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Root Causes of difficulties in our lives

In order to overcome a difficulty completely, we need to first correctly understand its root cause. Only when the correct and complete diagnosis has been made, by going to the root of the difficulty, can the appropriate remedy be given.

Modern sciences attribute the cause of a problem to being either physical or psychological. Hence we go looking for the cause and remedy only in these two areas.

For example:

  • Itching is understood as having a physical cause and is treated accordingly with physical medicines.
  • Narcotic abuse is understood as a psychological problem and is treated primarily with psychotherapy.

But there is a third cause of our difficulties in life and that is Spiritual. Spiritual root causes of difficulties in fact affect our lives to a large extent. But spiritual causes are not as easily understood, as they are beyond the understanding of the modern sciences. In fact, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has suggested in an elaboration of its definition of health as it being ‘a state of positive health in the physical, mental, social and spiritual dimensions.’ Thus officially it has been ascertained that spiritual well being is also a component that contributes to our health. However spiritual research conducted by SSRF reveals the actual extent to which spiritual factors contribute to our total well being.

Through spiritual research, we have ascertained the breakdown, on average, between the 3 root causes being responsible for problems in our lives. The pie-chart below gives an average breakdown of the root causes of problems and difficulties in our lives.


As you can see from the pie-chart up to 80% of our problems have their root cause in the spiritual realm.

These type of problems can only be overcome by spiritual means i.e. either through

  • Spiritual practice which helps to build our overall spiritual energy to combat or be insulated from these problems or
  • A specific spiritual healing remedy performed to overcome a specific symptom caused by some factor in the spiritual realm.

In this way, problems that have their root cause in the spiritual realm can either be resolved or we get the strength to endure them.

It is important to note that any given physical symptom could have a proportion of the root cause in the physical, psychological or spiritual dimension and that they are not mutually exclusive. In simple terms, the physical symptom could have contributing factors from not just the physical dimension but it could be a combination of physical and spiritual or even physical, spiritual and physiological factors.

For example, the diagram below shows how a woman is experiencing severe pain in the stomach and the root cause lies in all three dimensions.

Root causes of problems are not mutually exclusive

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