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Self Healing Technique – Nyas

Self healing technique landing image

SSRF advises continuation of conventional medical treatment along with spiritual healing remedies for the treatment of physical and psychiatric illnesses.

Readers are advised to take up any spiritual healing remedy at their own discretion.

Nyās is a self healing technique consisting of focusing of the energy flow through the medium of the fingers joined together at the tips. By doing nyas, we focus our spiritual energy by directing our bunched fingers towards a particular energy centre.

1. Nyas to a Kundalini chakra (spiritual energy centre):

For example, if the remedy was to do nyas on the mid-brow chakra (Ādnyā-chakra) it would look like this.

self healing technique - nyas


2. Nyas to two Kundalini chakras:

If the remedy was to do nyas on the mid-brow chakra and the heart chakra (Anāhat-chakra) it would look like this.

Self healing technique - two handed nyas

Mechanism behind the action of nyas

Nyas or any other self healing technique should always be accompanied by chanting. By chanting we imbibe divine energy of the aspect of God Whose Name we chant. By doing nyas, we channelise the divine energy derived from the chanting to that particular spiritual energy centre. By doing so, that energy is dispersed to the organs in that area.

If your hand starts aching during the course of doing nyas you can bring your hand down and rest it for some time or you can change your hand.


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