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Spiritual world

The spiritual world or subtle-world is defined by SSRF as that world which is beyond the understanding of the 5 senses, mind and intellect. It refers to the unseen world of angels, ghosts, heaven, etc. Through spiritual research, SSRF reveals this spiritual world to society in a comprehensive and scientific manner, making it understandable for the common person. Here we introduce our study of real-life examples representing different aspects of the spiritual world.

spiritual-galleries-positive-negative-items How-do-ghosts-look-gallery-of-drawings
A collection of galleries presenting unique changes in items and people that have occurred due to their being exposed to positive or negative energy. A visual representation that can help everyone understand aspects of the spiritual world that are otherwise understood only through sixth sense.View the galleries… The intention of publishing this gallery is to help readers understand the different types of ghosts, their characteristics, the differences in their appearance, behaviour and strength. The drawings based on subtle-knowledge here have been drawn by a seeker who can actually see ghosts in the spiritual dimension. View the gallery…
horrifying-supernatural-encounters Divine Body section
Around the year 2000, SSRF’s spiritual research centre received a number of unusual photographs from seekers associated with it and other objects that had changed very suddenly and unexplainably. The kind of changes in items included spontaneous burns, cracks, scratches, stains, holes and other disfigurations. In the first instance, seekers could not understand the reason behind these changes. Read more on Horrifying supernatural encounters… His Holiness Dr. Athavale is a Saint of the highest level and due to His high spiritual level and Incarnate mission, His physical body too has been showing various changes at a physical level. This section provides insight into the various changes such as His body, nails and hair turning yellow and the Om sign appearing on His body.
 A unique spiritual event of the appearance of Divine particles has been extensively documented and researched by SSRF as well as some renowned scientific laboratories. Here we are presenting a new landing page about Divine particles, with video, articles, results of chemical analysis, gallery of photos and drawings based on subtle-knowledge, spiritual experiences of seekers, etc.
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