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A spectacular collection of photographs – positive and negative energy materialising on objects and people

How do ghosts (negative energies) look – Gallery

The images depicted in this gallery are drawings based on subtle-knowledge and differ from the images of ghosts that we generally come across.

Gallery of items changing progressively due to positive energy

An unique photo-gallery of objects that have changed due to positive energy and continue to change over time.

Gallery of items changing progressively due to negative energy

In this section we present pictures of progressive change on items already affected by negative energies.

Gallery of items transformed by positive energy

Spiritual research of objects that had changed in colour due to positive energy.

Gallery of items affected by negative energy

Over the years our collection of objects that were attacked by negative energies from the spiritual dimension has grown immensely. We studied and photographed the items. The pictures in this photo gallery are a catalogue of these attacks.

Spiritual world

Comprehensive and holistic research of the spiritual world that includes all the positive and negative regions and spiritual phenomena.