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How do Negative Energies (Ghosts, Demons) Influence Our Thoughts?

Practical examples that help us understand the difference between thoughts from our subconscious mind and thoughts given by negative energies (ghosts, demons, devils etc.)

Case study – Fugue state along with Transient Global Amnesia caused by negative energies

Mahesh travelled 500km from the SSRF center without any memory of his journey due to possession.

Why do People become Serial Killers and Mass Murderers

This article explains why people become Serial killers and mass murderers

Symptoms of a Ghost Affecting or Possessing a Person

What are the symptoms that are seen when ghosts affect the various systems of the body?

How can one identify a person affected or possessed by a ghost by means of the intellect?

In this article we present some tips on how we can decide by our intellect whether one is affected or possessed by ghosts.

Manifest vs unmanifest demonic possession

A person can be fully possessed by a ghost yet both the person and people around him could be completely unaware about it.

Overcoming depression caused by ghost possession

When Elizabeth realized her depression was due to possession, she could overcome it through spiritual practice.

Healing depression with a spiritual remedy

Derek was plagued with bouts of severe depressive states since the age of 17 due to possession.