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Gallery of items affected by negative energy

During the course of our research, since the year 2000, SSRF’s research centre began to receive a number of unusual photographs and objects that had changed suddenly without any apparent reason. H.H. Dr. Athavale later confirmed that these objects had actually been attacked by negative energies from the spiritual dimension and that this was the only catalyst for the change in the items. Over the years our collection of such objects has grown immensely and we studied and photographed the items. The pictures in this photo gallery are a catalogue of these attacks. An average person would never identify such incidents as attacks due to a supernatural cause. However, in this current era, the effect of the negative energies is very high and everyone is affected by them in varying degrees. We aim to share with society the variety of ways we can get attacked due to supernatural causes and what we can do to protect ourselves against them.

By exploring the below links, and especially the section on Horrifying supernatural encounters, one can learn about the real-life experiences during those attacks and how seekers were able to overcome them.

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