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How do we interpret the effect of a spiritual healing remedy?

SSRF advises continuation of conventional medical treatment along with spiritual healing remedies for the treatment of physical and psychiatric illnesses.

Readers are advised to take up any spiritual healing remedy at their own discretion.

1. Importance of sixth sense in the interpretation of the effect of spiritual healing

Unless one has a very highly advanced extra sensory perception (ESP) or sixth sense, it is very difficult to interpret the specific effect of a spiritual healing remedy. This is because without advanced sixth sense, it is difficult to perceive the true reason behind what we experience during spiritual healing. For example, two persons being healed with the help of Holy ash (Vibhūti) may exhibit entirely different experiences.

  • The person affected by a ghost experiences distress. Actually, it is the ghost in the person who experiences the distress, as the Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya) emanating from the Holy ash begins to fight with the negativity from the ghost. As the consciousness of the affected person is merged with that of the ghost, the person experiences the ghost’s distress as his own.

  • The person without negative energy affecting him gets a feeling of lightness due to the positive vibrations emanating from the Divine Consciousness of the Holy ash.

Another aspect is that ghosts of a higher order can withstand the influence of Divine Consciousness to a longer extent and hence it may appear that the remedy is not acting. They can also show illusory effects to give the person a false sense that things are working or not working.

The following table shows that there are two aspects to what a person (who is affected or possessed by a ghost) feels during a spiritual healing session as seen through subtle vision. There are two consciousnesses at play; that of the seeker and that of the possessing ghost. During a manifestation, i.e. when the possession begins to manifest or precipitate, the consciousness of the ghost comes to the front. This may, however, vary from manifestation to manifestation depending on which consciousness is predominant. Only those with highly advanced extrasensory perception or sixth sense can discern which of the consciousness, that of the seeker or that of the ghost, is presently to the fore.

For example: If a ghost is 70% manifest, it means that the ghost’s consciousness is 70% in the forefront and the seeker’s consciousness is only 30% and has taken a backseat. In this state, the appearance of the person alters radically and they behave abnormally. In such a case, if we were to look at the expression of the ghost (now visible on the seeker’s face) when a positive stimulus such as a Deity’s picture is introduced, it would be a scowl or a frown. This is because the ghost, who is predominantly Raja-Tama, gets troubled with the Divine Consciousness emanating from the picture of the Deity. Sometimes, the ghost may draw on its own black energy reserves or from other higher level ghosts and pretend that it is not affected by the spiritual treatment. This may demoralise the healer thinking that he is not getting through. However, this resistance lasts only as long as the ghost has energy reserves to draw on.

In short, the entire process of interpretation is like a spy versus spy comic book play. The cat and mouse game that a ghost plays with a healer is quite intense. Only healers with very advanced sixth sense can see through the ploys and charades and counter the ghost’s moves.

2. Who can perceive what is actually happening during a spiritual treatment session?

Let us look at who can perceive the difference between the person and the manifesting ghost:

A. The affected person:

  • The spiritual level of the affected person needs to be above 50%. After this spiritual level, he or she is able to perceive which of the thoughts belong to him or her and which are the ghost’s thoughts.

  • If the control of the ghost over any person who is possessed is less than 30%, then the person is able to perceive whom the thoughts belong to.

B. The spiritual healer:

  • The average psychic healer is neither able to perceive higher level ghosts, nor able to understand the nuances of a subtle fight.

  • If the healer is possessed by a higher level subtle sorcerer (māntrik) then the healer’s subtle ability or sixth sense (ESP) might increase even though their spiritual level may be low. The higher sorcerer in the healer may be controlling the possessing ghost in the affected person as a slave ghost. Here, a play may happen where the mantrik in the healer may temporarily remove the ghost from the affected person only to let it come back later.

  • Only a person

    • above the 70% spiritual level

    • or who is working under the direct guidance of a Saint

can truly diagnose what is happening.

3. Effect of healing based on the black covering on the person

To protect themselves from distress from spiritual healing remedies, the ghosts or subtle bodies of ancestors create a covering of black energy around themselves and around the affected person. This sheath of black energy acts like a protective shield.

After being exposed to the spiritual healing remedy, how soon the entity will experience distress (manifesting as distress to the affected person) depends on the thickness and tenacity of this protective shield. A person, who is affected to a mild extent and/or by an entity of lower strength, usually has a thin covering of black energy around them. Hence, it is possible to break this barrier and get to the ghost/entity easily. Therefore, a person affected by a lower level ghost from the Nether world (Bhuvarlok), to a mild extent, experiences distress soon after being exposed to the spiritual healing remedy. It is then possible to alleviate the entire distress (due to the ghost) suffered by the person in three to four months through spiritual healing remedies.

Those persons affected by ghosts/entities who do not experience distress when exposed to the spiritual healing remedy, are more likely to have a thick tenacious covering of black energy around them. The spiritual power of the ghost/entity affecting them is also likely to be more. After exposing the ghost constantly to the spiritual healing remedy, the person starts experiencing distress after some months. One can, however, reduce this time period by complementing the spiritual healing remedy with spiritual practice conforming to the six basic principles and a sāttvik lifestyle.

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