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Mechanism behind Spiritual Healing Methods – Spiritual Healers

This article discusses the mechanism of healing when a spiritual healer attempts to heal a patient.

Basic Principle Behind Spiritual Healing

How does spiritual healing work and what is the basic principle that underlies its functioning

Spiritual effect of a Saint on a possessed person

Using biofeedback machines an experiment was conducted to observe the effect of a Saint on the chakras of a person who was possessed by negative energies.

Spiritual Love (Priti)

Nudism – a spiritual perspective

Introduction Bathing in the nude in public on certain specific isolated occasions has been around from time immemorial. Over time, as we went deeper into the Kaliyug (the worst) Era, bathing in the nude in the presence of other nude people in public became somewhat common in many countries. It started as a movement for ‘going … Continue reading Nudism – a spiritual perspective

Divine Perfume Materialising Spontaneously

A Divine perfume with a spiritual healing fragrance materialised in the room of His Holiness Dr Athavale at the Spiritual Science Research Centre in Goa India.

Steps of spiritual practice

Study of Spirituality Prayer Others steps

Problems with Ancestral Spirits


Kundalini and Chakras