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How Does Chanting Work to Clear and Purify the Mind?

How establishing the Devotion Centre through chanting clears the mind

If you have read the article about how impressions in our sub-conscious mind influence our actions, you will understand that only by overcoming negative impressions can we clear our mind and live better lives. But how do we go about doing this?

Just as we remove a thorn embedded in our foot or hand with a needle, so also we create a new impression to remove the defective ones. This powerful new impression is known as the devotion centre.

Any repeated thought or action forms an impression that, if reinforced, becomes a centre. This is similar to how a footpath is created in a field. Only if one were to walk in a grassy field repeatedly would a footpath be created.

This is the same principle used to create the devotion centre. We chant the Name of God according to the religion of our birth. How this works to clear our mind is covered in future articles.


How to clear the mind with chanting

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