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1. Introduction

The subtle-sorcerers (māntriks) are the topmost echelon in the hierarchy of ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.). Their relative spiritual strength is in the range of 100,000 units to infinity. This is compared to the relative strength of a common ghost which is 1. Refer to the article on ‘Types of ghosts’.

They are extremely powerful. The power of the highest subtle-sorcerer would be almost comparable to that of unmanifest (nirguṇ) form of God. They are forever working towards their goal of establishing their supremacy, (i.e. an order of unrighteousness) in all the subtle-regions as well as on the Earth region (Bhūlok).

To achieve this, they are engaged in subtle-battle with the highest evolved beings from all the positive regions, including Satyalok. They work through the medium of other types of ghosts whom they use as slaves. They have an excellent subtle communication infrastructure in place wherein all the various types of ghosts are interconnected. The moment any ghost is in need of spiritual black energy it is automatically provided by the next order of ghost and so on. It is only towards the end, if the highest slave ghost is at the losing end that a subtle-sorcerer would come into the picture, that too only a lower level one and only in the capacity of providing more black energy.

As the subtle-sorcerers are an elite class of ghosts they do not bother affecting average human beings on Earth region. Sometimes they may possess some types of humans who are already actively working for the downfall of humanity by instigating wars and genocides. They also target Saints and seekers of God who are actively dedicated to bringing about the era of rekindling Spirituality in mankind. By manipulating the Absolute Cosmic Principles (Panchatattva) they are able to create floods, tsunamis, earthquakes etc.

Thus a very negligible percentage of society is affected or possessed directly by subtle-sorcerers. That is why in the article ‘Types of ghosts’ we have reflected the percentage of people in society affected by them as zero. But considering their immense influence on the universe in general and on mankind in particular, especially in the present times up to 2025, we have given a detailed description of the subtle-sorcerers.

2. Drawing based on subtle-knowledge of a subtle-sorcerer


Mantrik - subtle sorcerer - most powerful ghost

Please note that this is just a rough guideline as ghosts can take up any form depending on what they are trying to achieve.

3. Salient features of subtle-sorcerers

3.1 Place of residence of subtle-sorcerers

Ghosts generally reside in premises that have the same frequency as the subtle-region of Hell (Pātāl) of their origin or Raja-Tama vibrations that match their own. Subtle-sorcerers reside in the regions of Hell from the 2nd region onwards.

3.2 Physical features of subtle-sorcerers

  • Subtle-sorcerers can acquire any form depending on what they are trying to achieve and how much they plan to expose themselves. They can also manifest in the physical form and take human or animal form.
  • Due to their immense spiritual energy they radiate an aura about them that is similar to that of a Saint.

3.3 Mental features of subtle-sorcerers

  • Subtle-sorcerers are very cunning and highly skilled in scheming.
  • They guard their secrets closely.
  • They learn even the minutest details of rituals done by others but do not disclose any knowledge about their rituals to obtain spiritual power.
  • They can get any activity done just by concentrating on the relevant thought during meditation.
  • They strive constantly to establish total control on people in places that are conducive for furthering their objectives.

3.4 Spiritual features of subtle-sorcerers

3.4.1 Spiritual practice

  • Sit in meditation for hours: Subtle-sorcerers generate immense negative spiritual energy through meditation.
  • Access the Absolute Fire element: They access the Absolute Fire Principle (Tējtattva) to assimilate black energy through the medium of various postures (mudrās). They then transmit the accessed black energy in desired directions with the help of respective postures.
  • Skilled in tantra and mantra: They recite the mantras in a bass tone and activate the centers of black energy in their bodies through the medium of speech. They are also highly skilled in tāntrik rituals. Tantra is the science of harnessing spiritual energy for worldly purposes.
  • Knowledgeable in illusory (māyāviscience : They generate their illusory forms through meditation.

3.4.2 Other spiritual features

  • Influence people by focusing on corresponding thoughts during meditation: Subtle-sorcerers focus on thoughts about influencing a particular person during meditation and thereby get the work done through that person as per their wish.
  • Enjoy demoniacal pleasure: They enjoy demoniacal pleasure by disrupting the social structure.

4. How do subtle-sorcerers affect human beings?

Subtle-sorcerers affect human beings in the following ways.

4.1 Through the environment

  • Subtle-sorcerers cause imbalances in the atmospheric temperature thereby causing extreme restlessness.
  • They make the environment predominant in Raja-Tama, and saturated with their black energy thereby making it conducive to destructive anti-social activities.

4.2 At a physical level

  • Subtle-sorcerers can cause any type of physical distress to mankind.
  • They can cause mutant strains of virus that can cause pandemics.

4.3 At a mental level

  • Putting antisocial thoughts in the minds of affected people.
  • Feeling of ‘having no existence’.

4.4 Spiritual

  • Actively bring work to infuse unrighteousness in society.
  • They possess key people in society. These people are generally manifest throughout the day making key decisions for society under the directives of the subtle-sorcerer.

5. Remedy

  • Only Saints and positive energies above the 95% spiritual level can effectively fight with subtle-sorcerers.  

6. Summary

  • Subtle-sorcerers are the highest in the hierarchy of ghosts.
  • They are too powerful to bother with affecting or possessing average human beings. They however do affect and possess those human beings with very high Raja-Tama traits that can affect humanity like terrorists or leaders of international stature, etc. They do so from the point of view of using them as weapons of mass destruction or adversely affecting the course of the entire world like instigating a World war.
  • Their possession is very insidious and too subtle to be noticed by anyone other than those with very highly advanced sixth sense or with spiritual level above 90%.
  • They are instrumental in bringing about mass destruction through natural disasters like tsunami and earthquakes.
  • They are continually engaged in a subtle-battle for supremacy that is raged in the various positive regions. This battle is most accentuated in the last mini era of a mini cycle. At the present time we are going through such a period.
  • They can be overpowered or destroyed only by Saints above the 95% spiritual level that function at the level of unmanifest  form of God.
  • When overpowered they take refuge in the deepest recesses of Hell and engage in deep meditative form of spiritual practice to replenish their spiritual power.
  • This goes on for centuries, when after amassing desired power they resurge to take on the positive regions.
  • Having extremely negative personality traits like extreme hatred especially towards society or religious fanaticism make one more vulnerable to being targeted by subtle-sorcerers to be used as a puppet of mass destruction. This happens without the victim being even aware of the possession.
  • Intense spiritual practice as per the six principles of spiritual practice coupled with personality defect removal and eradication of ego are the tools to access supreme protection from God that secures us protection from subtle-sorcerers.
  • Acquiring the grace of a Guru above 90% spiritual level through one’s intense spiritual practice is the assured way of being insulated from the distress of subtle-sorcerers.

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