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What is black energy or dark energy ?

What is black energy or dark energy ?


In today’s world, the unfortunate reality is that there is more black energy or dark energy than positive energy around us. Learn about this negative subtle energy that affects everyone.

1. Introduction to black energy

Have you ever seen a scary movie where objects move by themselves in a haunted house or bloodstains appear automatically ?

Such events can happen in real life too and they are just a few examples of how demonic forces from the subtle planes of existence frighten people on the physical plane by creating events or situations that seem supernatural or extraordinary. However, not all the events that these subtle forces orchestrate are so dramatic or paranormal in nature. There are many ways they infiltrate our lives on a day-to-day basis, for example, they can push a person deeper into depression, make a person an addict, create fights in a family and start trends in society that increase the spiritual impurity in the environment.

So how do they do such things ?

The answer is through something known as black energy, also known as dark energy. Another term for it is kali shakti (kali means black and shakti means energy). Throughout the SSRF website, we have used this term extensively. In this article, we explain the concept of black energy or dark energy and how it is used.

2. What is black energy or dark energy ?

Black energy or dark energy is a subtle form of energy that is used by negative energies in the spiritual dimension to attack living or non-living things on Earth or any other entity in the subtle realm. Negative energies are subtle entities who have an intent to harm others and black energy is their primary weapon of attack.

Black energy or dark energy is Tama-predominant.

As per the science of Spirituality, there are 3 subtle components of the universe, called Sattva, Raja and Tama. They are in all of Creation, visible and invisible. A predominance of the Sattva component instils spiritual knowledge and spiritual purity in a person, Raja enables action and Tama induces spiritual ignorance and inertia. The subtle vibrations (positive or negative) emanating from anything and everything are dependent on the dominant subtle basic component they are comprised of.

This means that black energy or dark energy is a Tama-predominant or spiritually impure energy. It uses the Raja component to spread and become active. It emits negative vibrations.

Please note : Black energy or dark energy is a subtle form of energy and when viewed through an advanced sixth sense of vision looks blackish in colour. The word ‘black’ or ‘dark’ therefore has no relation to any person or race in the physical plane. There are many Saints and seekers worldwide who have a dark complexion. The colour of one’s complexion or race has no bearing on one’s ability to grow spiritually.

3. What is the source of black energy or dark energy ?

Higher-level negative energies from the lower subtle regions of Hell perform various types of subtle practices to gain this subtle black energy. These powerful negative energies do their own type of subtle practices such as meditation, demonic sacrificial fires, penance, etc. to gain this energy.

Often, stronger negative energies like mantriks (subtle sorcerers) provide black energy to lower level negative energies to carry out tasks for them. At the same time, lower-level negative energies try to appease mantriks by doing their bidding so that they can access the black energy reservoirs of higher-level negative energies.

For any negative energy, the amount of black energy they have access to determines its subtle strength. The most powerful negative energies have almost unlimited power and they can even do things that affect large sections of society by using their immense stores of black energy. For example, mantriks (subtle sorcerers) from the lower regions of Hell can create pandemics (like the coronavirus), and widescale natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis.

Like money, energy by itself is neither good nor bad. Just as money can be earned through righteous and unrighteous means and then used for good or bad, so also is the case with subtle energy. It is the way it is earned and used that earns it the adjective of either good or bad. When subtle energy is used for negative purposes, it is called black energy or dark energy. It is termed as black energy as it looks blackish in the subtle and the feeling from it is negative. This is because the negative way in which this energy is procured and the negative intention with which it is used makes the vibrations from the energy negative.

4. What is black energy or dark energy used for ?

Black energy or dark energy is used by negative energies to manipulate any process either in the subtle planes of existence (spiritual dimension) or on the physical plane (Earth). The extent of this manipulation depends on the strength of the attacking negative energy.

Black energy can be used by negative energies to affect a person at all levels.

Level Examples of distress that can be created or exacerbated
Physical Lethargy, weakness, headaches and any kind of disease
Psychological Anger, anxiety, depression and any kind of mental illness like addictions or schizophrenia
Spiritual Feeling like not wanting to do any spiritual practice

Blocks in Pran Shakti (Vital energy) in the body causing many obstacles for the person

Demonic possession of a person

The following pictures are two examples of how negative energies can affect people with their black energy.


When a person has a covering of black energy around him, it is known as a black energy covering. The following is a pictorial representation of a black energy covering inside and outside of a person.

Black energy covering

There are various spiritual healing techniques that can be used to remove the black covering around one, and they are covered in detail in our article – How to remove black covering.

Also, negative energies use this black energy to spiritually pollute the environment or premises. Higher-level negative energies can cause pandemics, natural disasters and damage at a mass level by using this black energy.

5. What are the types of black energy ?

Negative energies can make use of different types of black energy. The generic form of black energy can be used to create problems which have a negative impact. For example, negative energies could create illness or instigate violence through this type of black energy.

Another type of black energy is one that creates illusory (mayavi) vibrations. It has the ability to make something appear pleasant or beneficial when it is not. For example, cola drinks and most makeup (cosmetics) emit these types of negative vibrations. This type of black energy can be more dangerous than the first kind because it makes something harmful seem appealing.

A third type of black energy is one that creates enticing (mohini) vibrations. It can be used by negative energies possessing a person to make him or her appear very alluring and seductive. It can also be used to create excessive sexual thoughts in a person. For example, these enticing vibrations can make a person look so attractive that it projects them to stardom, thus negatively influencing society to a large extent.

Just as there are different types of negative energy, there are various types of positive energy which we will be covering in our article – What is positive energy ? (Coming soon)

6. Some key points to remember in relation to black energy

Black energy can be a powerful tool used by negative energies to affect the physical dimension. The best way to be protected from its effects is to do regular spiritual practice and implement spiritual healing remedies regularly. By doing so, one gains access to God’s protection.

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