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How do ghosts (negative energies) look

A brief introduction to the gallery “How do ghosts look?”

Nowadays, images of ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies etc.) have become a common design theme that has found its way into advertisements, movies, personal belongings, and even children’s toys. Such designs are mostly a product of imagination.

Ghosts have also become the subject of a new branch of tourism, where people visit supposedly haunted locations with the desire to see, hear or experience ghosts. In investigations at such places or back at home, just like in the myriad of paranormal shows on TV, people attempt to capture photographs and video and audio materials of ghosts. All this has its limitations, because such recordings can capture only something that is gross and dense. As a result, it is by and large not possible to capture ghosts in their natural form, which is subtle in nature, through these means.

The images depicted in this gallery are drawings based on subtle-knowledge and differ from the images of ghosts that we generally come across.

The drawings based on subtle-knowledge we have presented here are not the product of imagination. They have been drawn by seekers with the advanced sixth sense of vision who can actually see ghosts in the spiritual dimension. Due to advanced sixth sense, some seekers are able to perceive the detailed form and features of ghosts and are able to draw them as a part of their spiritual practice for God-realisation.

These drawings based on subtle-knowledge are therefore different from drawings created by psychic artists. The difference is that through psychic art, the person drawing acts as a medium, whereas a subtle-artist who draws as part of their spiritual practice progresses spiritually through the act of drawing.

The intention of publishing this gallery is to help readers understand the different types of ghosts, their characteristics, the differences in their appearance, behaviour and strength.

This collection of drawings based on subtle-knowledge have been created from the year 2001 to 2002.

Clicking on any of the drawings based on subtle-knowledge will take you to a page where that type of negative energy is described in more detail.

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