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Spiritual Practice

Spiritual practice when done daily and which is in sync with Universal Principles leads to spiritual growth. It needs to be under the guidance of a true spiritual guide (Guru). When one grows spiritually he starts emitting very positive vibrations and experiences higher states of happiness.

Spiritual experiences of Mrs Yoya Vallee

1. Experiencing increased ability and energy My husband (His Holiness Cyriaque Vallee) and I were going to leave the Ashram in Goa to go to France the following day. We had some urgent satsevas to complete before we left and we were working late at night. His Holiness Dr Athavale saw us working and told … Continue reading Spiritual experiences of Mrs Yoya Vallee

Is social service considered spiritual practice?

Many people who have potential to be good seekers often find themselves immersing themselves in social service as do not know any other way outside organised religion.

SSRF’s uniquely individualised spiritual practice

That there are as many pathways to God as there are people is a fundamental law of Spirituality. So how is it possible to customise spiritual practice?

Basic Principle Behind Spiritual Healing

How does spiritual healing work and what is the basic principle that underlies its functioning

Spiritual Love (Priti)

Chanting (Japa)

Spiritual Growth

How to Grow Spiritually – Practical Guidelines

Practical steps to achieving spiritual growth over an initial two-year period

Divine changes on the body of the spiritually evolved

Divine changes are rare spiritual phenomena that occur on the bodies of some spiritually evolved people who are working for the spiritual good of mankind