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Mechanism of action of resolve as a power in the universe

The mechanism of action of resolve will be illustrated from the following example.

Mechanism of action of resolve as a power in the universe

Suppose we consider the energy of the mind to be 100 units. Our minds are flooded with thoughts throughout the day. The thoughts range across many dimensions of our lives. For example, we may have thoughts about a certain event in the office or family or what we are planning to do on the weekend i.e. thoughts such as, I have to go to the office, I have to do this chore or I have to meet this person. A certain amount of energy of the 100 units is expended in every thought and its fulfilment. The thoughts during the day are many and thus a great deal of energy is expended.

As one begins spiritual practice, its impression is formed in the unconscious mind. Please refer to following articles that elaborate on this:

With increasing spiritual practice, this impression is further strengthened and by the deflection method unnecessary and involuntary thoughts are automatically curtailed. This further strengthens the spiritual practice and then one starts getting spiritual experiences of God taking care of one’s life. Thus both anxiety and ‘doership’ about events in one’s life start reducing proportionately. Having less ‘doership’ in our lives is realising that God is getting everything done or taking care of everything in our lives as we intensify our service and sacrifice to Him.

As a result, at higher spiritual levels i.e. above 70%, a person moves towards a thoughtless state. In this thoughtless state if a person gets one thought such as ‘may this event occur’ then the entire 100 units of energy are propelling that thought or resolve and therefore it gets transformed into reality. If that thought is about the Absolute Truth then one’s spiritual practice is not wasted in it. The Lord Himself fulfils that mission as it is His mission, i.e. the spread of the Absolute Truth.

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