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Giving up alcohol addiction through spiritual practice

Fintan struggled with alcohol addiction for years. He was able to overcome the urge to drink alcohol completely by doing spiritual practice.

Overcoming depression and suicidal thoughts through spiritual practice

Learn how a teenager overcame suicidal thoughts and depression to live a normal happy life through spiritual practice

The Spiritual Benefit of Sleeping in the Right Direction

A real life experience of how changing sleep posture can bring about spiritual benefits and improve wellbeing.

From lesbian relationships to a heterosexual one

This article aims to shed light on how spiritual practice can help a person to overcome homosexual tendencies and live a happy heterosexual life.

Spiritual transformation – Spiritual practice removed problems with ancestral spirits

Learn how a seeker overcame ancestral problems with spiritual practice and is now leading a peaceful meaningful life.

Spiritual transformation – Finding God again

Silvia was eager to find God in her life and in this article she shares with us this quest.

Spiritual transformation – getting out of trouble due to spiritual practice

Learn how Auritro has overcome drug and alcohol abuse through spiritual practice.

Transformation of a seeker – Overcoming negative thinking and anger with spiritual practice

Radha had problems with negative thinking and anger that she overcame through spiritual practice.

Gender identity disorder treatment

In this article we discuss the case study of a woman who could not identify with her gender for most of her and how spiritual practice helped her to accept herself as a woman.

Positive changes in seekers – Seeking the Truth

Adrian witnessed an all-round positive change from lifestyle to relationships after starting spiritual practice.