patient begins responding to conventional psychiatric treatment in a better way.
  • At times initially there is no improvement with conventional psychiatric treatment. This is because negative energies affecting the patient block the medication from helping the patient. However, with the application of spiritual measures, the effect of the negative energies is reduced, and the patient begins responding positively. The treatment acts faster, better and is longer lasting.
  • The relapse rates and the intensity of the symptoms reduce.
  • The patient is able to eventually return to leading a fairly normal life. There are more chances of rehabilitation and leading a productive life.
  • The dosage of medication required is less. (At times, one fourth the dose has been sufficient as compared to when not using spiritual measures).
  • Reduction in relapse rates and the positivity generated by spiritual measures prevents chronic debilitation. Please note that generally the following treatment terms are provided for episodes of schizophrenia.
    • First episode – treatment for 9 months to a year
    • Further episodes – Factors such as genetics, early developmental issues, severity of symptoms, early cognitive and residual symptoms and risks determine the duration of treatment following subsequent episodes.

Along with the above, regular spiritual practice ensures that the possibility of suffering lifelong is significantly reduced.

The positive influence that spiritual remedies have on the recovery of patients with schizophrenia is a strong indication of the root cause being spiritual. We have also observed this in various other mental illnesses such as addictions. In many cases, by starting spiritual healing measures, patients have been able to overcome their addictions in a very short period of time without any withdrawal symptoms.

Environment matters in the treatment of schizophrenia

In her experience, Dr Asha Thakkar has been privy to a number of cases of schizophrenia. What she has observed is that the patients responded better to medication while in a highly spiritually positive environment such as the Spiritual Research Centre and Ashram in Goa, India. She stated that they can get by with one-third or one-fourth of the dosage that they would normally need outside the Ashram.

The duration for recovery

This can depend on various factors such as the destiny (karma) of the patient, the strength of the possessing entity, the intensity of the patient’s efforts in spiritual practice, etc. However, in most cases with concerted efforts in spiritual practice and spiritual healing, patients should be able to see a positive change within one to two years.

Chant for the spiritual treatment of schizophrenia

Through spiritual research we have found that the following chant helps to relieve symptoms of schizophrenia and enables faster recovery. Please note that this chant does not replace any medical treatment. It is to be incorporated along with your regular medical treatment.

  • The first chant to be repeated is ‘Nirgun’. This chant is to be repeated for 3 hours per day.
  • The second chant to be repeated is ‘Shri Gurudev Datta’ for 2 hours per day.

10. Conclusion

Schizophrenia can be a traumatic illness to deal with both for the patient and the patient’s family members. However, its intensity can be reduced significantly by incorporating spiritual measures. We urge family members of patients suffering from schizophrenia to help them to apply spiritual healing measures along with taking conventional medication.

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