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Divine children

Path of Guru’s Grace – Gurukrupaayoga

This explains the path of the Guru’s grace

Own Wish, Other’s wish and God’s wish

One way to reduce our ego is to move from functioning as per one’s own wish to other’s wish and finally as per God’s wish as part of our spiritual practice.

The effect of the author on books on Spirituality

In this article we discuss the benefits and risks of reading books on Spirituality depending on their author and what the readers actually achieve by reading these books.


This article explains some aspects of the path of Action.

Difference between spiritual emotion and emotion

Emotions are feelings related to our worldly life. On the other hand, spiritual emotion is a state of communion with God.

How is It Possible to Chant While Performing Various Activities?

This level of chanting happens at a much later stage in our spiritual journey when the chanting centre is well established in the sub-conscious mind.

Offering to God as per your talent or capacity

A basic principle in spiritual practice is that serving God through the resources He has given us is a part of our spiritual practice that helps us to grow spiritually.

Yoga and Pranayam – Spiritual benefits and importance

This article explains whether attending Yoga classes (Yogic asanas and pranayam) helps in spiritual growth of a person

Stages in a Person’s Ability to Perceive the Spiritual Dimension

The following are the stages in a person’s ability to perceive the subtle