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How chanting affects the subconscious mind through the deflection method

Chanting works to destroy the incorrect impressions in the subconscious mind. This method, known as the deflection method, helps us to benefit from chanting.

Chanting and the subconscious mind

If we look at the diagram, we see a barrier which is there between the conscious and subconscious mind. This barrier has some special qualities. It doesn’t allow the conscious mind to know what secrets are locked in the subconscious mind. This sheath is also porous, but it only allows one thought to emerge at a time from the subconscious mind. The thought that emerges is the strongest thought. So impressions from the subconscious mind rapidly hit the conscious mind in quick succession and return to strengthen the centre that they arose from.

However when the devotion centre grows stronger, through the spiritual practice of chanting it then becomes the strongest thought to shoot up to the conscious mind. Every time God’s Name shoots up into the conscious mind, the barrier seals and doesn’t allow any other impression to come through. Thus any thought from the subconscious mind will not be able to pass beyond the barrier but instead gets deflected as you see in the diagram.

In this process the other impressions and centres receive very little attention. By being continually ignored, the other centres eventually lessen until they cease to exist. So this is another effective way in which the devotion centre cleanses the subconscious mind.



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