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Mechanism behind Spiritual Healing Methods using objects

SSRF advises continuation of conventional medical treatment along with spiritual healing remedies for the treatment of physical and psychiatric illnesses.

Readers are advised to take up any spiritual healing remedy at their own discretion.

1. Classes or modes of spiritual healing

There are two classes or modes of healing where the mechanism by which energy is channelized differs. In these two modes, healing is fundamentally brought about through:

1. Use of an inanimate object such as Holy water or Holy ash.
2. A person:

a. the healer generally has to be above the spiritual level of 50% and not have spiritual distress, or
b. a Saint (i.e. a person above the spiritual level of 70%).

Depending on the mode used, the mechanism of action (i.e. how energy is channelised) changes. In this article we will be focusing on the mode of healing using a spiritually charged object or tool.

2. Mode of healing and its corresponding method of action

We are going to explain the modes of healing in the form of a simple analogy of turning the light on.

  1. The switch: The first step in making a light bulb come on is turning the appropriate switch on. This refers to the choice of tool or object used in spiritual healing.
  2. The wire: The electrical current then flows across a wire and the final output is that a bulb begins to glow. Depending on which bulb we want to turn on, the appropriate switch would need to be turned on. Similarly, in spiritual healing, various healing methods bring about various effects through various levels of positive energy.
  3. The bulb: In all cases the final effect of healing (i.e. the glowing bulb or the final output) is orchestrated through the five Absolute Cosmic Principles (Panchatattva).

Explaining the mechanism of spiritual healing when an object is used


2.1 Mechanism of 1st mode of healing: Inanimate objects

The following are a few examples of the types of inanimate objects used in healing and the Absolute Cosmic Principle that the healing is carried out through. Here, the basic principle of spiritual healing is followed where just by raising the spiritual purity or sāttviktā of the affected area, we reduce the capability of the negative energy to affect a person. The increased sattvikta then works through any one or a combination of the Absolute Cosmic Principles to bring about the healing process.

Objects used for healing Average % of Positive Spiritual Energy1 The Absolute Cosmic Principle that it works through
Crystal used in Pranic healing  0.25% Fire
Amulets  2% Fire
Stones  2% Earth
Crystals  2% Fire
Religious symbols  2% Earth
Holy ash  2% Fire
Chameli (Jasmine) stick  2% Air
Holy water (Holy water + Holy ash)  2% Water + Fire
Colours  2% Varies with colour
Camphor 2% Air
Unlit incense stick 2% Earth + Fire
Lit incense stick 3% Earth + Fire
Fragrance from certain natural perfumes  3% Earth
Yantras (specific diagrams2)  3% Fire
Cow’s urine (Gomūtra)3  3% Water
Ghee lamp3 3% Fire
Holy sacrament given by Saint3  4% Water
Genuine Holy place related to a Deity, Incarnation or a Saint of a higher spiritual level, where there is positive energy – this is not based on psychology but where genuine positive spiritual vibrations exist 5% Depends on the Deity
Handwriting of a Saint above 90%3  8% Fire
Voice recording of a Saint above the spiritual level of 90%3,5 8% Ether
Final resting place of a Saint above the spiritual level of 90%3 8% Ether
Higher level Deity’s picture (drawn by a seeker artist) under the guidance of a Saint of a higher level4 10% Such pictures heal at various levels through various Cosmic Principles as per the need of the devotee.
The way to read the above table :

Let’s take the example of Holy water. It is capable of bringing a 2% increase in positive spiritual energy to an area where it is sprinkled. The healing takes place through the Absolute Cosmic Water (Āpa) and Fire (Tēj) Principles.


  1. For any given inanimate object used for spiritual healing the power of its positive spiritual energy will vary. On a scale of 1 to 100, usually the positive spiritual energy in any inanimate object is 0 while the maximum positive spiritual energy in an inanimate object is 6. This means that the last 4 rows where positive spiritual energy can be from 8-10% is higher than the maximum positive energy that can usually be found in inanimate objects. Additionally, please note, that the figures that have been provided in the table above can vary by +/- 2%. Refer to section 2.2 for more details.
  2. A Yantra in relation to spiritual healing is a diagram made with the purpose of transmitting positive energy.
  3. These items are associated with living beings and thus, they are capable of attracting and emanating positive spiritual energy.
  4. 10% is the positive spiritual energy that can be generated if all conditions are ideal such as :
    1. The Deity’s picture attracts and emits the maximum possible spiritual positivity. (The maximum percentage of the Deity’s principle that can be attracted into a picture is 30% in the current era. This has been achieved by seeker artists at the Maharshi University of Spirituality. In contrast, the percentage of the Deity principle that is attracted on average into a commercially available Deity’s picture is only 2-3%.)
    2. The picture is placed in a sāttvik premises at all times.
    3. The devotee does not have spiritual distress and worships the Deity with spiritual emotion (bhāv).
  5. Depending on what is written by the Saint or the audio that is recorded by the Saint, the positivity can go even higher than 8%. For example, if a Saint at the spiritual level of 90% writes a mantra on a piece of paper, the positivity will increase beyond 8% as opposed to if He were to such write some simple (non-spiritual) text on the same paper.

2.2 Factors affecting the potency of spiritual healing tools

In footnote 1 of the above table, it is mentioned that the range is +/- 2% of the figure that has been provided. For example, if crystals are mentioned as 2%, then practically the positivity generated by crystals as a spiritual healing tool can vary in the range of 0 to 4% (i.e. +/- 2% of 2%). The difference in effectiveness can be due to a number of reasons such as :

  1. The type of crystal used.
  2. The person it is used on and the level of their spiritual distress. If there is too much of a negative black energy covering, the positive energy will not be able to penetrate.
  3. The spiritual level of the person undergoing healing. People who are spiritually positive are better able to imbibe spiritual positivity.
  4. Who has given the crystal to the person ?
  5. Using the crystal during a full moon or new moon period can affect its healing ability due to the increased distress in the environment during these periods.
  6. The place where it is being used for healing.

Depending on all such factors a healing may take a few hours or can take many months.

It is also important to note that some items deemed to be spiritual healing tools can be affected by negative energies, thus compromising their healing ability. Once tainted, these spiritual healing tools can even emit negative energy. This can be understood if one has the ability to perceive spiritual vibrations via one’s sixth sense.

2.3 Salt Water Remedy as a healing tool

The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) has also recommended the use of the Salt Water Remedy as a spiritual healing remedy. Even so, it has not been included in the above table as this spiritual healing remedy differs from the above remedies. Specifically, the items listed in the table above are able to increase positive spiritual energy. The Salt Water Remedy, on the other hand, is used only for the removal of negative black energy. It works at the levels of the Absolute Cosmic Water Principle (70%) and Absolute Cosmic Earth Principle (30%).

3. In summary

  • In our section on spiritual healing using objects, we have explained in detail how to use each of these spiritual healing tools and also when to use them. Please also refer to the article “Mechanism behind Spiritual Healing Methods when a person heals.
  • Making efforts to increase our spiritual emotion together with saying earnest prayers before, during and after using the objects listed above for spiritual healing increases the potency of these healing remedies.
  • Regular spiritual practice together with keeping our actions, thoughts and environment sattvik helps to improve the effectiveness of spiritual healing remedies.

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