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“Does God exist?” is a question asked by many skeptics. Many have tried to prove or disprove God's existence through logic but they have not succeeded in fully convincing others. When we start spiritual practice, God gives us spiritual experiences to show us that we are on the right track. These experiences help generate faith within us. As our faith increases, we undertake spiritual practice of higher and higher levels. As we do so, God grants us the experience of spiritual emotion. This simply means that we experience the presence of God in our lives. In this state, there is no fear, no want, no unhappiness and instead one experiences a blissful state of connection to God. Very often, spiritual emotion is accompanied by physical manifestations such as tears, trembling, etc. Developing spiritual emotion is a fast way to improve the rate of our spiritual progress because when we are in a state of spiritual emotion, our entire attitude becomes more spiritually pure.


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What is spiritual emotion?

There is a saying that goes “Where there is spiritual emotion, there is God.” When we are in a state of spiritual emotion we experience the presence of God with equal or greater intensity as compared to awareness of our own existence.

Difference between spiritual emotion and emotion

A person in a state of spiritual emotion can superficially look like a person in a state of emotion. However, it is important to know the difference between spiritual emotion and emotion to assess one's own spiritual practice or the spiritual progress of others.

In whom is spiritual emotion awakened?

It is next to impossible to awaken spiritual emotion in someone devoid of it. In this article we examine the qualities of a seeker in whom spiritual emotion does get awakened.

Types and manifestations of spiritual emotion

Spiritual emotion comes in different forms and manifests in different ways. How can you recognise spiritual emotion in yourself or others?

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in_whom_is_spiritual_emotion_awakenedAs per the Spiritual science, awakening spiritual emotion through spiritual practice is possible for a seeker at the 50% spiritual level.

types_of_spiritual_emotionThere are two types of spiritual emotion, manifest and unmanifest.

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Devotional pictures

Mrs Uma Ravichandran has the rare gift of being able to visually depict the various ways she feels the presence of God in her life. In this picture gallery, we share some of the pictures to inspire seekers to attain the state of spiritual emotion.

How does one increase spiritual emotion (bhav)?

When we experience spiritual emotion for the first time, it catches us unawares and lifts us to a higher spiritual state. The connection with God is so intensely felt that one yearns to experience it again and again. In this article we examine the various ways a seeker can go about increasing spiritual emotion.

What is the importance of gratitude

Gratitude helps to evoke spiritual emotion. Read how we can make efforts to evoke gratitude and be in a state of gratitude, which helps in our spiritual practice.

Case studies

mariaFrom hardships to bliss

Maria overcame difficult destiny and progressed spiritually to achieve a continuous state of spiritual emotion.

radha-CSOvercoming anger

Christie calmed manifestations of an entity possessing her awakening spiritual emotion.

ovecoming_addictionGetting out of trouble 

Auritro experienced spiritual emotion after starting spiritual practice that helped him overcome desires to use drugs and alcohol.

mayaFragrance and taste of sandalwood

Maya experienced spiritual emotion along with subtle fragrance and taste.

thereseSweet taste while walking down the street

Therese got a subtle sweet taste in her mouth while chanting.

guruprasadOvercoming obsessive compulsive disorder

Guruprasad overcame OCD by making sincere efforts at awakening spiritual emotion in day-to-day activities.

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prayerRead how prayer helps with awakening spiritual emotion.

chanting_the_name_of_godChanting God’s Name helps with awakening spiritual emotion.

satsangBeing in the company of the Truth or satsang helps with awakening spiritual emotion more rapidly.

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d3-prayerPrayer is an important tool to awaken spiritual emotion within us. Learn how prayer has a positive influence on our spiritual energy system.

d2-who-is-a-seeker-of-GodWho is considered a seeker of God? What qualities or features like awakening spiritual emotion are needed for spiritual growth?

c2-Live-an-aware-lifeIncrease your awareness of how the spiritual dimension influences our lives and why spiritual practice like awakening spiritual emotion is a necessity.

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Are my tears due to spiritual emotion?

Awakening spiritual emotion can produce tears, but how do we know if tears are from spiritual emotion or not?