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What is Spiritual Healing and How Can it Help You?

1. Introduction to Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing or Energy healing is a term known to many. However, it means different things to different people. In this article, we define what we mean by the phrase ‘spiritual healing’ and discuss the principles behind how it works.

The entire premise and perspective of this article and section is based on the purpose of life, one of which is to grow spiritually. This means that the aim is to help others not merely at a physical level but to focus on the spiritual growth of each individual. Thus the more we are aligned to helping a person grow spiritually when we practice spiritual healing, the less we risk being misaligned with the purpose of life. When spiritual healing is done keeping this higher purpose in mind then our spiritual capability to heal does not diminish.

2. What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual research has shown us that up to 80% of the problems in a person’s life can have their root in the spiritual dimension. We have covered the various aspects of how the spiritual dimension affects our lives under the section on Spiritual causes of difficulties.

man doing focused spiritual energy healing on chakras
Spiritual healing helps us to imbibe positive energy and remove negativity

The SSRF defines the word 'subtle world' or 'spiritual dimension' as the world which is beyond the understanding of the five senses, mind and intellect. The subtle world refers to the unseen world of angels, ghosts, heaven, etc. which can only be perceived through our sixth sense.

When the root cause of a problem is in the spiritual dimension, then it needs to be counteracted or treated by some method that is spiritually more potent than the cause of the problem. This is termed as spiritual healing. It involves the use of spiritual energy to overcome the problem, such as removal of distress, caused by negative energies. When those who are not affected by any negative energy distress are exposed to spiritual healing energy, they simply receive the benefits of the additional positive energy.

2.1 Difference between symptoms displayed and the root cause of the problem

Various symptoms of illnesses can point to a spiritual root cause

It is important to differentiate between the ‘symptoms’ displayed by a person and their ‘basic root cause’. We can better understand this by the following example.

Negative energies: At the Spiritual Science Research Foundation, we use the term 'negative energies' as a collective noun to represent all types of entities in the spiritual dimension that intend to harm humanity right from the 'common ghost' to the highest level 'māntriks'. If the spiritual strength of a common ghost is between 1 and 10 units, then a māntrik's strength ranges from a billion to close to infinity.

John decides to throw a bucket of water on the floor in Jane’s room when she is not there. He then hides himself to gleefully watch Jane’s reaction upon her return. When Jane enters the room and sees the wet floor, she searches high and low for the cause, but cannot fathom the reason for the water on the floor. She then goes on to wipe the floor. John lets out an evil chuckle under his breath at Jane’s plight. He delights in her ignorance about the real cause of her problem – which of course, is none other than himself.

This is a typical analogy of how a spiritual reason, such as an attack by a ghost or negative energy (symbolised by John), can cause a problem in life, for example, a heart condition (symbolised by the water on the floor). Due to the fact that we do not have the sixth sense vision to see or perceive a ghost, our search for the cause of the chest pain remains inadequate. Unfortunately, the investigations are limited only to the physical or psychological dimension.

2.2 What does Spiritual healing cure?

Based on the above example, we can now appreciate that heart disease can actually be caused due to a spiritual reason. A medical problem (resulting from a spiritual root cause), when treated medically or surgically, can only alleviate the damage done as a consequence of the spiritual root cause. Thus by treating the heart condition by surgery or medicine, medical sciences can at best bring about a symptomatic cure. The condition, however, reoccurs because the root cause (for example, the ghost or negative energy) is still active and has not been taken care of.

Spiritual healing is about the diagnosis and removal of the spiritual root cause of the problem.  In our above example, it is about finding John (the ghost) and stopping him from throwing any more water (causing heart problems). It could also be used to prevent a potential problem from happening in the first place.

Spiritual healing can remove depression, stress and other problems

Spiritual healing cures ailments which have a spiritual root cause

2.3 For Success in Healing it is Important to Use the Appropriate level of Energy

Advanced spiritual healing remedies have the potential to reverse a physical impairment. However, in most cases, it is advisable to use physical measures (like medical treatment) to alleviate the physical damage. The reason for this is that spiritual energy is invaluable as it is extremely difficult to acquire compared to any physical effort such as medical treatment. Attempting to cure an ailment using spiritual means would require a lot of invaluable spiritual energy. The same result could be achieved with a comparatively lower input when attended to at a physical level.

It is for this reason that the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) emphasises that only the appropriate level of energy be used for treating a problem. So for example, if a person has eczema due to a spiritual root cause, it needs to be treated at all three levels:

• At a physical level- with medicines
• At a psychological level – if there is depression due to the eczema
• At a spiritual level – the spiritual root cause needs to be alleviated by spiritual remedies

3. How Can You Start Spiritual Healing?

Starting spiritual healing can be easy, and it can be done in a few simple steps. For example, one very effective and simple spiritual healing remedy which you can try in just 15 minutes is Salt water healing remedy. Please view our video below for an explanation how to do it. You can also try the healing remedies of Chanting for healthNyas (focused energy healing) and other self-healing remedies.

If you are interested to know more about healing, you can read our section about spiritual healing principles, where you can get answers to various questions, such as what are the factors which impact healing, the difference between medical science and spiritual healing, should you go to a spiritual healer and how should a spiritual healer go about healing.

Try these spiritual healing methods and begin the process of healing yourself holistically from today itself.

Salt Water Healing helps to remove negative energy and increase positivity

SSRF advises continuation of conventional medical treatment along with spiritual healing remedies for the treatment of physical and psychiatric illnesses.

Readers are advised to take up any spiritual healing remedy at their own discretion.

Books on Spiritual Healing

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Prānashakti is sentient vital energy that is present in our bodies. The energy required for the functioning of different systems in the body as well as the mind is provided by the flow of Prānashakti. Many times, ailments are caused by obstructions in the flow of Prānashakti. This book explains how to identify such blocks and clear them.


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Acupressure therapy provides solutions for many common ailments people face at the physical, psychological and spiritual levels. Complementing conventional treatments with acupressure therapy results in a faster cure since it treats the root cause of the illness. Another benefit of acupressure therapy is that it makes one independent in case access to doctors or medical care is unavailable.


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