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Positive changes after only 4 months of spiritual practice

Marisa started spiritual practice only 4 months ago but has found happiness and inner peace.

Positive changes only 9 months after starting spiritual practice

Read how JT’s life changed for the better after only 9 months of spiritual practice.

Spiritual Phenomena

Classroom – Real life case studies of problems with spiritual root cause

How the spiritual dimension affects our lives Part 2 of 3 from SSRF Inc.

Case study – Disfigured wallpaper image on a mobile phone

This is a case study and analysis of spontaneous disfiguration of the wallpaper image on a mobile phone due to negative energies.

Case study – Overcoming obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) with spiritual practice

This is a case study of Guruprasad Bapat overcoming obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) by starting spiritual practice and making efforts to awaken spiritual emotion.

Overcoming anxiety and depression through spiritual practice

30 years of severe anxiety attacks and depression were reduced within one year and overcome through simple spiritual practice – a case study.

Overcoming depression caused due to a paranoid personality disorder / paranoid (delusional) disorder

Learn how Raul overcame depression caused by a suspicious nature due to paranoid personality disorder.

Case study – Fugue state along with Transient Global Amnesia caused by negative energies

Mahesh travelled 500km from the SSRF center without any memory of his journey due to possession.

Case Study – Severe face swelling reducing with a Saint’s picture

This is a case study about sudden severe swelling that did not respond to drugs but reduced when in touch with a Saints picture.