How to reduce ego

Ego is considered a big impediment not only for a seeker desirous of God-realisation but it also dampens one’s life. From a spiritual perspective, ego means considering oneself distinct from others and God. Due to ego we identify ourselves through the physical body and the various impressions in various centres of our subtle body. Due to ego, we do all actions with the understanding which is limited to the 5 senses, mind and intellect. When we begin to make conscious efforts to reduce ego then we begin to understand that the same God Principle exists within all. If our ego is high then we are unable to identify with the God Principle within us. In lay terms ego leads to Pride, superiority, conceit and ‘I’ness. Additionally, a person with high ego is more susceptible to attacks by negative energies. To reduce ego we have to listen to spiritually evolved people or Saints. When we make efforts to reduce ego as per the directives of a spiritual authority then our spiritual progress happens rapidly.


Spiritual Practice

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What is ego (aham)?

Ego is a one of the greatest impediments in our life which erodes our happiness at worldly and also spiritual level. When we learn how to reduce ego, we are able to harness God’s grace.

Types of ego (aham)

In this article delineates about the various types of ego. Broadly, there are two types of ego: God’s ego and human ego.

How to surrender to God by reducing doership

Doership means when we do every action with the feeling that we are the doer and it is a major aspect of ego.

Not wanting to listen on what spiritual practice to do

If we do not listen to a spiritual authority about what spiritual practice to do because of our ego, this results in obstacles in our spiritual practice.


doershipDoership means when we do every action
with the feeling that we are the doer and it is a major aspect of ego.

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