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Prevention of addiction – stop addiction before it starts

In our article “Addiction treatment through Spiritual Healing”, we provided details regarding a three-step spiritual healing treatment for addictions.

3 step spiritual treatment program for overcoming addictionsRepeating the protective chant 1Repeating the protective chant 2Salt water treatment

  • This three-step spiritual treatment program, recommended by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) for the treatment of addictions, works both as a treatment to cure addictions and as a preventive measure to ensure that addictions do not take root in the future. In short, it takes care of addiction formation as well as relapse.
  • Parents play an important role in ensuring that their child does not become addicted. The following are some things parents can do so that their children are not taken advantage of by entities in the spiritual dimension:
    • When you are planning to have a baby, the above three-step treatment for addictions can be included in your daily routine.
    • Prior to intercourse, a couple can make a sincere prayer to protect them and the conception from negative energies.
    • The spiritual level of the parents can only help to a certain extent. A lot will also depend on the child’s destiny and his or her demerits versus merits.
    • Bringing up the child in as sāttvik an environment as possible and introducing the child to spiritual practice at a young age increases the child’s ability to overcome any addictive behaviour and live a happier and fulfilling life.
  • For those individuals who are not currently addicted, they too can put the above mentioned program into practice as a preventive measure.

Prevention is better than cure.


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