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Stages in a Person’s Ability to Perceive the Spiritual Dimension

Through spiritual practice our sixth sense begins to get awakened. Through this sixth sense we are able to perceive the spiritual dimension.

What do we have the ability to perceive when our sixth sense begins to develop?

The following is the order which our ability to perceive frequencies/vibrations from the spiritual dimension is activated:

  • The first vibrations and frequencies we are able to perceive from the spiritual dimension are the frequencies of negative vibrations. This is because the vibrations of the lowest level ghosts are the most gross and therefore the easiest to perceive via our sixth sense. For perceiving frequencies of higher level ghosts of course we would need highly advanced sixth sense.
  • The next stage of frequencies are from the positive side:
    • On the positive side the first level of frequencies we are able to perceive are of Divine Energy (Shakti)
    • After perceiving Divine Energy  frequencies one is able to perceive frequencies of spiritual emotion (bhāv).
    • The next in the hierarchy of positive frequencies are frequencies of Divine consciousness (Chaitanya).
    • The fourth subtle most frequencies are those of Bliss (Ānand).
    • The most subtle-frequencies in the spiritual realm are those of Serenity (Shāntiand they are a quality of the Supreme God principle.

With regard to Saints; they emit positive frequencies depending on their spiritual level. The following shows what frequencies they will emit.

  • Saint at 70% : Divine Energy
  • Saint at 80% : Bliss
  • Saint at 90% : Serenity


The average psychic (at the 30-35% spiritual level) only has the ability to perceive vibrations emitted by inferior ghosts such as the common ghost (bhūt). They mostly cannot perceive any part of the positive realm. In most cases, the positive energies that they perceive are in fact negative energies (ghosts, devils, demons etc.) posing as positive energies. It is impossible for the average psychic to perceive vibrations of Saints.

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