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The effect of the author on books on Spirituality

Effect of the author on books on Spirituality

1. Introduction to the effect of an author on his book on Spirituality

In the article on ‘The Study of Spirituality’ we emphasized that one should preferably study books on Spirituality that have been written by Saints or Gurus. In this article we explore this subject a bit deeper. A multitude of books on Spirituality are available and for the serious student of Spirituality this poses a problem. Each author provides his take on Spirituality; some of which may even be conflicting. There is also the risk of a student being taken in by writings that may have little spiritual truth in it but are presented very well and are articulate. So what guidance should one follow and put into practice? What is the spiritual value of following the next bestseller on a topic on Spirituality to hit the book stand regardless of assessing who the author is? In this article we discuss the benefits and risks of reading books on Spirituality depending on their author and what the readers actually achieve by reading these books.

2. Spiritual effect depending on the Authors

When we did spiritual research into this topic, we divided all authors in four generic categories. The categories were:

Spiritual effect of books depending on authors

2.1 Benefit of the book at the level of spiritual energy of the book

The below tables are subtle-readings by His Holiness Dr. Athavale Himself

The first findings are related to the total effective spiritual energy in the book and we measured this with respect to:

  • the spiritual energy in the words themselves,
  • in the sound of the words and
  • the spiritual energy generated due to the effect of the author’s spiritual level on the words and their sound.

This table provides subtle-readings that encompass all books in general depending on the type of author


Benefit of the book at the level of spiritual energy



  1. In the column we have combined two categories of authors as they are similar with regard to their effect on the spiritual benefit of the book, i.e.
    • A spiritually average author of a book on a general topic
    • A spiritually average author of a spiritual book
  2. Energy in the words (shabdashakti): As per the spiritual rule, ‘touch, taste, form, sound, smell and energy always co- exist’, each word carries with it its own spiritual energy. The total energy in the publication depends on the words used.
  3. Energy in the sound (dshakti): Again as per the above spiritual rule the sound also carries its own spiritual energy.

2.2 The process of gaining knowledge to write the book

Then we went one step further. We took one random book by an author in each category. This was to get an understanding of the process of how the knowledge was gained and how the book looked through subtle-vision. The findings however are not limited to the 3 authors and their respective books in the sample group but speak for all the authors in each category.

Process of gaining knowledge to write


Black energy : The primary weapon used by negative energies is black energy which is a spiritual energy capable of manipulating any process on the Earth plane. The extent of this manipulation depends on the strength of the attacking negative energy.

  1. Important note: We did not take a subtle-reading of a book to represent this category as it is similar to the next column i.e. ‘A spiritually average author of a spiritual book’. In most of the cases where an average person is writing a spiritual book below the spiritual level of a Saint, he will be invariably be influenced by some entity. This could be a lower positive entity or he will be affected or possessed by a ghost (demon, devil, negative energy, etc.). Whatever the entity the likelihood of it being tainted by negative black energy is high. Sometimes ghosts may give right information but coat the knowledge with black energy.
  2. In almost all cases where a fake Guru is writing a spiritual book, he will be invariably affected or possessed by a higher level ghost (demon, devil, negative energy, etc.) as he or she is a conduit to misleading seekers en masse.
  3. A Saint at the spiritual level of 70% would be able to imbibe 30% of the Absolute Truth into His writing. A Saint at the 100% spiritual level would be able to imbibe 100% Absolute Truth. This is why we look at it as per the maximum possible Absolute Truth that is capable of being captured and disseminated in word form. Finally Absolute Truth can only be fully disseminated if one goes beyond the written word.

3. Research methodology

Priyanka Lotlikar

The three books were placed in front of a seeker of SSRF, Priyanka Lotlikar. She did not read the books but with her highly advanced sixth sense vision observed the books and their various aspects in the spiritual dimension. Due to the resolve of H.H. Dr. Athavale, she was able to access information from the Universal Mind and Intellect in the form of diagrams, i.e. drawings based on subtle-knowledge as well as in a written format. The information was then checked and verified by H.H. Dr. Athavale. When taking a subtle-reading of each category she took a subtle-reading of

a) the effect of the book, i.e. the cover and the inside at the subtle-level and

b) the process of receiving knowledge by these authors.

She also goes on to describe the effect of the book at a subtle-level on a person reading it.


4. Effect of reading a book on Spirituality written by a spiritually average person

4.1 Subtle reading of the book on Spirituality written by a spiritually average person

The following is a drawing based on subtle-knowledge by Priyanka about what she saw in the spiritual dimension when she saw the book written by a spiritually average person.


Subtle Drawing - Book of a spiritually average author



Seeker's experience - Definition of illusory and mohini form


4.2 The process of getting knowledge and writing of the book on Spirituality by a spiritually average person

On average the following are the reasons why an average person is able to get thoughts to write a book.

Reasons for getting thoughts to write a book

This means that when a spiritually average person attempts to write a book on Spirituality, on average in 70% of the cases he will also be affected / influenced by negative energies or some minor good subtle-energies.


Subtle Drawing - Process of receiving knowledge for spiritually average authors


Maya or the great illusion

When a spiritually average person writes a book on Spirituality, the author himself is lost in the Great Illusion (). He has an active imagination to spice up the book and the plot etc. That is why there is very little ttviktā. All this type of writing has predominantly the influence of thoughts of the Great Illusion. They think all the thoughts they have in writing the book is one big leap of the intellect.



Seeker's experience

As the authors do not have a strong basis of spiritual practice their perspectives are mostly associated with the Great Illusion and not with the basic spiritual purpose of life, that is God-realisation. This is why God does not help them and nor can they access the Universal Mind and Intellect. Because the author has the ego that ‘I am writing the book, the thoughts originate in my intellect’ black energy frequencies are transmitted from their writings. Because of the author’s ego and attraction to the Great Illusion it becomes very easy for negative entities like subtle-sorcerers (māntriks) in the spiritual dimension to gain control over them. The writings are such that they are steeped in illusory concepts on Spirituality and take the reader down a path away from the innate understanding that God-realisation is the true purpose of life and getting trapped in the Great Illusion isn’t. Consequently in these types of books any emphasis on spiritual practice to dissolve the five senses, mind and intellect is lacking.

Due to this through their writing illusory (māyāvi) waves spread into the atmosphere. In addition to the Raja-Tama frequencies illusory frequencies are also transmitted from these books and this is why average people are attracted to them and like to read them only to their spiritual detriment.

5. Effect of reading a book on Spirituality written by a fake spiritual guide

5.1 Subtle reading of the book on Spirituality written by a fake spiritual guide

The following is what Priyanka saw in the spiritual dimension when she took a subtle-reading of the book written by a fake spiritual guide.


Subtle drawing - book by a fake spiritual guide


Seeker's experience


^ Top

5.2 The process of getting knowledge and writing of the book on Spirituality by a fake spiritual guide

The spiritual level of fake spiritual guides is around just the 50% mark. Hence they have very limited knowledge and actual firsthand experience of Spirituality. Due some past birth or present birth spiritual practice they may have acquired some spiritual level. However they also have an intense desire for fame and fortune. This is capitalised upon by higher level ghosts who possess them. The higher level ghosts provide the fake spiritual guide with their supernatural powers and talents. It is easier for higher level ghosts to get their negative spiritual work done through a person at a higher spiritual level who has high ego. This in turn woos the average person and gives the fake spiritual guide a big following. The spiritually average person would not be able to perceive the difference between real spiritual guides and fake spiritual guides.

Both these factors result in them having high ego like a spiritually average person. Because of this ego and their siddhis and their mass following, it becomes easy and conducive for subtle-sorcerers to have control over them and act through them. In fact it is the subtle-sorcerer only who gets every action done through them and the fake guide is a puppet in the subtle-sorcerer’s hand.


Subtle Drawing - process of receiving knowledge by a fake spiritual guide


Seeker's experience - Definition of black energy

This black cloud represents the interference by subtle-sorcerers in the thoughts coming from God at the unmanifest (nirguṇ) principle level itself. Because of the high ego in fake spiritual guides or Saints they do not get any help from God. As the source of the knowledge is from subtle-sorcerers the knowledge is coated in subtle black energy. So even before a fake Spiritual Guide or Saint begins to write anything, black energy is spread around him because of the source of the knowledge and the subtle-sorcerers possessing them. When a person reads the book written by a fake spiritual guide he too is affected by this black energy. Unfortunately the average person does not have the subtle-ability to understand that he is being affected by this black energy. The average reader would read purely at a psychological level and hence be attracted to the fancy writing and sometimes end up being loyal to the teachings in the book and any further books by the fake spiritual guide.

In fact when 5 seekers were asked to visit this author’s website and take a subtle-reading, the seekers had experiences of nausea, headache, not feeling like looking at the author’s picture. Also the colour black was liberally used in the website and his product lines. Black is actually a colour that is highly masik and is the colour of choice of ghosts for transmitting black energy.

6. Effect of reading a book on Spirituality written by a Saint

6.1 Subtle reading of the book on Spirituality written by a Saint


Subtle drawing of a saint's book



Universal mind and intellect: Just as God’s creation such as humans, animals etc. have a mind and intellect, so does God’s entire creations, the Universe has a Universal Mind and Intellect which contains absolutely genuine information of all things in the Universe. It can be thought of as God’s Mind and Intellect. As one progresses spiritually one’s subtle mind and intellect merge with the Universal Mind and Intellect and thus that is how one is able to access information about the whole of God’s creation.


Saints have the capacity to access divine knowledge from the Universal Mind and Intellect on the basis of their spiritual practice itself. They convey this knowledge to the average person through books. Saints do not have any worldly perspective behind writing a book on the knowledge that they have attained like attaining fame or earning money. Also they do not have the doership that Their book will change the world. They do so as Their spiritual practice as per God’s wish and because of Their spiritual love for humanity. This is so that people who want to progress spiritually have a roadmap for their spiritual practice so as to attain the final goal of God-realisation. Saints write books based on the basic spiritual purpose of life, i.e. to complete one’s destiny and attain God realisation. This is their only objective. All proceeds from books sold are used to help people grow spiritually. Thus they are in total alignment with God’s objective. Their books are never about how to succeed in the Great Illusion but rather how to transcend one’s attachment to it.

As a result of this books by Saints are only popular with seekers of God. They never become best sellers.

6.2 The process of getting knowledge and the writing of the book on Spirituality by a Saint


Subtle Drawing - process of receiving Diving Knowledge by Saints

When books are written by Saints everything that is written is Their own firsthand spiritual experience. As they write from personal experience, i.e. they have gone to that evolved state of feeling Bliss (Ānand) or Serenity (Shānti) – that is why there is a lot of unmanifest Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) in it. So when they use a spiritual term it is not just an intellectual exercise but something that they have experienced. Now from such a book Divine consciousness is transmitted and there is Divine resolve and hence one experiences Serenity while reading it. True Saints don’t need a medium like a subtle-entity to get information.

The reader benefits at a spiritual level from the knowledge from the perspective of attaining his basic spiritual purpose in life. Spiritual healing also happens when reading books authored or compiled by Saints.

7. Summary

  • Books on Spirituality are always targeted by negative energy when they are being written. The author’s thoughts are invariably influenced by subtle-energies. If the author does not have a strong basis of spiritual practice he cannot fend off negative energies influencing the thought process. In fact he would not even know he was being influenced.
  • Authors of a lower spiritual level due to their ego and desire for fame act as beacons for ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies etc.) to act through them.
  • God does not help authors who do not do spiritual practice from the God-realisation perspective. Nor do spiritually evolved beings in the subtle help as they are guided by God’s wish. So what is left are negative energies from the spiritual dimension that have a field day with authors of a lower spiritual level.
  • Unfortunately it is the readers that bear the brunt. Books written by people of a lower spiritual level and by fake Spiritual Guides/Saints basically lead the readers into getting more entrapped in worldly attachments and the Great Illusion. Along with this they also emit black energy which results in long-term problems for the reader.
  • Only books written by Saints and Gurus are beneficial for our spiritual growth. These are the only books that stand the test of time through the millennia. Please refer to article on ‘Who is a Saint’ and ‘Who is a Guru’.

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