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Emergency Autosuggestions – A Complete Guide

Would you like to be calmer and more mentally stable in the face of an emergency ? If so, learning about Emergency Autosuggestions is exactly what you may need. They enable you to gain mental stability in an increasingly unstable world where emergencies may arise at any time.

A quick summary

To have the mental strength to remain stable in emergencies has immense benefits and helps one in handling such situations appropriately. However, while mental stability is something that most people do not have when faced with an emergency, most would aspire towards having it. One way to gain this strength is to train the mind on how to respond to such adverse situations. Using Emergency Autosuggestions, which are a part of the Personality Defect Removal (PDR) process and framework is a free and powerful tool that can help to improve one’s mental capabilities. Emergency Autosuggestions for a variety of emergencies such as natural disasters, medical emergencies, severe emotional disturbances, etc. have been provided in this article.

1. Introduction to Autosuggestions (AS) for emergencies

Marcus Aurelius (a Roman emperor and a Stoic philosopher) once said, “You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.

However, for those of us who have been in an emergency, we all know that controlling one’s mind is easier said than done.

Besides serious emergencies, sometimes we are faced with a scenario that puts our senses and emotions into overdrive. It can be something as simple as playing at a piano recital on stage or as hair-raising as going for your first bungee jump or having accidentally deleted your term paper, which is due the next day.

When preparing for or facing such emergencies, there can be a barrage of thoughts related to worry, stress and fear that can overwhelm or paralyse us. This reduces our ability to approach such situations with a stable mind and thus impairs our decision-making capability.

To train the mind to be stable in all such situations is indeed a challenge. Yet, it is imperative that we learn this process, if we are to have a fighting chance to come out unscathed from the trials and tribulations that life deals us. The Personality Defect Removal (PDR) process pioneered by Paratpar Guru Dr Athavale actually has a methodology designed just for this known as giving Emergency Autosuggestions to the mind. It can be used to address a wide variety of stressful situations including those that make us frightened, worried, angry, emotional, etc. Below, we have prepared a complete guide on how this technique can be applied in a variety of situations so you can experience its benefits.

2. What are Emergency Autosuggestions ?

Emergency Autosuggestions are Autosuggestions that are specifically designed to be used in overcoming the mind’s adverse reaction to emergencies or events. By keeping the mind relatively stable, the Autosuggestion helps people to address the emergency by being calm, so one has a better chance of being solution-oriented as opposed to panicking.

Emergency Autosuggestions are different from other types of Autosuggestions because they are taken only in specific scenarios (given in Section 3). They are taken when there is an urgent need to overcome an emotionally disturbed state and become calm or to prepare for emergencies.

3. When to use Emergency Autosuggestions ?

There are broadly 3 types of emergency scenarios that Emergency Autosuggestions can be used in.

When to use Emergency Autosuggestions

Let us look at these 3 types of scenarios in more detail.

1. Emotional disturbances

Emergency Autosuggestions when one is emotionally disturbed

Here an Emergency Autosuggestion can be used to overcome an adverse event in one’s life that is making one emotionally unstable. When an event disturbs us mentally, it can lead to poor decisions which in turn can lead to more problems.

For example, if a person is very upset that his boss shouted at him, he may want to quit his job even though this may not be a reasonable or practical course of action at this time in his life. Here, it is important to calm the mind to ensure proper decision-making. If one is practising Spirituality, it is important to overcome this emotionally disturbed state so that one’s spiritual practice can continue without obstacles.

2. General emergencies

Emergency Autosuggestions when one is facing a general emergency

Emergency Autosuggestions can also be taken in the case of general emergencies. It can be to alleviate stress in anticipation of an adverse event or during the emergency itself. For example, such Autosuggestions can be taken in the event of a natural disaster or if one is stressed as one’s car has broken down on the highway.

2A. Preparatory Autosuggestions : These AS can be taken to prepare the mind in advance for an emergency that one knows may happen. For example, a person who lives in an earthquake-prone area could take Autosuggestions to prepare the mind to face an earthquake. Taking Autosuggestions to prepare the mind for an emergency that is likely to occur helps the mind to remain calm when the actual emergency is taking place. As one’s mental energy is saved, more energy is available to handle the actual situation. Additionally, remaining calm helps others around one to remain calm as well.

2B. Autosuggestions can also be taken to face an emergency as it is unfolding. For example, if someone is stranded in their home due to heavy rain and floods, they can take Autosuggestions about it.

In the event of an actual emergency, it is critical that one remains mentally stable so as to face the situation in the best way. This can even make the difference between life and death. Taking Emergency Autosuggestions in such situations can enable a person to remain level-headed and act prudently in such critical scenarios.

3. Medical emergencies

Emergency Autosuggestions when one is facing a medical emergency

These types of Autosuggestions can be taken in relation to medical emergencies such as an asthma attack, seizures, a visit to the dentist for a root canal, etc.

There are two types of symptomatic Autosuggestions.

3A. Preparatory Autosuggestions can be taken to prepare a person who knows that a medical emergency may occur for that event. For example, an epileptic could take Autosuggestions to prepare themselves to face a seizure.

3B. Symptomatic Emergency Autosuggestions can also be taken when the actual medical emergency is occurring or when awareness first develops of an episode. For example, if an asthmatic feels an asthma attack is coming, he can take Autosuggestions regarding it. Taking Autosuggestions to prepare for a medical emergency, or when it is starting or occurring helps a person to remain stable in the event of the medical emergency and hence reduces suffering.

In some cases, such as an oncoming asthma attack, emergency Autosuggestions taken at the right time can even prevent the onset of the medical emergency. Finally, the prognosis improves when a person takes emergency Autosuggestions related to a medical emergency. This means that if someone has heart problems and takes emergency Autosuggestions on how to face getting a heart attack calmly, he will have a better chance of recovery when faced with the crisis.

4. How to give an Emergency Autosuggestion in an Autosuggestion session

In the case of preparatory types of Emergency Autosuggestions

The preparatory types of emergency Autosuggestions can be taken as one of your regular Autosuggestions in your current set of Autosuggestions. Please refer to our article on how to take Autosuggestions.

In the case of Emergency Autosuggestions for events as they are unfolding

These are the type of Emergency Autosuggestions that are meant to be taken as one is faced with the actual event unfolding or if the emergency is imminent.

In these cases, you would :

  • Temporarily discontinue any other Autosuggestions you are taking and give priority to take these Emergency Autosuggestions.
  • Then, read the Emergency Autosuggestion 3-5 times in a single Autosuggestion session.
  • Continue taking the Emergency Autosuggestion as often as possible, including up to every 30 minutes, until the emergency is overcome.

After the emergency is over, you can resume taking the other set of Autosuggestions which you were taking before on selected personality defects.

It may not be possible to take emergency Autosuggestions frequently in the case of an emergency like a natural disaster or an oncoming medical emergency. In such cases, a person can take the emergency Autosuggestion as much as is practically possible.

5. How to frame emergency Autosuggestions

Emergency Autosuggestions can be framed using the B1, B2 and A3 Autosuggestion techniques described in previous articles in the Personality Defect Removal (PDR) section. Please refer to them and our article on types of Autosuggestion techniques to understand which technique to use when framing an emergency Autosuggestion.

6. Examples of emergency Autosuggestions

Here are some examples of emergency Autosuggestions for each scenario in which they can be used.

6.1 For when one is disturbed emotionally


Emotional Disturbances from SSRF Inc.

6.2 For general emergencies


General Emergencies from SSRF Inc.

6.3 For medical emergencies


Medical Emergencies from SSRF Inc.

7. Conclusion

We all face difficult situations in our lives. Some of you may be going through such a situation now. Also, looking at the instability in the world today, where a crisis can unfold at any time disrupting our lives and peace of mind, Emergency Autosuggestions are more relevant than ever.

The Emergency Autosuggestion technique is an invaluable tool that can help to develop the inner strength to face whatever struggle it is you are facing. We encourage all of you to try and implement it and experience its benefits. Along with Autosuggestions, chanting the Name of God helps to calm the mind and reduces the painful effect of adverse destiny.

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