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Progressive changes in objects due to positive spiritual energy

1. Introduction

Since the year 2000, SSRF has been investigating a number of cases where objects have changed or where spiritual energy had materialised spontaneously. The cause of these changes is unexplainable by any conventional means. Our spiritual research revealed that the changes in the objects occurred due to manifestation of negative or positive spiritual energy.

Three of the objects that had changed due to positive energy had been used by His Holiness Dr. Athavale. When we observed these three objects over a period of time, it was noticed that the changes continued to occur.

In this article, we provide an explanation for this phenomenon of progressing spontaneous change due to positive spiritual energy. We have also published a photo-gallery of these objects.

2. The importance of the study

In an earlier article, we have explained the importance of studying spontaneous change or divine materialisation.

When the process of change continues over a significant period of time, e.g. more than one year, it becomes more interesting. By studying such phenomena, we not only comprehend the divinity of the objects and the cause of the change, but we can also understand the process causing the progressive change.

Apart from convincing us about the existence of positive energies, these objects also tell us that the positive change induced by the sāttviktā of a Saint of the highest order, continues for a significantly prolonged period. This explains the importance of objects used by Saints from a spiritual perspective.

3. Why manifestation of positive energy continues to progress

A Saint is a holy person who is spiritually pure. Therefore, their physical body (sthūladēha)  becomes an ideal medium for positive energy to materialise. Objects used by Saints are more Sattva predominant because the positive spiritual energy of the Saint is transferred to the object. Depending on how long Saints may have used a particular item, it acquires more Divine consciousness (Chaitanya), Divine Principle, positivity, etc.

The continuation of the materialisation of positivity also depends upon the cause of the change. Saints of the highest order like H.H. Dr. Athavale act at the non-materialised (nirguṇ ) level and when they use an object, the non-materialised Principle of God flows through them and has an effect on the object. Not only this, such Saints keep on progressing towards the non-materialised level. Interestingly, the materialisation of positive energy that occurs in an object because of contact with such a Saint also follows the path of progressing towards the non-materialised level over a period of time.

4. The benefits of objects that progressively change due to positive spiritual energy

These objects (or even their photographs) which continue to show changes over a prolonged period of time function as a great source of positive energy. For the average person it is difficult to gain benefit from positive energy at a subtle-level, whereas to gain benefit from physically materialised forms of subtle-energy is comparatively easier.

Positive energy is constantly emitted by such objects into the premises or the environment; which has an impact on us. Due to the Raja and Tama in the environment, a distressing covering constantly develops around us. As the Raja and Tama increase, inertia builds up leading to distress and obstacles are created in spiritual practice.  When we come in contact with such positive objects, due to the Sattva vibrations emitted from them, the Raja and Tama are disintegrated leading to the reduction in distressing covering and this helps in our spiritual practice. We learnt that through these objects spiritual healing takes place.

Although we can determine whether an experience is positive or negative only with advanced sixth sense, some signs to understand that our experience is positive are – a feeling of enthusiasm after looking at the object, experiencing a thoughtless state of mind, feeling bliss, experiencing fragrance without an external cause, experience of peace, etc. When a person with negative energy distress comes in the contact of such objects some signs observed are – continuous burping, yawning, low vital energy (Prāṇa-shakti, and  materialisation of the possessing entity as it cannot bear the spiritual purity in it.

The effect of these positive objects was especially seen on individuals who have severe negative energy distress. When brought in contact with these objects severe materialisaton of the negative entity possessing them was seen. This was because the negative energy was unable to bear the spiritual purity of these objects. A subtle-analysis of this showed that a subtle-war takes place between the positive vibrations emitted from the object and the negative vibrations emitted by the possessing entity. Due to immense positivity the negative energy of the possessing entity reduces and the individual becomes more positive.

At SSRF we preserve such positive articles. We use it at the spiritual centre to perform spiritual healing on seekers (sādhaks ) with severe negative energy distress and to study the positive changes in them.  As the positivity increases in these objects, they will be helpful for mankind for years to come. They are like seats of positive energy and they maintain the Sattva component in the environment.

Sometimes Saints gift these objects to seekers or individuals. With it they provide spiritual energy to the seeker for carrying out God’s mission. Such objects are charged with the Energy of their resolve (sankalpa-shakti) which is required for the mission. Saints act in accordance to God’s wish (Īshwarēchhā) ) and thus these positive objects are used for giving the positivity required for the mission and for protection against negative energies obstructing the mission.

In summary these positive objects are of great relevance for seekers and anyone who is serious about spiritual practice. We should have immense gratitude for such objects and preserve them properly. Some people may not be able to understand their importance or may be baffled about whether the changes are actually positive or negative. In such a situation, it is best to consult a spiritually evolved person.

5.   Experiencing positive energy ourselves

For a better understanding you can view our gallery and experience the objects for yourself. You may also send in your experiences to us, via the ‘Post a Comment’ option.


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