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Key findings in differences in languages and scripts

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 In relation to just visually observing Sanskrit text, the following were some key findings :

  • Out of 4 languages tested (i.e., English, Hindi, Marathi and Sanskrit) using a PIP instrument, Sanskrit text was found to have the most positive vibrations. In performing these experiments, some rules with regard to script and language became clear.
    Rule 1 When any text is translated into another language, the positivity or negativity is likely to change depending on the language it is translated into.
    Rule 2 The shape or form of the script/character that represents a certain sound matters in deciding the positivity or negativity that will be emitted by that character.
    Rule 3 The type/shape of font within a script significantly changes the overall vibrations emitted by that text in any language.
  • The vibrations emitted from any text (apart from the content) are most likely to have an impact on the reader. The more positive the vibrations, the more likely that the text will have a positive impact at a physical, mental and spiritual level. Conversely text which has more negative vibrations is likely to have a more negative impact. We have found that a person’s prolonged exposure to positive or negative vibrations affects his health, attitude and decisions. Zooming out to a more macro level – languages and their underlying positivity or negativity will have an overall effect on society and the way we live our lives and raise our children.
  • While much more experimenting can be done by comparing Sanskrit with other languages and scripts, we believe that these experiments provide humanity with a direction on how they can employ their efforts with regard to studying communication mechanisms.
  • The thought of progress and development is central to human effort. This rule would apply to languages as well. Yet somewhere along the way, it would appear that humankind lost its way and according to these experiments actually regressed when they chose languages such as English as the modern day Lingua Franca.
  • Such experiments make it clearer why Sages from ancient India in their wisdom communicated in Sanskrit due to its spiritual purity. We believe that the knowledge gained from these findings, if practically implemented, can have path-breaking results for our education system and also how we communicate. It provides compelling reasons for re-establishing Sanskrit as a leading world language and that it should be an intrinsic part of every school and university curriculum.

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