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Levels of spiritual evolvement

This article gives a comparison between milestones in spiritual evolvement or our spiritual journey and equivalent milestones in worldly life

What is individual spiritual practice and collective spiritual practice?

There are two generic types of spiritual practice (sādhanā)

Life Before Birth: The Time Before Conception

After we die on Earth, we (i.e. our respective subtle bodies) go to one of the various subtle regions of the Universe depending on our spiritual level and merits and demerits.

Chanting During Daily Activities

This article explains how it is possible to chant during working hours or when talking with someone.

Spiritual research into the past life of Einstein

This article explains and gives perspective into the life of Albert Einstein from a spiritual perspective.

Life after death: Region of the dead

Immediately after we die, we all go through an interim region in the Universe which is known as the Region of the Dead. In this region, the subtle-body gets accustomed to its new state without a gross body.

As a citizen of this world what can I do?

This article describes what steps a person can undertake to face the current Armageddon and to help others.

Frequently Asked Questions on what Name of God to chant

This article explains the commonly and frequently asked questions about what Name of God one should chant.

Spiritual research on possession

Ghosts (negative energies, demons, devils, etc.) can affect us in many ways physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Hierarchy of power in the universe

There are six types of power in the Universe. The strength of the power increases with the power being more subtle.