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Healing Chants

Healing Chants

SSRF advises continuation of conventional medical treatment along with spiritual healing remedies for the treatment of physical and psychiatric illnesses. Readers are advised to take up any spiritual healing remedy at their own discretion.
Whoever experiences heat or any kind of discomfort while chanting can omit the “Om” placed in front of the Name. “Om” contains unmanifest energy that can cause discomfort in some people. Those who experience no discomfort can continue to chant with “Om“.

Choose the system / function related to the illness or disease that you would like to know about

Step 1 Choose a category / body system

Download chart (all illnesses)

Instructions for finding and using spiritual healing chants

In this section, we have categorised various illnesses and provided the spiritual healing chants and mantras to overcome the spiritual factors contributing to specific illnesses. The following are the instructions on how to use this section:

  1. Step 1: Click on the drop-down box below Step 1. Choose the category or body system for the disease or illness you would like to know the spiritual healing remedy for.

  2. Step 2: After choosing a category in Step 1, Step 2 will become active. Here you can choose from the specific illnesses listed or the symptom that best matches what you would like more information about.

    • To understand the theoretical aspect of a disease or symptom from a medical standpoint, you may speak to your doctor or any other authoritative source. In some cases, we have provided comments to explain the disease.

    • We have included symptoms along with diseases in this drop down box as some symptoms can be caused purely due to spiritual reasons.

    • In case you can't find your specific illness, you can choose from the category - "All other …" in the 'Step 2 drop down box' pertaining to that body system.

  3. About the chants: Each system in our body is governed by a certain Deity. You may read more about this in chanting for health. The Name of the Deity to chant and the bīj-mantra will be displayed below the illness or disease that you have chosen. In addition, in the current times, the principle of Lord Krushna is most active, hence in addition to the Deity controlling a specific function/system, we are also to repeat Lord Krushna's chant.

  4. Choosing the chants: You can choose to repeat either the Name of the Deity or the bīj-mantra. Whichever Deity’s Name you have chosen to chant as per your medical problem, you can give half of the time allocated for chanting during the day to repeating the Deity's Name or bīj-mantra. The other half of the time should be to Lord Krushna’s chant which is II Om Namo Bhagavatē Vāsudēvāya II

    • Do remember that a bīj-mantra is only effective when pronounced precisely. Please click on the speaker symbol next to the bīj-mantra to hear the exact pronunciation as this is important when chanting a mantra. While it may seem simpler to chant a bīj-mantra as it is only a single syllable, it is advised that one listens to the audio file to get the exact pronunciation. Experienced practitioners of chanting also find it difficult to pronounce a bīj-mantra correctly.

    • From this perspective, it is easier to chant the Name of a Deity even though it comprises many words. In this case, even if the pronunciation is not exact, one still derives benefits from chanting the Name of a Deity. Moreover since a Deity has a form, it is easier for one to develop devotion for the Deity and hence increase the quality of chanting.

    • In instances where there are two or more Deity's Names or bīj-mantras displayed for an illness, you may choose any one to chant. Your decision can be based on what you find most comfortable to chant.

  5. Effectiveness: In terms of effectiveness, the bīj-mantra is many times more effective than the Name of the Deity. The bīj-mantra is related to the Unmanifest (Nirguṇ) God principle, while the Name of the Deity represents the more Manifest form of God (Saguṇ-Nirguṇ). No matter what one chooses to chant, if one can make frequent attempts to awaken spiritual emotion while chanting, then this spiritual emotion activates the true potential of the chant.

  6. How much to chant: Chant the Name of the Deity or the bīj-mantra and Lord Krushna's chant as much as possible during the entire day. Half of the time allocated for chanting during the day can be given to repeating the Deity's Name or bīj-mantra. The other half of the time should be to Lord Krushna’s chant which is II Om Namo Bhagavatē Vāsudēvāya II The chanting can be done aloud or mentally.However when done mentally, it is more powerful. Read our article on going from the gross to the subtle.

  7. When to chant: While one can chant at any time during the entire day, it is recommended that one begins chanting in the morning as there would be fewer obstructions in one's chanting. This would especially prove true if the cause of one's ailment is due to spiritual factors such as negative energies or ancestral problems. Since negative energies are more active after sundown, they are more likely to make all your attempts to chant that much more difficult to follow through with.

  8. Deity's pictures: Wherever a Deity's picture has been provided along with the chant, it would be helpful to look at the picture while chanting so that one is better able to develop spiritual emotion towards the Deity and/or the chant.


Frequently asked questions

How can I know whether my illness has a spiritual root cause as opposed to a physical cause?

From the spiritual research we have conducted, we have found that in almost all cases there is a spiritual element contributing to the illness we are suffering from. Hence it is best to take spiritual healing measures along with your regular treatment. Refer to the article - What are the signs that there is an influence of ghosts or departed ancestors contributing to my illness?

Should I continue my treatment as per modern medical sciences (Allopathy)?

Yes. SSRF advises continuation of conventional medical treatment along with spiritual healing remedies for the treatment of both physical and psychiatric illnesses. Please use these chants to supplement your medical treatment as they would help to make the treatment more effective.

How long should I continue repeating the spiritual healing chants?

You should continue until the problem is alleviated. It is recommended that spiritual healing remedies are done on a daily basis for varied periods of time, depending on the severity of the symptoms.

  • In mild afflictions, one can do the spiritual healing chant for 1-2 hours per day in a single session, or in a number of sessions.

  • If the symptoms are moderate, one may have to do it for 3-4 hours or more.

  • If the severity is high, please do the remedies for as long as possible every day (a minimum of 8 – 10 hours per day).

For the above, one can do chanting as follows:

  • Half of the time allocated should be given to the chanting the specific Deity’s Name for
    the medical problem

  • The other half of the time should be to Lord Krushna’s chant which is II Om Namo
    Bhagavatē Vāsudēvāya II

Should I chant the Name of God according to my religion of birth, or the chant given in this section?

One must give priority to completing the spiritual healing chants first. After one has chanted the required duration, as mentioned above, one can revert back to chanting the Name of God according to one's religion of birth.

How long will I take to be healed?

The time to cure a problem due to spiritual reasons can take anywhere from a few seconds to many months or years. For example, one may get relief from the itchiness of a skin rash immediately by the application of Holy water and Gomutra (cow's urine) if it is due to a departed ancestor. However, if an addiction for smoking cigarettes is partly due to a person's liking for it (i.e., at a psychological level) and partly due to possession (i.e., spiritual), it could take as long as a year of spiritual practice to overcome the habit.
The time taken to be cured depends on a number of factors:

  • Severity of destiny of the patient

  • Consistency in applying spiritual healing remedies

  • Intensity of spiritual practice

  • Strength of the ghost attacking or possessing the individual

The number and degree of personality defects in a person increases the time to affect a cure. This is because ghosts use these defects of anger, fear and other emotions in a person to build black energy centres in their mind for easy entry and possession.
Also refer to the article - Factors affecting the effectiveness of spiritual healing remedies

How do I make the spiritual practice of chanting more effective?

One can increase the effectiveness of one's practice of chanting by increasing concentration, increasing faith in the chant, chanting with spiritual emotion along with constant prayers. Also refer to the article – Chanting for health.

What if the person, who is ill, is in a coma and cannot chant himself?

In this instance, a relative of the patient in a coma can chant for him. Before commencing chanting, the relative should say a prayer along the lines of, "I offer the chanting that I am doing on behalf of , for his recovery from the spiritual causes contributing to his illness".

What if I do not find my illness listed above?

In case you can't find your specific illness as listed in the drop down box of Step 2, you can choose from the category, 'all other …'which pertains to that body system.

What is the importance of spiritual healing methods in the coming times?

The world is currently in a state of turmoil. Many Saints have predicted the possibility of a Third World War and unprecedented natural disasters in the next few years. As a result of this war there will be a scarcity of many basic commodities. Factories will close down and medicines will become unavailable. During that time, one will have to rely on spiritual healing measures and available alternative therapies to cure diseases. From this vantage point, learning and practicing spiritual healing measures from now itself is important.

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