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How to Grow Spiritually – Practical Guidelines

1. What is spiritual growth?

Spiritual growth is the increasing identification with and experience of the soul or God principle within us. Spiritual growth is a result of spiritual practice. This definition that relies on principles of spiritual science has been explained in more detail in our article on spiritual level.

2. Importance of the current times for fast spiritual growth

As we have described in earlier articles on the battle of  good versus evil, the period between the years 1999 – 2023 represents a twilight period between two eras as we move from a darker age (mini-Kaliyug) to a spiritually better one (mini-Satyayug) within the main era of Kaliyug. During this twilight period of 23 years, any spiritual practice undertaken according to the basic principles of Spirituality will benefit one immensely. This is because God graces seekers with spiritual progress when done even in adverse times.

In fact, each year of spiritual practice in these 23 ‘twilight’ years is equal to 50 years during the course of an era. Taking adulthood to be about 50 years in an average human’s lifespan; spiritual practice undertaken in these 23 years would be equivalent to over 1000 years. Another way of looking at it would be that we would be getting the benefit of 20 lifetimes of spiritual practice in just one lifetime.

3. How to grow spiritually

After we start our spiritual journey, it is important to gradually increase the level of our spiritual practice on a regular basis.

The below table provides practical direction to seekers who would like to ensure that they do not waste any time and who want to gain a firm foundation for life-long spiritual practice.

It can be used as a reference to assess one’s efforts over an initial 2-year time-frame.

[Please click on the below image to enlarge]

how to grow spiritually

The steps outlined in the table are in line with the spiritual practice recommended for today’s times. They also take into consideration the obstruction posed by negative energies to seekers of God.

Answers to questions about following the above framework can easily be obtained through our ‘Live chat’ facility or by attending SSRF’s online satsangs. More detailed explanations of some of the activities mentioned in the table, e.g. salt water, nyas, boxes etc. can be found by typing these terms in the search box in the upper right hand angle of the page.

4. In summary – how to grow spiritually

The rate or speed of our spiritual growth will depend on a number of spiritual factors, such as: the spiritual level at which we start our journey, the amount of destiny we have to undergo in this life, the extent to which we are affected by negative energies, our inherent spiritual qualities, seekership etc.

We can keep in mind that sincerely implementing the steps of spiritual practice suggested here will help in overcoming any obstacle that we may face on our spiritual journey and will help in achieving a basic purpose of life, that is spiritual growth.

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