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Spiritual effects of showering while standing

Spiritual effects of showering while standing

1. Introduction

Regularly washing our bodies is essential to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. There are different ways to do this that are practised throughout the world. In modern times due to our busy and hectic lifestyles, many of us choose showering as a quick and convenient option. Some of us close our shower doors in quiet refuge, while others jump in and out quickly while getting ready for work. Showering under a spray of water has also developed the reputation of a relaxing and generally therapeutic activity.

In our spiritual research, we studied the impact of showering, at a spiritual level.

2. Background

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Dirt is RajaTama predominant in nature, so at a spiritual level it similarly attracts impure vibrations. As our bodies accumulate dirt, there is a buildup of  these vibrations in and around us. The same principle holds true for thoughts that are negative in nature , which  can be difficult to avoid in our daily lives. As a result, many of us gather negative vibrations as we go about day-to-day activities.

Leading a sattvik lifestyle can greatly help us reduce this covering of black energy. In our article series on sattvik living we have elaborated on some aspects of daily life such as how to sleep, what to drink, how to greet, etc. We have explained how to perform these actions in a way that helps us imbibe positive energy.

In this set of articles, we are presenting the findings of our spiritual research with regard to the way we bathe.

In another article we have given details of the spiritual-effect of bathing in a bathtub.

3. Spiritual perspective on showering while standing

For many of us, showering may seem like a time-saving, efficient and pleasant method of bathing. However, through spiritual research we found that it has both positive and negative effects at a spiritual level.

To understand the spiritual effect of showering, we took the help of Mrs. Yoya Vallee, a seeker of SSRF who has an advanced sixth sense of vision. She studied the act of showering while standing and presented her findings of what happens in the spiritual dimension in the form of the drawing based on subtle-knowledge below. The accuracy of the drawing based on subtle-knowledge has been checked by His Holiness Dr. Athavale.

The following are the main observations on showering, obtained through an advanced sixth sense.

  • Divine Energy (Shakti) is activated and emitted towards the person who is showering. A sheath of Divine energy is created around him.

  • At the same time, distressing energy waves are attracted from the environment into the shower head and transmitted onto the person. Particles of distressing energy are then absorbed by him.

  • A ring of black energy is created around the heart chakra (Anāhat-chakra) and mid-brow chakra (Ādnyā-chakra). Illusory (Māyāvi) energy is also created and emitted around the heart chakra. This is due to the thoughts of pleasure and enjoyment that increase while taking a shower.

The following are some additional observations on showering while standing, from a spiritual point of view.

  • While standing, the energy generated is more active or rājasik in nature. There is also a greater awareness of the body and one’s pleasure senses are more active. These can create obstacles in one’s connection with the soul (ātmāprinciple within.

  • Showering in the standing position gives rise to thoughts in a continual flow – thoughts related to worldly life, work, relationships, getting the kids to school on time, etc. These thoughts, being more Raja-Tama  in nature, can disturb the mind and reduce sāttviktā in the person.

  • By bathing in a standing posture, all the positive vibrations imbibed during bathing are lost through the feet

4. How to avoid the spiritual ill-effects of a shower

  • One way to receive more benefit from your shower is to pray beforehand. By praying before showering, our active energy decreases, so we feel more calm as there is a reduction in thoughts. The prayer we  say before showering can be along the lines of: “O God, please let all the negative energy from my body, mind and intellect be dissolved by this shower. May the Absolute Water Principle (Āpatattva) cleanse me completely and may I be filled with sattvikta for the entire day.

  • We can also make conscious efforts to chant the Name of God while showering.

 5. Conclusion

Although showering is a better way to bathe than using a bathtub, at a spiritual level, bathing while seated in the cross-legged position is the best method. We  explain the spiritual effects of bathing while seated in another article in this series.

While bathing is an activity intended to cleanse and purify us, it can very easily work to derail any efforts we might make towards increasing our internal purity. Changing the way we bathe will help us easily imbibe positivity from the atmosphere which is important for our daily spiritual sustenance. However, the best way to imbibe positivity and to sustain it throughout the day is through regular spiritual practice.

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