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Spiritual cleansing of the black covering formed by negative energies around oneself

Did you know that removing one’s black energy covering can help you at a physical, psychological and spiritual level ? It can even alleviate physical and mental ailments.

How to remove black energy covering and spiritually cleanse oneself

1. Introduction to black covering

Even since we were young, our parents have ingrained in us the practice of bathing at least once a day. If need be, sometimes we bathe 2 or 3 times a day. This helps to clean our physical body. It also has a spiritual benefit to some extent. Unfortunately, what most of us have not learnt is that we also have to clean ourselves at a spiritual level on a daily basis. A black energy covering invariably gets formed around us on an everyday basis. Most of us cannot perceive it as it is subtle in nature, but it affects us negatively at a physical, psychological and spiritual level. In this article, we have shared some practical tips on how to diagnose whether one has a black energy covering and how to remove it. It is as important as bathing on a daily basis, if not more important.

2. Feelings and signs of a black energy covering – how to understand that we have developed a covering ?

To accurately understand if one is affected by a black energy covering, one needs to have a sixth sense.

However, the following are some physical/psychological indications of having a black energy covering.

  • Feeling of heaviness in the body
  • Feeling sluggish
  • If the black covering is formed on the entire body, we may perceive the existence of something around our body. We may feel that some sort of sheath is around us.
  • If specific parts of the body are covered with black energy, then problematic symptoms may be seen at those places. For example :
    • If the covering is on the head, one may perceive that someone is pressing it from the top or feel a crown or a cap is on one’s head. This mostly leads to reduced capability to comprehend and make decisions along with feeling confused.
    • If the covering is on the eyes, we may perceive a subtle veil in front of the eyes or blurry vision.
    • If the covering is on the chest, we may feel that someone is trying to create an obstruction in our breathing or feel discomfort in the chest area.

Through spiritual practice, one gains the subtle ability to perceive a black energy covering. When such people look at a person with black energy covering, they will feel that they cannot see the person’s face clearly. It will appear hazy to them. When in close proximity to a person with a black covering, one can experience subtle pressure, nausea and at times a foul odour as well.

3. What is the extent of the black energy covering on people nowadays ?

The extent of a black energy covering can only be correctly understood through the medium of an advanced level of sixth sense. Those who have an advanced level of sixth sense of vision will be able to observe the extent of the covering visually. Those who are sensitive to subtle vibrations can actually feel the extent of the covering on a person with their hands through their subtle motor organs. The higher the spiritual level of the person taking the reading of the black energy covering, the more the accurate is the reading.

In the table below, we provide a rough estimate of the black energy covering that is seen on various people.

Type of person Average covering (in cm or metres) Maximum covering (in cm or metres)
Average person in the current time 1 20 cm 30 cm
Average person (who has severe distress or who is possessed by a negative energy) 2 1.5 metres 4 metres
Seeker (doing samashti sadhana3 3 cm 5 cm
Seeker (doing samashti sadhana and who has severe distress or who is possessed by a negative energy) 4 2 m 5 m

Source of data : Spiritual Research through the medium of an advanced level of sixth sense conducted by the Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay (also known as the Maharshi University of Spirituality), Goa, India, June 2020

Footnotes :

  1. Approximately 50% of the world’s population is affected by negative energies to some extent.
  2. Approximately 30% of the world’s population is possessed or controlled by negative energies.
  3. Samashti sadhana is doing spiritual practice to help society to grow spiritually. Higher-level negative energies attack such seekers to prevent them from spreading Spirituality and hence positivity in society. Even though they are attacked by negative energies, such seekers are graced with Divine protection from God.
  4. Some seekers are possessed by negative energies even before they start spiritual practice. Negative energies attack them to a greater extent to create obstacles in their spiritual practice. However, with continued spiritual practice, the hold of the negative energy over them reduces. Samashti sadhana helps such seekers earn the grace of God to overcome their distress in time.

4. Types of black covering and features

A black energy covering can occur in various forms and produce the following types of feelings in a person.

  1. A round ring/crown is around our head
  2. A band is over our eyes
  3. A blanket is wrapped around the body
  4. It can be only present on the front side or rear of the body. It can also be present on the top or bottom half of the body. At other times, it can cover the entire body.
  5. It can be very thinly spread and at other times, it can have a rubbery texture.

5. How does a black energy covering get formed around a person ?

Negative energies create a black energy covering around a person with the intention of affecting, attacking, controlling or compromising a person’s ability to think or function or both. It is used to affect a person from the outside. (On the other hand, establishing a black energy centre is used to create a control point within a person with the purpose of gaining a higher level of control or possessing the person.)

Who can negative energies attack and form a black energy covering on ?

Negative energies generally attack a person of similar or lesser spiritual strength (which is related to the person’s spiritual level).

Therefore, an average person (who has a spiritual level of 20%) can easily have a black energy covering put around them by even lower level negative energies. However, a person at the 50% spiritual level cannot be attacked by lower-level negative energies and can only be attacked by a negative energy of commensurate strength.

As a seeker does spiritual practice, they start to get a protective sheath around them. This makes it more difficult for negative energies to maintain a black energy covering around them.

What is the reason for forming a black energy covering ?

A black energy covering is generally created around a person to achieve a short-term objective of compromising some physical, mental or spiritual process.

At a physical level :

  • Reduces the ability of any physical function – for example reducing one’s ability to sing by putting a black energy covering around the throat.
  • Increase an ailment of a diseased organ
  • Block the ability to diagnose an illness – for example, if an X-ray were to show a certain anomaly, by putting a black energy covering, a negative energy would hide that anomaly in the X-ray, thus making it difficult for a doctor to understand what is going on. Refer to the case study on – Obstruction in diagnosis by negative energies
  • Diminish the effect of medication or the healing process. They can even create a black energy covering on medicine.

At the psychological and intellectual levels :

  • To increase one’s personality defects such as anger, addictive behaviour, emotionalism, negative thinking, etc.
  • To reduce one’s intellectual capability and decision-making ability

At a spiritual level :

  • To reduce one’s desire for spiritual growth
  • To stop a person from spreading Spirituality by affecting him at the physical or mental levels

What do negative energies put a black covering around ?

  • For negative energies, the easiest way to affect a person at a physical level is by putting a black energy covering around them or on a specific organ. This is especially so if the organ has an ailment. A black energy covering can either increase the ailment or not allow it to recover.
  • They can put a black covering around impressions in the mind, thus increasing a person’s personality defect such as anger, negative thinking, etc.
  • They can affect the chakras of a person. In doing so, the black energy covering affects the subtle energy flow to related organs. Even though it is more difficult to attack, an attack on the chakras cannot be as easily understood as compared to an attack on the body. For an average person, the lower 3 chakras are usually attacked (in particular the Swādhishṭhān-chakra or Maṇipur-chakra). By compromising these chakras with a black energy covering, negative energies can increase a person’s desires excessively, such as for sex, greed for food, etc. In this way, they can affect or trouble a person. For seekers, generally the upper 4 chakras are attacked to stop them from doing spiritual practice. (This is because the upper 4 chakras are related to spiritual growth, while the lower 3 chakras are related to worldly desires).

The following table shows what can happen if a black energy covering is created around various chakras.

Black covering around chakra Effect
Sahasrār-chakra  Blocks the connection with the Divine for those who are spiritually evolved. 
Ādnyā-chakra Blocks the functioning of the higher intellect, which is used for the spiritual benefit of the person, others and the world beyond.
Vishuddha-chakra Blocks the functioning of the worldly intellect
Anāhat-chakra Makes the mind unstable. Increases emotionalism.
Maṇipur-chakra Greed for food and other worldly desires
Swādhishṭhān-chakra Excessive sexual drive

6. How often should one remove black energy covering in the current times ?

As we are currently in a very spiritually adverse time which will last till 2023, it is suggested that people practice the removal of black energy coverings more frequently. We have provided a table below to explain how often one should practice the removal of black energy coverings.

Type of person How often should one remove one’s black energy covering
Average person in the current times 2 times (morning and evening)
Average person (who has severe distress or who is possessed by a negative energy) 6 times (every few hours)
Seeker (doing samashti sadhana) 4 times
Seeker (doing samashti sadhana and who has severe distress or who is possessed by a negative energy) 8 times

Seekers who are doing samashti sadhana, i.e. doing spiritual practice to help society to grow spiritually while they grow spiritually at a rapid rate, are also targetted by negative energies who try and put obstacles in their spiritual paths. It is for this reason that they are advised to practise the removal of black energy covering more often.

7. How to remove black energy covering


Any spiritual activity should be started with a prayer to God. For the removal of black energy covering, a prayer on the following lines can be said.

‘O God, by Your grace, let me be able to remove the distressing subtle black energy covering on my body properly. Let no one in the vicinity be affected by the covering that I am going to remove. May the distress caused by the negative energies that I am suffering from be removed at the earliest.’

Remember to offer a prayer of gratitude after removing the black energy covering.

7.1 Method 1 : Chanting

Chanting the Name of God with spiritual emotion attracts/generates positive energy. The spiritual energy generated with chanting the Name of God helps to destroy any black energy covering. The benefit of this method is that it can be done at any time.

Through spiritual research we have found that one can begin by chanting one of the following Names of God to remove any black energy covering.

  1. Shri Gurudev Datta
  2. Om Namo Bhagawate Vasudevaya
  3. Shri Durgadevyai Namaha

One can start by chanting the above Names of God for 1 month each. If relief is not found from the first chant, i.e. Shri Gurudev Datta, then after 4 weeks one should switch to chanting the next Name of God in the sequence which is Om Namo Bhagawate Vasudevaya.

The reason we have provided 3 chants is akin to how a doctor sometimes changes the medication based on how the symptoms change. If one has not obtained relief from any of the above chants after 3 months, then one should consult a spiritually evolved person or consult SSRF through our Live chat facility.

Please note that chanting the Name of God should also be done along with any of the other techniques provided below for the removal of a black energy covering.

7.2 Method 2 : Using one’s hands

One way to remove the black energy covering around us is with our hands. The benefit of this method is that it can be done at any time.

Basic hand action : Refer to the images above. To remove one’s black energy covering with the hands, simply make a motion as if you are grabbing the black energy around you and throwing it off. Alternatively, you can use your palms and fingers as if you are brushing off or pushing away the black energy covering from your body. Our fingers and palms continually emit Pranshakti or vital energy, which assists in removing the black energy covering by the motion of our hands.

Where to start from : If you are feeling a black energy covering (which is creating heaviness or discomfort) in a certain area of the body, then start with that area. For example, if you are feeling heaviness around your head, start from there.

If the black energy covering is only on one section of the body, such as the chest, we can remove it as mentioned above. However, if the covering is on a larger section of the body such as from the head to the chest, then we should remove it from bottom to top in stages. For example, remove the covering on the chest for 2-3 minutes and then go towards the head region.

Refer to the table above in section 5 on what chakras negative energies can affect to create problems for you. Accordingly, in the same manner as described above, try removing the black energy covering around the area of that chakra.

7.3 Method 3 : Using healing products

A black energy covering can also be removed using specific spiritual healing products that generate positivity and eliminate negative vibrations. Given ahead are some of the methods.

Method 3A : Using an unlit SSRF incense stick

Removal of one’s black energy covering and spiritual healing with an unlit SSRF incense stick

We can also remove the black energy covering around ourselves by using an unlit SSRF incense stick in a similar manner as is done with one’s hands. Any fragrance of SSRF incense sticks can be used as they are all specifically designed for spiritual healing purposes. Here, in order to remove the black energy covering, the incense stick can be waved (taken across) over the body from top to bottom (and back). As the incense stick is taken across the body, the black energy covering begins to disintegrate.

It is best not to use the same incense stick too many times as it can also develop a black covering with continued use. The following usage is suggested before one needs to ritualistically immerse it in flowing water or dispose of it ritualistically.

  1. If you are using it once per day, then you can use the same unlit SSRF incense stick for removing your black energy covering for a period of 30 days.
  2. If you are using it 5 to 7 times a day, then you can use it for a maximum of 10 days.
  3. In case you feel that the incense stick is not working, then you can replace it with a new incense stick.

Please note that for this healing method, we recommend only using SSRF incense sticks because they have been made in a way to impart maximum spiritual healing. Tests conducted with aura and energy scanners confirm these spiritual healing properties of SSRF incense sticks. We cannot recommend any other types of incense sticks as we have not conducted spiritual research on them. We have found that some commercially available incense sticks can even emit negative vibrations, and hence provide no spiritual healing benefit.

Method 3B : Using gomutra (Indian cow’s urine)

Gomutra - Indian cow's urineWhen it comes to spiritual healing using inanimate objects, gomutra or urine from an Indian cow is known to be one of the most potent spiritual healing tools. This is because it has the ability to attract Divine consciousness (Chaitanya), which gives it spiritual healing properties. Bathing with water with a few drops of gomutra added to it helps in removing the black energy covering around one. Please refer to the article on gomutra.

Method 3C : Using Box Treatment

In our article on the box healing remedy, we explain how simple empty boxes can be used for spiritual healing.

Using empty boxes for spiritual healing is an effective way to reduce the black energy covering around us

Through spiritual research, we have found that sitting and chanting the Name of God with boxes around you is one useful way to remove the black energy covering around yourself. This spiritual healing remedy takes place through the medium of the most powerful Cosmic Principle – the Absolute Ether Principle (Akashtattva), which is present in the void of the box. This spiritual remedy should be commenced with making a prayer to God that the black covering around you be sucked into the void of the box and destroyed.

The boxes used in this spiritual healing remedy should be charged by either keeping them in the Sun for a few hours or by waving a lit SSRF incense stick inside the open part of the box and also around the box 5-7 times.

Method 3D : Salt Water Remedy

The Salt Water Remedy is a simple yet powerful 15-minute therapy that helps to remove black energy from the body.

For complete information on the Salt Water Remedy click here.

Method 3E : Using a Holy text compiled by Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale

The Holy texts that have been compiled by Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale contain an immense amount of positive spiritual energy associated with the Energy of Knowledge (Dnyanshakti). We have conducted many experiments on these Holy texts using aura and energy scanners. The findings indicate that the Holy texts are a storehouse of positive energy.

For this reason, we can also use these Holy texts to remove the black energy covering around ourselves. You can do so in a manner similar to what is described in method 3A, which uses SSRF incense sticks.

Sometimes, negative energies can try to put a black energy covering around Holy texts even if they are written by a high-level Saint. Therefore, it is recommended that one spiritually purifies Holy texts after use. This can be done by using the following methods :

  1. By waving a lit SSRF incense stick around it and letting the smoke from the incense stick envelop the book.
  2. If an SSRF incense stick is not available, then you can charge it by keeping it in the Sun for 30 minutes and pray to God to remove any negativity that may have accumulated around the Holy text.
  3. After 30 days of use, you can keep the Holy text along with other Holy texts. For the next 30 days, you can use a different Holy text for spiritual healing. Keep alternating in this manner.

Refer to the experiment on how authors affect the spiritual vibrations of books that they write.

7.4 Method 4 : Sun therapy

The Sun emits the Absolute Fire Principle (Tejtattva), which purifies at a spiritual level. When we sit in the Sun, we automatically get the benefit of the Absolute Fire Principle (Tejtattva). However, for spiritual healing to happen while sitting in the Sun, one should chant the Name of God as recommended in section 7.1. The best time to do this is in the morning before 10 am for around 15 to 20 minutes. We should expose both our front and back to the Sun (you can divide the time – 10 mins each for the front and back).

This is because during morning time, the environment is more Sattva predominant (spiritually pure), and later in the afternoon, the environment becomes more Raja-Sattva predominant (less spiritually pure).

8. Practical tips to remove black energy

  • The spiritual healing gained through the techniques listed is through the medium of the various Absolute Cosmic Principles. For this reason, it is good to use a combination of these techniques to remove the black covering around oneself. Just as a doctor sometimes changes the medication as per the symptoms, so also from a spiritual healing perspective, we should be alert as to how we are feeling and which spiritual healing remedy is the most effective.
  • Sometimes the black energy covering surrounding us is more than an arm’s length, so it may become difficult to remove it using just one’s hands. If you find yourself in such a position, chant the Name of God with spiritual emotion for at least 3 hours per day for a minimum period of 5 days.
  • Ideally, it is best to be in a separate room while removing one’s black energy covering. This is so that others do not get affected. But if this is not possible, when removing one’s black energy covering, try to maintain a safe distance of approximately 2 metres from other people around you. Continuous chanting and prayer for the protection of oneself and others helps to reduce the risk of others getting affected by the black energy covering that is being removed.

9. How to purify the surrounding area after removing one’s black covering

After removing the black energy covering, it is recommended that one spiritually purifies the premises. There are a few ways one can do this.

  1. One can take a lit SSRF incense stick in an anti-clockwise direction around the perimeter of the house. Taking the incense stick in this direction activates the Destroyer Principle of God which protects against negative energies and nullifies attacks by them.
  2. Playing a chant (Om Namo Bhagawate Vasudevaya) at a low volume in the premises (at a low volume so as not to disturb others). Click here to download the chant.
  3. Playing the bhajans (devotional songs) composed and sung by His Holiness Bhaktaraj Maharaj.

10. Key points to remember

  1. Removing the black energy covering around oneself should be done every day.
  2. Not doing it will compromise the effectiveness of any spiritual efforts we make.
  3. Regular use of the above-mentioned spiritual healing remedies increases feelings of lightness, clarity, enthusiasm and helps one to make efforts in spiritual practice.

We pray that our readers are able to gain spiritual benefit by applying these spiritual healing remedies.

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