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Chanting the Name of God for health

Chanting for health

SSRF advises continuation of conventional medical treatment along with spiritual healing remedies for the treatment of physical and psychiatric illnesses.

Readers are advised to take up any spiritual healing remedy at their own discretion.

1. Introduction to chanting for health

The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) since its inception has consistently spread the message that the root causes of problems in life are due to physical, psychological and spiritual reasons. Spiritual research conducted by SSRF has shown that the spiritual root causes for problems in life, including problems of health, can contribute as much as 80% to any given issue. Problems that have their root cause in the spiritual dimension can best be overcome by spiritual practice and other spiritual healing methods. In the current era, the recommended form of basic spiritual practice is the chanting of the Name of God according to the religion of one’s birth. Chanting brings about physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.

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2. By doing spiritual remedies, the organs afflicted with disease become stronger

Understanding the root cause of a disease, the spiritual reasons behind it and the percentage of the spiritual cause is all part of the spiritual or subtle-dimension which is difficult to understand. In addition, the availability of a person who understands the subtle-dimension and can tell us the remedy for it is not always possible. Therefore one is not always able to understand exactly which organ is affected, what spiritual remedies (chant, mudrā and nyās) can be done to make it stronger in order to reduce the disease to a considerable extent. The section on chants for health covers body organs and the related Bījamantras and chants. It also covers the mudra to be done for that particular disease and what nyas is to be done on the related chakras. Patients along with taking advantage of the given spiritual remedies should complement their treatment with modern medicines.

3. Chants of the Names of Deities associated with the organs of the body

When chanting is specifically required for spiritual healing, it is important to understand an important spiritual principle. Every organ in the body is governed by a certain aspect of God known as a Deity. When one’s organs are affected by a certain ailment due to a spiritual reason, chanting the Name of a specific Deity related to that organ and illness is more likely to result in a positive outcome. The Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) of the specific Name of God strengthens the organ at a spiritual level and the person’s ability to combat the disease increases.

The more specific is a spiritual healing chant for a given disease, the sooner are results seen and in a larger proportion.

4. How to maximise the healing effect of the chant

  • Chanting with concentration: When one chants with concentration, there is a protective sheath of sāttvik vibrations created around the diseased cells. After a certain period of time, the possibility of the disease recurring is minimised.
  • Chanting with spiritual emotion (bhāv): When one chants with spiritual emotion, Divine energy is awakened in the organs. As a result, the cells in the organs are infused with the strength of Divine consciousness. Due to this increased spiritual positivity the distressing vibrations, in the form of germs causing the disease, are destroyed and the cells of that particular organ are re-energised.
  • Chanting with prayer: The effectiveness of chanting is increased manifold when prayers are said intermittently while repeating the Name of God. In fact only when one prays intensely with spiritual emotion, are the vibrations of that particular Deity Principle in the Universe attracted towards the person. The Divine vibrations saturate the person’s consciousness, thereby destroying the distressing vibrations of the disease. Chanting without prayers filled with spiritual emotion is not qualitative, but merely quantitative and of lesser benefit to the patient.

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