The word satsang is a Sanskrit (The world’s most ancient language) word where ‘Sat’ means the Absolute Truth i.e. God and ‘sang’ refers to the company of seekers or Saints. Together it means the company of the Absolute Truth. In a satsang, the whole environment is charged with Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) which helps to enhance the spiritual practice of the people attending. Satsang constitutes a group of spiritually inclined and likeminded members who strive for God-realisation.

Satsang is the next step in spiritual practice after we begin chanting God’s Name. In the current adverse times it is difficult to persevere in performing spiritual practice alone. We need the help of other seekers. In a satsang many seekers come together and there is a conducive created for experiencing the presence of God.

As one begins to attend regular satsangs one acquires many benefits. Listening to other people’s experiences during the satsang, we are motivated to perform spiritual practice. In satsang, we get answers to many of our doubts, questions and difficulties. These questions if unanswered can raise doubts which can put a brake on our efforts and in some cases can entirely derail our spiritual practice. By attending a satsang some seekers have also been pleasantly surprised when unanswered questions they have had in their mind have been answered during the course of the satsang without them actually asking the question. Due to one’s effort to attend satsang, God helps the seeker by answering questions that have been lingering in his or her mind for some time.

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What is satsang 

Simply said, Satsang is being in the Company of Truth.

Benefits of satsang 

Satsang is a pertinent step especially when a seeker’s spiritual practice is in its inception stage. In satsang, a strong foundation is created which propels the seeker to regularise spiritual practice.

Types of Satsang

There are many types of satsangs such as satsang with God, satsang with Saints, Guru’s and evolved seekers, satsang with co-seekers, reading the Holy texts written by Saints, attending spiritual discourses, etc.

Satsang with Saints

The satsang in the Holy company of Saints is the highest form of satsang. This is because Saints have practiced Spirituality themselves and when one is able to learn from their behavior.

SSRF’s Bi-annual Spiritual Workshop

SSRF holds a bi-annual spiritual workshop at its premier Spiritual Research Centre in Goa, India.

What is study of spirituality 

Study of Spirituality helps to convince the intellect and is integral to help us understand the importance of why we should do spiritual practice.

The effect of the author on books on Spirituality

Depending on the spiritual level of the author; the Truth in the books on Spirituality varies which also affects what a reader will eventually gain by reading them.

Writing books on Spirituality

This article showcases an informal conversation between His Holiness Dr. Athavale and the editorial team when the above articles were being written. It provides various insights on why Saints prefer authoring books on Spirituality as opposed to books on Maya (the Great Illusion).

Writing books on Maya (the Great Illusion) and Spirituality

In this article we discuss the differences between books on Spirituality and Maya and their value to the reader, the author of the book, and the environment.

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b1Satsang is an important aspect of spiritual practice in a seeker’s spiritual journey.




satsang-saintsThe company of Saints is the highest type of physical Satsang.

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Spiritual vibrations from an SSRF spiritual workshop 

Mrs Yoya Vallee noticed subtle positive vibrations were being emitted from the Saints who were conducting a workshop for SSRF seekers. This practically demonstrates how one benefits from being in satsang.

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who is a saintIn this tutorial we explain the spiritual concept of who can be considered a Saint according to the science of Spirituality.

1st basic principleWhen undertaking spiritual practice it is important to bear in mind that each individual is different and so what works for one person may not work for another.

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Spiritual experiences in the SSRF Satsang for North and South America seekers

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