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Jewellery design Part 2 – Factors that can affect the spiritual purity of Jewellery

Jewellery design - Part 2

1. Examples of jewellery pieces that emit positive and negative subtle vibrations

In the previous article, we shared how each jewellery piece depending on its design emits a unique set of subtle vibrations (positive or negative). In the slides below, we provide some examples of necklaces, earrings and rings along with pointers as to whether they are likely to emit positive or negative vibrations.

So, what influences the subtle vibrations emitted by jewellery ?

Through spiritual research, we have found that there are a few factors that can affect the spiritual vibrations emitted by jewellery. Understanding these factors and how they influence jewellery will help you make better choices when purchasing jewellery or choosing what jewellery to wear. If you are a jewellery designer, then this article will help you craft spiritually purer jewellery that will benefit your customers at the spiritual level and even provide them with spiritual protection.

2. Type of metal used in jewellery

Metals used in making jewellery have the ability to emit Divine consciousness (Chaitanya), which provides spiritual protection to the person wearing it. The proportion of Chaitanya varies with the type of metal used.

Gold is the most spiritually pure (sattvik) metal. 

Please refer to the article on Sattva, Raja and Tama – Basic Components of Creation which explains about spiritual purity and spiritual impurity.

  • Spiritual research findings show that gold emits the most spiritually pure vibrations and is the most spiritually pure amongst all the metals. Gold has the maximum ability to imbibe and emit the Absolute Fire Principle (Tejtattva). Gold attracts and emits positive energy. Silver also does the same, but to a much lesser extent.

Importance of gold jewellery

  • There are various types of gold such as yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and others. These colours are dependent on the proportion of other metals mixed with gold in forming the gold-alloy. From a spiritual perspective, yellow gold is the best (most spiritually pure), followed by rose gold, white gold and then green gold.

Best type of gold

  • Also, the less mixture gold has with other metals the better. Therefore 24-karat gold is the best, followed by 22-karat and so on.

Karat and spiritual purity

What about other metals ?

The other metals commonly used in jewellery are as follows and we have also provided their spiritual purity in terms of their predominance of Sattva, Raja or Tama.

Metal/Alloy Predominant subtle components Comment
Gold Sattva
Silver Raja-Sattva
Copper Raja-Sattva
Brass Raja
Palladium Raja-Tama Proportion of Tama is 30%
Platinum Raja-Tama Proportion of Tama is 30%. It is more expensive than gold, but it has no spiritual value.
Tungsten Raja-Tama
Stainless steel Tama-Raja Proportion of Tama is 50%
Titanium Tama-Raja Proportion of Tama is 50%. It is one of the strongest metals.
Bronze Tama-Raja Proportion of Tama is 50%
Zinc Tama Proportion of Tama is 50%
Nickel Tama Proportion of Tama is 50%
Iron Tama Proportion of Tama is 70%

The table below explains the proportion of Divine consciousness that is found in each type of metal.

Metal % of Divine Consciousness
Gold 6.00
Silver 3.00
Copper 0.75
Others <0.30

For any given inanimate object used for spiritual healing, the power of its positive spiritual energy will vary. On a scale of 1 to 100, usually, the positive spiritual energy in any inanimate object is 0 while the maximum positive spiritual energy in an inanimate object is 6. 100 refers to the positive energy associated with Saints of the highest order, i.e. above the spiritual level of 90%. Also, refer to Mechanism behind Spiritual Healing Methods using objects.

  • Due to the predominance of Sattva component and its ability to attract Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya), when one wears gold, it can give the wearer an experience of calmness and a blissful feeling. Gold jewellery, if designed properly, provides the wearer with increased spiritual protection.
  • From a spiritual perspective, silver is second best after gold in terms of spiritual purity. The Raja component being predominant in silver provides speed to any activity. This means that silver as a metal provides faster speed to any activity such as healing and emission of positive energy. Due to this, it is also good at fighting/repelling attacks by negative energies. Gold on the other hand, while it is far more positive, does not proactively fight negative energies.
  • From the above chart, we can see that while platinum is very expensive, from a spiritual perspective, it is not valuable and is classified as Raja-Tama. This means it does not provide any spiritual benefit to the wearer.
  • The metals which come in the bracket of Raja-Tama, Tama-Raja or Tama predominant have a negligible capacity to imbibe and transmit Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya) so they are unable to provide any spiritual protection to the wearer. Additionally, the Tama predominant metals such as bronze, zinc, iron etc. can concentrate/consolidate black energy, so wearing such metals increases the possibility of negative energies entering the body.

Should I wear gold or silver for better spiritual protection ?

Women are more sensitive than men to both positive subtle energies as well as negative energies, and hence such subtle energies affect them more rapidly. Also, their effects last for a longer period on women. When a woman wears jewellery made of sattvik metals such as gold and silver, it provides her with protection at a subtle level.

So how should one decide on what parts of the body one should wear gold and silver ?

The following are simple rules that can help one to decide.

  1. Gold : It is recommended that ornaments or jewellery made from gold are used above the waist.
  2. Silver : Jewellery worn below the waist should be made of silver to protect from lower-level negative energies. However, silver can also be worn above the waist if one likes.
The reasons for this are as follows :
  • The average person is mostly affected by lower-level negative energies. Lower-level negative energies have less power and are able to only attack from the ground region only up to the lower regions of the body (i.e. up to the waist). Silver has the ability to fight attacks by lower-level negative energies as it actively fights negativity because of its Raja predominance. Hence, silver jewellery is recommended to be worn from below the waist (such as anklets and toe rings).
  • Higher-level negative energies have the ability to attack the chakras above the waist, i.e. from the Maṇipur-chakra (navel chakra) to the Sahasrār-chakra (crown chakra). Whilst silver has the ability to fight lower-level negative energies, it does not have the ability to protect from higher-level negative energies.
  • Gold has much higher levels of spiritual positivity and hence it is able to protect from attacks by higher-level negative energies. Gold augments the Absolute Fire Principle that enables the chakras above the waist to absorb positive energy. This is especially useful in protecting these chakras from being attacked by higher-level negative energies. This is why gold ornaments are recommended to be worn above the waist.
  • Gold attracts and emits higher levels of positive energy as compared to silver but is more passive as it is more Sattva predominant and has a lesser proportion of the Raja component. On the other hand,  while silver does not have higher levels of positivity like gold, it is able to fight actively at a lower level due to its high proportion of the Raja component. (Athavale, 2015)

Due to the spiritual purity of metals such as gold and silver and their unique spiritual properties mentioned above, when worn as ornaments attacks by negative energies are repelled and women are protected from distressing waves. Gold and silver jewellery (when made properly) help to increase a women’s spiritual purity or sattvikta and hence increase her spiritual protection.

3. How jewellery is designed has spiritual effects

The design and shape of an ornament have a significant impact on the subtle vibrations that it will emit. When we look through a jewellery catalogue, the number of different designs, shapes and patterns available is vast and varied. Often, we base our choice of jewellery on aesthetic appeal, but from a spiritual perspective, we should take into account its shape.

Shown above are some examples of various jewellery design templates that jewellery designers use. One will be able to perceive how each shape emits different vibrations by observing the shapes through one’s sixth sense of vision. Each type of shape, whether it is rounded, petal-shaped, leaf-shaped, cylindrical, oval or diamond-like will have specific subtle vibrations associated with it. For example, through spiritual research, we have found that a rounded shape has much better vibrations than a sharp and jagged-edged shape. Therefore, the design of jewellery can either be spiritually positive (sattvik) or spiritually negative (tamasik).

  • Sattvik designs emit positive energy and impart feelings of Bliss. Such designs include rounded or petal-shaped designs.
  • Tamasik designs emit negative vibrations. These negative vibrations will have detrimental effects on the person’s spiritual health by affecting the chakras of the body and a person’s aura. If a person is affected adversely in the subtle, it invariably affects the person at the physical and psychological levels. Such adverse effects can culminate in an increase in negative thoughts, increased sexual thoughts, health issues, etc.

The following is an example of a gold chain with a sattvik (spiritually positive) design and another with a tamasik (spiritually negative) design :

Examples of gold chains emitting positive and negative vibrations
Accordingly, it is important to choose jewellery based on its spiritual vibrations and not based on aesthetic appearance alone. When selecting jewellery, we can try to perceive the subtle vibrations that emit from it through a subtle reading. It is best to perform the subtle reading after chanting the Name of God for a few minutes so the mind can achieve concentration.

Finally, how all the different elements of the jewellery are placed together, and its symmetry will determine the actual subtle vibrations being emitted from it.

4. Precious stones or gems used in jewellery have a spiritual effect

  • The precious stones or gems that are used in the jewellery set also contribute to the subtle effect of the jewellery.
  • As per the Science of Astrology, the positions of planets have a considerable influence on the lives of people. When the rays coming from the sun, moon and some planets (except for some planets such as Saturn) are reflected through these gems, they have a favourable effect on the physical body. There are some exceptions like planets such as Saturn which act as per your karma (destiny). In case of adverse destiny, it will be unfavourable; alternatively, when one has positive destiny Saturn will have a favourable effect.
  • Also, in relation to this, there is a subtle science behind wearing rings with specific stones to avoid distress due to unfavourable planetary positions. The following table explains some examples of the physical, psychological and spiritual benefits of wearing precious stones.
Type of gem Predominant Cosmic Principle Finger on which it is to be worn1 Effect on the person
Ruby (Manik) Fire Ring finger It provides protection and energy to the physical body. It helps to overcome problems such as diabetes, heart problem and poor eyesight.
Diamond (Heera) Fire Ring finger It spiritually purifies the physical body and mental body. Diamonds have a greater ability of attracting & concentrating waves of the Absolute Fire Principle than emitting it. However, gold has the maximum ability to imbibe and emit the Absolute Fire Principle.
Diamonds help to overcome problems such as – urinary problems, low sperm count, sleeping problems and hysteria.
Coral Fire Ring finger It kindles vital energy (Prana-shakti) in the body. The contact of coral increases enthusiasm in the person to perform various activities. It helps to overcome problems such as fits, epilepsy, gynaecological problems, helps to improve the ability to comprehend and increases memory function.
Pearl (Moti) Predominantly Water, but it is also associated with the Fire and Air Principles Little finger Pearls enable a person to have more alertness and a joyous nature due to continuously activating vital energy in the body. It is associated with the Absolute Water Principle (Apatattva) and the saviour principle of God. Hence, they have a cooling effect. They help digestion.
Emerald (Panna) Earth Little finger Emeralds contain the saviour principle of God. They help to keep the unmanifest Divine Energy Principle flowing consistently.
Sapphire – Yellow
Ether Fore finger Yellow sapphires are best worn when the source of distress affecting a person is not known. This can be to bring about relief at the physical, psychological or spiritual levels. Overall, this stone is very beneficial as it is related to the Absolute Ether (Sky) Principle.
Sapphire – Blue (Neelam) Air Middle finger Blue sapphires help in overcoming long-term diseases, breathing trouble, asthma, cramps. Also, it can be used where there are obstacles to work happening smoothly despite one’s best efforts or if one is not getting the desired results. It is beneficial for people with Vata temperament as per the Science of Ayurveda.

Note 1 : Planets have a great impact on the life of human beings as per Astrology. Information on wearing rings with specific stones to avoid distress due to unfavourable planetary motion finds a mention in the science of Astrology.

Important aspects which increase the benefit of ornaments

  • Importance of spiritual emotion (bhāv) : When one has spiritual emotion towards the jewellery, he or she is benefitted to a greater extent.
  • More important than the Deity Principle are the Cosmic Principles that the metals or gems are associated with. This is because finally even Deities act through the five Cosmic Principles.
  • The spiritual benefit of synthetic or lab-created precious stones is significantly less than precious stones sourced naturally.

5. The spiritual state of the jeweller and the wearer can affect the jewellery

The spiritual state of the designer and craftsman and the person wearing the jewellery will influence the jewellery.

The effect of the jeweller

For example, if the craftsman of the jewellery set is possessed by a negative energy – it will most likely have a flow-on subtle negative effect on the jewellery being crafted (through the medium of the jeweller). The possessing negative energy will influence the design and choice of materials of the jewellery (unbeknown to the craftsman). It may design the jewellery to be very attractive by the emission of illusion-creating vibrations (mayavi vibrations). Such designs usually have an attractive pull on a person to acquire/buy them, but the overall vibrations from these jewellery pieces will be negative, thus influencing the wearer.

The effect of the wearer

The wearer can also affect the jewellery adversely if he or she is possessed by a negative energy. In this case, the jewellery is affected by the possessing entity – and it finds it easier to do so if the jewellery is not sattvik. If jewellery that is affected negatively at a subtle level is borrowed by someone, then the borrower is likely to be affected adversely.

6. Family heirlooms and jewels – a spiritual perspective

Often jewellery pieces that were prized possession of departed ancestors are cherished heirlooms in a family. More than their financial worth, the story behind such heirlooms and the people who owned them are what makes them precious to descendants. However, we would also like to share an interesting but little-known fact about jewellery that has been inherited.

Family heirlooms
Jewellery along with other family heirlooms or possessions of departed ancestors are often possessed by departed ancestral spirits who initially owned the jewellery and are possessive about them even from the afterlife. Through spiritual research, it was found that in 30% of cases, such family heirlooms are negatively affected. The negativity they create around the ornament can adversely affect the wearer.

For example, a newly married bride may be given a ring that belonged to the departed mother of the groom and may hold tremendous sentimental value. While this gesture may be a testimony of the groom’s love for his bride, the negative spiritual vibrations associated with the ring may overshadow any psychological benefit for the bride. As the ring was the mother’s prized possession while she lived, she could very well be attached to it from the afterlife and would want a say in who wears it. The departed mother’s vibrations would continue to be associated with the ring. If the departed mother does not like her son’s bride wearing the ring, she could affect the daughter-in-law through the ring.

If one has a sixth sense, one can easily perceive if a ring is emitting negative vibrations. (Sixth sense is a by-product of regular spiritual practice that abides by universal principles). The negativity in such jewellery pieces can be reduced by spiritual healing methods which will be discussed in the last article in this 3-part series of jewellery design .

7. Key takeaways and conclusions – experiments of jewellery design

For most people, jewellery is not something that one buys frequently. Once bought it remains with that person for their lifetime. So, when buying jewellery, if we consider the spiritual aspects (as discussed in this article) along with the aesthetic and financial aspects of jewellery, only then would we get the complete benefit (real value) for our money spent. The following is a quick recap of the salient points to remember.

  • All jewellery pieces emit subtle vibrations.
  • Depending on its design, the subtle vibrations emitted by a piece of jewellery will differ and can be positive or negative.
  • Even gold, which is the most spiritually pure metal, can emit negative vibrations if the design of the gold jewellery is not sattvik or spiritually pure.
  • Hence one can pay a lot for jewellery, but it may be spiritually negative. Only if one has a sixth sense ability can one know if a jewellery piece is also spiritually pure.
  • Any person can gain a subtle ability or a sixth sense ability as it is a by-product of doing regular spiritual practice as per universal spiritual principles.
  • We urge jewellery brands to study the spiritual aspect of jewellery in further detail so that they can provide spiritually purer jewellery to their end-users.

8. Bibliography

  1. Athavale, J. (2015). Ornaments for men and women (Kalbhairav Jayanti, Kaliyug Varsh 5117 (3.12.2015) ed.). Sanatan Bharatiya Sanskruti Sanstha.

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