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A spectacular collection of photographs – positive and negative energy materialising on objects and people


Visible changes due to positive and negative energy

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Importance of photographs from the perspective of comprehending topics from the subtle dimension

An average person cannot perceive positive and distressing vibrations of the spiritual world. For example, Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) cannot be perceived by the five senses, mind or intellect. It can only be perceived by sixth sense, and the average person today does not have an activated sixth sense. Since the average person cannot perceive the spiritual world, it is difficult for him to e.g. comprehend the importance of Saints, who emit Divine consciousness.

However, the average person can perceive fragrance and foul smell, as well as pleasant and unpleasant colour. He can comprehend what is good and bad.

There are limitations in exhibiting fragrance or foul smell of spiritual origin which is associated with the Absolute Earth Principle (Pruthvitattva) as it cannot be demonstrated at various places at the same time through exhibitions. However, a photograph associated with the Absolute Fire Principle (Tējtattva) or copies of a photograph can be viewed around the world at the same time. This exhibition of photographs has been prepared to aid viewers in comprehending this aspect of the spiritual dimension.