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Case study - Fugue state along with Transient Global Amnesia caused by negative energies

SSRF publishes these case studies with the intention of providing some direction to our readers with regard to problems that manifest at a physical or psychological level, but which can have their root cause in the spiritual dimension. When the root cause of a problem is spiritual in nature we have observed that the inclusion of spiritual healing remedies generally give the best results. SSRF advises continuation of conventional medical treatment along with spiritual healing remedies for the treatment of physical and psychiatric illnesses. Readers are advised to take up any spiritual healing remedy at their own discretion.

1. The disappearance of Mahesh

On 12 Aug 2010, an evolved seeker, Mrs. Nirmala Honap passed away at the spiritual research centre. Many of the seekers at the research centre who were possessed by negative energies had manifested as a result of the increase in Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) due to her passing. Mahesh, a full-time seeker with the audio-video section of the spiritual research centre, had spent the better half of that morning and afternoon video shooting the day’s events. However, later at approximately 6.30 pm when his wife Priti entered their room at the spiritual research centre in Goa looking for him, she found the room was in disarray. The picture of His Holiness Dr. Athavale had been turned upside down. The lock and key were on the floor. Priti’s pillow cover was torn. The car keys were missing along with their car and Mahesh was nowhere to be found in the spiritual research centre. Mahesh had suffered from intense distress in the past as he was possessed by a subtle-sorcerer (māntrik). Hence Priti was worried and tried to contact him on his mobile, but there was no answer.

Other seekers in the research centre came up with fragments of information about Mahesh’s whereabouts that afternoon:

  • Sometime around mid-afternoon on 12 Aug 2010, a seeker from the audio-video section remembered seeing Mahesh leaving the studio in an irritable state.
  • Another seeker mentioned that she had seen him around 4.30 pm with his car keys in his hand. He looked perfectly normal at the time. She had tried to ask him to get something for her if he was going into town. Mahesh had dodged the request by saying that he would be back shortly and would then help her, but he never did come back.
  • Yet another seeker remembered passing Mahesh as he drove out of the research centre a little after 4.30 pm.

2. The search for Mahesh after his disappearance

Searching the nearby town and places that Mahesh frequented, came up with no results. At around 7.30 pm, fearing that something had gone very wrong, his wife Priti informed H.H. Dr. Athavale at the research centre. On hearing the news, He took a subtle-reading (with advanced sixth sense) and said that the reason for Mahesh’s disappearance from the research centre was totally spiritual and was due to a negative energy attack. However He went on to reassure Priti that Mahesh was safe and that she could chant the Name of God for the protection of her husband. At 8.30 pm, H.H. Dr. Athavale sent another message to Priti saying that she could now continue with her service unto the Absolute Truth (satsēvā) and that Mahesh was safe. At 11.30 pm H.H. Dr. Athavale sent another message to reassure Priti that Mahesh was safe.

3. Mahesh is found but has amnesia

At a few minutes past midnight, Priti’s phone rang, and Mahesh was at the other end of the line. He sounded quite normal but he had no clue where he was or how he got there. Priti was very relieved to hear from him. She urged him to look around and check if he could see any signs which would give them an idea as to where he was. He replied, “I see a sign saying, ‘Pune Railway Station’”. Priti and the other seekers with her were in a state of disbelief on hearing where he was, as Pune was about 500 kilometres away and on average, it took about 10-12 hours to drive there from the spiritual research centre in Goa. Priti told Mahesh to stay where he was and that someone would be coming to pick him up. Mahesh went on to say that he could not move anyway as he felt that H.H. Dr. Athavale was holding his hand in the subtle-dimension, not allowing him to budge.

Mahesh was displaying signs of a fugue state along with transient global amnesia. A fugue state, formally Dissociative Fugue (previously called Psychogenic Fugue) (DSM-IV Dissociative Disorders 300.13), is a rare psychiatric disorder. The DSM-IV defines it as:

  • sudden, unexpected travel away from home or one’s customary place of work, with inability to recall one’s past,
  • confusion about one’s personal identity, or the assumption of a new identity, or
  • significant distress or impairment. (Ref, Nov 2010) (Nov 2010) provides a lay person’s explanation for transient global amnesia that is in line with other reputed psychiatric resources. “Transient global amnesia is a sudden, temporary episode of memory loss that can’t be attributed to a more common neurological condition, such as epilepsy or stroke. During an episode of transient global amnesia, your recall of recent events simply vanishes, so you can’t remember where you are or how you got there. You may also draw a blank when asked to remember things that happened a day, a month or even a year ago. With transient global amnesia, you do remember who you are, and recognize the people you know well, but that doesn’t make your memory loss any less disturbing. Fortunately, transient global amnesia is rare, seemingly harmless and unlikely to happen again. Episodes are usually short-lived and afterwards your memory is fine.”

Seekers practicing Spirituality under the guidance of H.H. Dr. Athavale in Pune, were contacted to pick Mahesh up. When they reached the site, they found Mahesh still standing where he had made the phone call but he had lapsed back into a state of transient global amnesia and the only person he remembered was his spiritual guide, H.H. Dr. Athavale. He did not even remember his own name nor that he had a wife and that he had just spoken to her. However, the fact that he was in Pune after having driven throughout the evening, showed that his procedural memory (i.e. automated skills), such as the skill of driving, was still intact.

SSRF’s Comment:The facts that unfolded around Mahesh’s journey were quite astounding.

  • Two days before the incident, without any reason, Mahesh’s pants tore automatically while he was wearing them. The tear was right across his rear as if it had been deliberately slashed. Spiritual research into the incident indicated that the tear was caused due to a subtle-attack by a higher level negative energy. Refer to our section on Horrifying supernatural encounters – tears and cuts.
  • Ironically, the day before his journey, he had a dream that he was in Pune, taking a bus from the Pune railway station. When one has a dream that eventually comes true in the waking state, it is considered to have spiritual significance. Otherwise, most dreams are psychological in nature and nothing but eruptions of the mind.
  • Mahesh was not very adept at driving a car and yet he had managed to drive alone from Goa to Pune in a period of seven and a half hours; a journey which ordinarily takes an experienced driver ten hours.
  • He is not familiar with the route from Goa to Pune and would have had to stop to ask for directions which would have only increased the journey time. He has no recollection of events from the time he left the studio on the 12thof August to a few days after his extraordinary journey to Pune. When he tries to remember what happened during that time, he experiences a high amount of discomfort and uneasiness.
  • The amount of money in his wallet when he arrived in Pune was the same as it had been when he left Goa. Even though he had an ATM card to withdraw money, a bank statement retrieved later reflected that there had been no transactions made on that day.
  • The fuel gauge in the car showed the same amount of fuel in his car as when he left Goa.
  • There are at least 7 to 8 toll booths on the way from Goa to Pune, but since the money in his wallet was untouched, it is unknown how he paid for any of the enroute expenses such as fuel, food, and road tolls.
  • When he was found by the seekers in Pune, they described his external state as completely normal and nothing to suggest that he had spent the last seven and a half hours driving at breakneck speed from Goa to Pune or that he had lost his memory. Through spiritual research we found that throughout this time, a subtle-sorcerer had taken possession and fully manifested through Mahesh’s body and so it was his, as opposed to Mahesh’s consciousness, that was at the fore. The subtle-sorcerer had used his supernatural powers and himself drove from Goa to Pune using Mahesh’s body.

4. Treating Mahesh’s amnesia

Through spiritual research we found that the cause of the amnesia was purely spiritual in nature and due to a subtle-sorcerer who possessed Mahesh. Over the next couple of weeks, Mahesh started to regain his memory. Here are some of the highlights of his journey back to regaining his memory through spiritual healing remedies alone.

  • For three days after his journey, he stayed with seekers in Pune. Here the possessing entity had fully manifested and tried again, on many occasions, to make Mahesh run away from the place where he was staying.
  • He kept insisting that he was back in Goa and not in Pune.
  • In Pune, Mahesh would sit in meditation for most of the time. From time to time the negative energy possessing him would recite mantras totally alien to Mahesh’s knowledge. Seekers in Pune informed the spiritual research centre in Goa of the chain of events. It was found that the subtle-sorcerer possessing Mahesh would recite mantras at times that coincided with the timings of spiritual healing sessions at the SSRF spiritual research centre in Goa.

SSRF Comment: The Divine consciousness generated from the spiritual healing sessions at the research centre was battling with the subtle-sorcerer on the subtle-level and hence the subtle-sorcerer would protect himself by chanting specific mantras. This also endorses the fact that spiritual energy can travel across great distances in real-time.

  • He would keep awake the whole night doing various mudrās (specific hand postures). When asked what he was doing, the possessing entity said that he was fighting in the subtle with H.H. Dr. Athavale.
  • On 15 Aug 2010, he was shifted to another seva kendra (a place where seekers collectively take part in serving the spread of Spirituality) near Mumbai, India, where a Saint, H.H. Parshram Pande Maharaj, was residing. During the spiritual healing session conducted by H.H. Parshram Pande Maharaj, the subtle-sorcerer that was in possession of Mahesh manifested completely but could not look at H.H. Pande Maharaj.

SSRF Comment: In order to stare into a Saint’s eyes the manifesting entity has to expend a lot of energy and hence it averts its gaze. In the image below the entity is able to look at H.H. Parshram Pande Maharaj because His eyes are closed and He is in a meditative state.

The subtle-sorcerer manifesting in Mahesh (left) doing various mudras during a spiritual healing session with H.H. Parshram Pande Maharaj (right), who is in a state of meditation.

Here the possessing subtle-sorcerer wants to physically attack H.H. Parshram Pande Maharaj but cannot do so.

Various mudras and challenging gestures are made by the possessing entity through Mahesh, to intimidate the healer, so as to disrupt and fight against the spiritual healing.

  • This is a picture of Mahesh taken on 17th Aug 2010, five days after the journey. In this picture, the possessing entity is still fully manifest.

SSRF Comment: Observe the eyes of Mahesh. Quite often when a ghost is manifesting through a person, their eyes are one of the tell-tale signs of the demonic possession.

  • Given below is another picture of Mahesh taken on 20th Aug 2010 after Mahesh came back to the research centre in Goa. Here too (in the picture on the left), the possessing entity is fully manifest and one can notice that the eyes are completely different than when Mahesh’s consciousness is to the fore (picture on the right).

5. Summary – conclusions from SSRF

  • In Mahesh’s case of amnesia, after a psychiatric examination, there was no clear precipitating factor nor any other neurological deficits found, except for impairment of memory.
  • The idiopathic (cause unknown) amnesia that afflicted Mahesh and the circumstances surrounding his case may be similar to something experienced by someone known to you. With the spiritual research conducted at SSRF, we have observed that when a ghost manifests very strongly in a person, quite often the person does lose time and suffers from amnesia. The person is not aware of what they did or said during the manifestation. During this period the person most often displays aberrant (abnormal) behavior.  The aberrant behavior stops abruptly when the manifestation of the possessing entity stops. After the manifestation, the entity mostly retreats back into the person that it possesses, but continues to control their thoughts and actions. However there are no overt signs to suggest that the person is possessed and the possession can only be perceived through an advanced sixth sense.

Read more about the state of manifestation of a possessing entity.

  • Through spiritual research we have found that there is a spiritual root cause behind 90% of mental illnesses.
  • Through spiritual research SSRF found that in Mahesh’s case the root cause of the amnesia was not physical or psychological but completely spiritual in nature and was the result of the manifestation of a high level negative energy. This may well be the root cause for other cases of idiopathic amnesia that have affected someone close to you. Problems which have their root cause at the spiritual level can only be overcome through spiritual practice or some spiritual healing remedies used in conjunction with physical (medical) and psychological (psychiatric) measures.

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