Subtle experiment – Earrings

Step 1
Focus your mind
Step 2
Observe A
Step 3
Observe B
Step 4
Compare A & B
Step 5
Input Reading
Step 6
Check Reading

6.1 How did you compare with the others doing this sixth sense experiment?

1. Independent reading

  Figure A Figure B

2. Compare

Which figure did you feel better looking at?
Figure A
Figure B
Total 1671

6.2 Answer

One feels better looking at Figure B.

6.3 The spiritual science behind the experiment

  • When women shop for a pair of earrings they generally look for designs that are unique or something different that makes them stand out or attract attention. Some may choose earrings so as to elicit a response from other women such as, “Oh where did you get these earrings from?” What most women may not be aware of is that ornaments from a spiritual standpoint are in fact a medium that can assist in imbibing positive spiritual energy. As a result, they also protect against attacks by negative energies.
  • However, for jewellery to provide any spiritual protection their shape, the precious stones used, and the metal (or material) they are made from, need to be spiritually pure or sattva predominant. Refer to the article on Sattva, Raja and Tama. Gold and silver are spiritually purer metals and hence are best used for ornaments as they attract Divine consciousness. However just sāttvik metals are not enough; the shape, size and pattern of the jewellery plays a big role in deciding whether it can attract spiritually pure vibrations or negative energy.
  • If a pair of earrings or a piece of jewellery is tāmasik (spiritually impure) in nature as shown in Figure A, it can have an opposite effect which is detrimental for the woman wearing it. Wearing tamasik or spiritual impure jewellery at a practical level reduces the sattva component leading to restlessness of the mind, extroversion, increase in sexual or negative thoughts, instability and a feeling of heaviness. Such types of jewellery can in fact raise the risk of being attacked by negative energies.
  • Here are some more examples of relatively negative designs which would attract negative vibrations. Non sattvik earrings
  • Even Figure B shown in the subtle experiment is an example of a somewhat sattvik design. We will be shortly publishing examples of sattvik earrings.
  • After a woman attains the spiritual level of 60%, wearing sattvik jewellery is less important for spiritual protection as their spiritual emotion is awakened, which provides greater protection from negative energies and access to positive spiritual energy.

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