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Limitations of Modern Medical Science and Need for Spiritual Healing

Limitations of Modern Medical Science and Need for Spiritual Healing

1. Introduction to the modern medical science from a spiritual perspective

Since time immemorial, the study of disease and its remedies has captivated humankind. Today, modern medical science i.e., Allopathy, has gained prominence and widespread acceptance as the preferred method of curing disease. The advances in modern medicine have made clearer the physical and psychological causes behind various diseases. However, it is also true that the reasons behind many diseases are still not completely understood by modern medical science.

2. Limitations of modern medical science

It is important to understand the causes behind any disease for obvious reasons, like curing the disease; it is equally important to understand why one person out of two gets ill, where both of them had an equal chance of catching the disease. Modern medical science explains a lot about the first point, but is at odds to say much about the second point. Many times in modern medical science, treating a disease means treating the symptoms or signs of the disease. Therefore, for many of the diseases, even after the symptoms have been suppressed, one has to continue treatment throughout one’s life to keep them suppressed, without actually curing the disease itself. Then as there is no permanent cure, one has to endure the physical and psychological distress associated with the disease along with the side effects of the treatment.

3. Importance of spiritual healing remedies for better health

Āyurvēda the traditional Indian health system, recognises that the cause of disease can be at three levels, i.e., physical, psychological and spiritual. At SSRF, through spiritual research, we have identified that the predominant root cause of illnesses is spiritual in nature. In fact up to 80% of the root cause of why a person gets a certain disease is spiritual in nature. These spiritual reasons can include an individual’s destiny or karma, due to departed ancestors or negative energies (ghosts, demons, devils etc.). These spiritual reasons are specific to an individual. This is precisely the reason why one person out of two gets ill, where both of them had an equal chance of catching the disease.

Spiritual practice and spiritual healing measures are important tools to overcome illnesses where the root cause, most of the time, is spiritual in nature. As it is difficult to understand or realise the spiritual reason responsible for the disease of a person, a patient should continue with the usual prescribed medical treatment and along with it employ spiritual remedies. When an individual undertakes spiritual practice, one’s spiritual level rises and there is an intrinsic change in his spiritual constitution. It also has an effect on the mind and body. The benefit of this is an increase in protection from disease and other distresses arising out of it. For example, even though one can contract a disease, the physical and psychological distress suffered due to the illness is less when compared to a person not doing spiritual practice. Spiritual practice and spiritual healing measures not only helps to overcome illnesses but also helps to make a person’s mind spiritually purer and more selfless.

4. Importance of spiritual healing methods over medical science in the coming times

The world is currently in a stage of turmoil. Many Saints have predicted the possibility of a Third World War and unprecedented natural disasters in the next few years. As a result of this war there will be a scarcity of many basic commodities. Factories will close down and medicines developed through medical science will become unavailable. During that time, one will have to rely on spiritual healing measures and available alternative therapies to cure diseases. From this vantage point, learning and practising spiritual healing measures from now itself is important.

Refer to the section – ‘Spiritual healing chants for various diseases and illnesses’.

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